My Enemy, My Brother

By: theunknownvoice

Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson or any other recognizable characters. They are the property of DC Comics.

A/N: I've mentioned before that I am a huge comic book junkie. This story is a cross between the cartoon and the comic. Its main focus is the three Robins, Tim Drake (the current Robin), Dick Grayson (Nightwing) and Jason Todd (Red-X). Eventually the other titans will show up but for now it's just the three Robins.

Chapter 1: The Grave

Lightening flashed illuminating the rain soaked Gotham graveyard. The dead were slumbering peacefully. Their sins had long been forgiven and forgotten. They no longer had to go through the trials of the living. Shades did not cry out for justice or vengeance. Peace reigned over the dead.

The cemetery was a well designed maze of tombstones, statues and various shrubs. Many important and not so important people lay buried in this place. Huge tombstones attested to the nobility of city founders. The double grave of Thomas and Martha Wayne loomed in the shadows. It was a huge monument attesting to the loss of a young boy's parents. At the base of a huge angel statue laid the grave of Commissioner James Gordon's late wife. On the right was the grave a young girl who had died in gang crossfire. The Bertnelli crime family was buried in another dark corner. Yet all these great people were unimportant this night.

One would have to wander off the beaten path to find this grave. It was a small stone hidden in the shadows of a cluster of trees. A reminder of the loss one family had suffered at burying a son. It was a narrow grave, a child's grave. This was the resting place was a sixteen year old boy.

It is said that the dead rest in peace. It is said that tormented souls find rest in death. How could someone who had never had a moment's peace in life find peace in death? How could such a reckless angry young man find peace in having his life cut short?

It had been three years since Jason Todd had his wings cut off. Three years since Robin had been murdered. Three years since Batman had buried one of his own.

It was a horrifying murder. The boy had been shot and then beaten to death with a crow bar. As he lay in his own blood his murder cackled with glee.

The graveyard is silent this stormy night except for the echoes of thunder and the faint sound of scraping.

The wind whipped around Nightwing as he bounded over the rooftops of the Gotham skyline. It had been a long night and his bones ached from chasing the thugs through the city.

It had been years since Dick Grayson was Robin the Boy Wonder. He was no longer a sixteen year old boy but a man of twenty-four. He had traded in the familiar Robin suit for a costume of his own design bearing the symbol of a large blue bird.

The Titans were his past. After a few years they had all gone their separate ways. Their relationships were strained. The others had reformed the Titans taking in new kids but Dick had chosen to work outside the team. They only called him if there was an emergency.

The only one who ever called was Starfire. Their once romantic relationship had frazzled into an uneasy friendship. Beast Boy had grown up into a somewhat responsible team leader. His brief stunt with acting had been a bust and the team had become his life. Cyborg rarely talked Dick when he did come to the tower. Vic didn't hold grudges but he had a team to lead. As for Raven, she avoided contacting any of them. She was a Titan but after her and Beast Boy's disastrous relationship there was little to question.

Normally, Nightwing didn't patrol Gotham. Blüdhaven was his main base of operations but tonight was different. He needed time away from Blüdhaven and time not to think about a certain female crime fighter. He had been planning to go investigate a crime in Star City. Roy had uncharacteristically begged Dick for help. Before Dick could pack his stuff Barbara had called.

He couldn't deny Babs anything even if she drove him up the wall. She asked him to follow these guys for the night. So Dick Grayson had put off his trip to Star City to stalk the streets of Gotham. These guys didn't look like elite smugglers. They had the common thug look as they passed by the Gotham graveyard.

For a brief second Nightwing's masked eyes turned away from their prey scanned the graveyard. They landed on a grave in the shadows of great trees. Dick didn't often look at the graveyard but it was somewhat a comfort to him.

"Wish me luck Jay," he whispered focusing back on the thugs.

The wind blew the icy rain soaking the Robin suit thoroughly. Tim Drake tried not yawn as he continued to walk along his area. Tim wasn't a natural born gymnast like Dick nor was he a street-fighter like Jason. Tim was a detective and noticed things that few people would pick up on.

Maybe it was his natural perception that made Tim feel uneasy. The night felt strange and the city was a little too quiet. It was as if the world had stopped blinking for a moment. The stillness and the silence had a lingering affect clouding over everything in the city. Instead of being comforted by the inactivity of the night Tim felt dread pooling the depths of his stomach. Something was really wrong.

He decided to call it a night. Nothing had happened. Bruce hadn't even contacted him to inform him of any areas that needed checking out.

He knew he shouldn't but he passed the graveyard anyway. It was a detour but to him it was a brief sign of respect. He had never met Jason Todd but he understood the burden of carrying on the name Robin.

In a strange way it was as if Jason was the brother Tim had never met, the brother Tim had been cheated out of knowing. Tim Drake, Robin, a detective that would one day rival Batman, passed the graveyard not noticing the faint sound of scraping.

The graveyard was empty of all living souls save one. It was three o'clock in the morning with the rain still pouring. There were no early morning visitors. No vagrants were sleeping on the smooth grass of the cemetery on this stormy night. No teenager was wandering the catacombs of tombs after being dared by friends. No person was even near the old graveyard.

Still scraping came deep within the graveyard proving that someone or something was there. The noise became banging from deep within the grave. In his grave Jason Todd banged on his coffin trying to get out.

To be continued….