Chapter 6: The Darkness within the Cave

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It was stupid. He had crawled through the old opening. His clothes didn't fit him and smelt horrible.

You wake in a grave and you think the night's going to magically get better?

He didn't know why he had come back here. He can feel his bitterness begin to engulf him.

Was he so easily forgotten by his so-called family? Had it been so easy to replace him? Had it been easy to consign him to the darkness of the shadows?

His entire life he had been unwanted, abandoned and alone. Bruce had given him a home. A home that had been the first place he had known.

They weren't here. He couldn't help but be disappointed. The cave was empty and he didn't doubt that Bruce was on patrol. Not much had changed since he had been killed.

His blue eyes landed upon the case in the corner. The uniform so familiar and so much his stood as a monument. The plague before it read his name. So he wasn't forgotten jut replaced. That made him feel a little better.

The kid doesn't get to wear the shorts and spandex. Talk about freezing your ass off.

Those little green shorts had been the bane of his existence. At least he wasn't forced to wear the pixie boots like Dick.

He eyes narrowed in on their target: the computer. He would deal with his suit later. He had to know.

Bruce thought he was so clever when it came to the password to the computer. Jason, however, knew Bruce better than most people. He typed in the old password hoping to gain access.

"Access denied," the computer said.

Why would Bruce change the password? It had always been Leslie for Bruce's good friend Dr. Thompson. No one knew of Batman's connection to the good doctor.

Jason cursed as he began to try different combinations.

Finally the idea struck him. No, Bruce wasn't that sentimental. He wouldn't change the password to something like that.

He wouldn't do it for sentimental reasons but as a reminder of his guilt. That sounded right. Bruce always did have the biggest guilt database known to man. Jason typed his name in the computer access box.

"Access granted," the computer said.

His fingers flew over the keyboard. He had to know what had happened. Bruce alphabetized and categorized everything so finding the file was easy. He was tempted to read the files about himself, Dick and this new Robin. Doubtlessly Tim was another orphan rescued by Bruce.

His eyes ran greedily over the file.

The Joker-location unknown

Jason's anger bubbled as he logged off the computer.

"Why wasn't I good enough? If it had been Dick you would've murdered the son of a bitch but because it was me it didn't matter? You let that bastard live! You kept my costume and used my name as your password but you let that bastard live!" he screamed sending his fist through the glass case.

He grabbed the suit his bloody hands staining it marking the case. He knew he had a few precious moments before Alfred came to investigate.

His eyes flitted throughout the dark cave searching for the real reason he had come. There in the corner in another glass case he saw his prize.

It had been Dick's greatest failure. The thief that had stolen the damn thing had long since been captured.

It was the perfect plan. Who would guess that Jason Todd was Red-X?

To be continued….