The Common Thread


"Damnit, what do you mean it won't work out?"

Josephine Bigelow sighed and took Hawkeye Pierce's hand. "Hawk, you're sweet. You really are. But...but I can't deal with it."

"With what? Dad's snoring? I'll make him switch rooms!"

"No. Hawkeye, you're a great guy."

"Oh. A great guy. That's a reason to run out on me."

"This isn't easy."

"Yeah, and it's a breeze for me."

"Will you--will you shut up? This is why I'm leaving you! You can't deal with any isse without making a joke! I'm sick and tired of telling everyone that you aren't serious when you make some stupid remark."

"Then don't. The last time I checked you were my fiancee, not my caretaker."

"You'd better check again." Josephine stood up and stared out the window into the softly falling snow. "Because I'm not your fiancee."

A/N: The idea for this story came to me a few days ago and has been itching to get out. Pointing out the exceptionally obvious, Josephine Bigelow is Lieutenant Bigelow from the 4077th...I always like her and Hawk together. (From the above, you can't really tell that, I know...but I do.)

For those of you who are wondering what the heck is going on with "Ten Minutes Equals A Lifetime," it's going! It's going! I promise! I'm off to work on chapter eight (I think that's where I'm at) right now.