Bored Billionaire Chapter 1: The Beginning of the Insanity

It was nightfall and from his mansion in Wisconsin Vlad Masters/Plasmious flew towards Amity Park. He saw Danny walking out of Fenton Works in a dress shirt and with his hair combed (but it didn't really do much to tame his spiky hair) and had a tie.

Vlad: Daniel prepare to meet your doom! (Charges up Ecto Blast)

Danny: Sorry Vlad not tonight. I've got a date with Sam and plan on getting lucky if you know what I mean. (Raises eyebrows) Maybe we can continue our battle of good vs. evil tomorrow. (Walks away)

Vlad: Oh butter biscuits. Now what will I do?

The bored billionaire then saw Maddie washing dishes through the window. He got an idea and changed into his human form. Vlad rang the doorbell and Maddie went to answer it.

Vlad: Hello.

Maddie: Sorry Vlad I don't have time to be your hair brained schemes to win my love tonight. Danny and Sam are going on a date and Danny is probably going to try and get lucky so its obvious Mr. and Mrs. Manson will spy on them. And while the Manson's are away Jack and myself will play with all their cool rich people stuff. Hurry Jack I think I saw their car!

Jack: I'm coming. (Sees Vlad) Hey V-Man, come to join us?

Vlad: (sighs) No, I'll just go back to Wisconsin now.


Vlad landed in his mansion and turned human.

Vlad: Oh what am I to do? I know! I'll stop talking to myself and have some target practice with the ghost vultures. (Sees note) Hmm, what's this? (Reads it) "Dear Vlad, We have gone on a skiing vacation in Aspen. See you next week, the ghost vultures. OH CHEESE LOGS! What does a billionaire have to do to keep himself entertained around here?


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