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Memories Revisited


"Come on, Kimiko!" Raimundo growled in frustration, seeing his fellow Dragon struggling to climb the rock wall. He was already halfway to the top, previously using his wind element to boost him up. Below Kimiko were Jack Spicer and Suzie, the latest robotic invention of the so-called evil genius to help him get Shen-Gong-Wu. So far it hasn't, unless you counted the oil spill it created and stepped on by Jack. To Suzie's credit, it did make Spicer move faster ā€“ up until the moment he was stopped most painfully by the boulder in front of him.

A Xiaolin Showdown Tsunami was in progress, Raimundo and Kimiko versus Jack and Suzie. The challenge was wall climbing: whichever pair first reaches the top would be the winner. The twist was that the wall was laden with a booby traps and, in Jack's case, a partner more pathetic than he is.

With Wuya permanently trapped in the Puzzle Box, Jack Spicer posed a threat that equated to almost nothing ā€“ not much different from the start, actually. However, during the four way-tag team Showdown between the Xiaolin and the Heylin, including Heylin Master Monk Guan, Spicer had sneakily gone in the Shen-Gong-Wu vault and stolen every Wu he could lay his hands on. As a result, Raimundo and Kimiko had been assigned to take back the rest of the Wu. The Brazilian was because of his sneaking and acrobatic abilities, and the Japanese because they had expected high-tech security that needed hacking into.

"Looks like our old lives have some use after all," Raimundo thought aloud when Master Fung gave their assignment amidst the protests of Clay and Omi.

"But Master Fung, it would be mooost disadvantageous for them to go without my expertise," Omi implored, making big, sad, puppy dog eyes.

"And I reckon they'd be needing a cowboy to hog-tie Jack Spicer," put in Clay, his hands already itching towards his rope.

"I'm sorry, Omi and Clay, but it is not possible for you to go," said Master Fung, shaking his head.

"But Master, Iā€¦" Omi protested.

"Enough already, Omi!" Raimundo interrupted, getting just a bit insulted. Even if he was already Shoku warrior, the others didn't seem to have full faith in his abilities yet. "You know as much about sneaking in as you know about slang, and Clay," seeing the cowboy's mouth open to protest, "We don't need to milk Spicer, so I don't think cowboys are needed," he said, glancing apologetically at him. He didn't really have anything against the blond Texan, but the mission didn't need manpower as much as it needed stealth, and the least people who will go, the better. And it didn't hurt that he'd be spending time with a certain Dragon that's been invading his thoughts for quite some time now.

"Guess we didn't need our 'expertise' after all," Raimundo mused, waiting for Kimiko to catch up. Spicer's excuse for a security measure was the lock on his door, which was still unlocked, one of the sore points between him and Wuya. For a techie evil genius, he has no idea what security means, thought Raimundo. Not that he was complaining. He and Kimiko had breezed through the house and into the basement as though they owned it. The only snag was Jack using the Shen Gong Wu as his bed, and when they tried to take these, it triggered the showdown they were in now. Kimiko had been dodging spikes that popped out of the wall and evading the huge swinging metal ball that was trying to knock all of them off for the past quarter hour. When she was only a few feet below Raimundo, he could clearly see her eyes, the only parts of her face visible under her Wudai armor, filled with determination. She's so beautiful, he thought, looking at the blue depths that seem to lighten or darken according to her mood. He shook his head. "Pedrosa, now is not the right time for that," he berated himself, although he couldn't resist looking at her again before glancing down to the so-called "Prince of Darkness." Spicer has finally managed to stand up after several painful attempts, both he and the floor completely covered with oil. Unfortunately, he hasn't escaped Suzie, who he was valiantly fighting against wiping his face with a wet towel.

"What's the matter, widdle Jackiepoo too messy fow his nanny?" Raimundo couldn't help but taunt Spicer.

"She is not my nanny!" Jack yelled. The robot had given up on trying to clean him up and instead was now attempting to make him drink a large glass of lemonade.

"Really?" Raimundo said, quirking an eyebrow. "Sure doesn't look like it to me." He glanced down again, checking Kimiko's progress, and noticed her backpack. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Raimundo thought. Must erase Jack Spicer's memory. Fung-o would kill me if I forget.

"Young dragons," Master Fung told them before the two set off, "you must not fail to erase Jack Spicer's memory. He can still open the Shen-Gong-Wu vault again if you don't, and we would have to go through with this again."

"You just don't want to buy a padlock for that thing," Dojo muttered, but quietly so Master Fung wouldn't hear. The Dragons did though, and they sniggered.

"No problemo, Fung-O, I have a good memory," Raimundo said, tapping his forehead. Kimiko rolled her eyes.

"You know, Rai," Kimiko told him sweetly, her voice absolutely dripping with sarcasm, "Wind is so perfect for you."

"Why? Because I'm cool and strong?" Raimundo said cockily, lazily making a soccer ball cross over his shoulders winking at her.

"No. Because you're full of hot air!" Komiko said smugly. Raimundo was getting just a little too arrogant for his own good, she thought, even if he could live up to his boasts, adding the last grudgingly. She still loved deflating his ego though, being that she's the only one who could do that: Clay was too nice, and Omi couldn't think of a comeback even if it danced in front of him wearing Jack's goggles.

Raimundo scowled at her, but surprisingly didn't retort. For all his conceit, he's actually grown mature ever since he became Shoku warrior. No, wait, Kimiko thought, it started even before that. However, she couldn't pinpoint it. She was still trying to remember when she heard an impatient "Tsk!" above her. Looking up, she saw Raimundo already on Dojo's back and glaring at her impatiently. Some things never change though, Kimiko thought dryly. Raimundo has always been the most impatient of the Dragons. Oh well, she thought, running up and grasping Rai's hand that pulled her up. It's not as if it's the end of the world if can't remember it.