By xannychan

A/N: This started off with an off-hand thought while I was watching Lake Laogai that went something like "How the hell do these women become Joo Dees?" I was inspired by Memoirs of a Geisha—the book—on that aspect, and began building a character from there.

Warnings: Very slight spoilers of Lake Laogai.


"I can't keep working like this!"

Working as though her name was Joo Dee, as though her smile is eternal, as though failure to subdue her subjects would cost her the ones she loved, her remaining family, her very life, and she wept.

"The emperor has invited you to Lake Laogai."

A soft, fuzzy sound filters through her thoughts—useless, substantial, abstract, clear, disposing of everything that she once was.

"I am honored to accept His Majesty's invitation."

As the world turns grey, a single name rings in her head, a name she's forgotten for years. Kana.


When she was younger, she had always thought the Joo Dee were beautiful women. She used to always want to be a Joo Dee, and she loved the government.

As she grew older, she found the Joo Dee increasingly more haunting. She came to see them as lovely ghosts with smiles of sadness and a heart of glass. She came to only love Ba Sing Se.

Some time later, in her late teens, she came to hate the Dai Li and the City of Impenetrable Walls.

The door to their small flat on the poorer side of the walls collapsed off of its hinges easily against their metal armor and heavy fists. Despite their best efforts, she's never forgotten the way her brother's blood spattered against the earthen walls.

"Kana," he whispered, "my baby sister, don't let them take your name."

And as they hauled her away, she could never recall why she ever loved the Joo Dee.


"My name is Joo Dee," always with a smile.

Against the earthen walls, her shadow looked like her brother's blood.