Lionheart: This is just another one of my random harry potter crossover. I've seen quite a few of quite of these, and I'm sure many of you have seen similar ones. I have some new ideas that I'm sure will get you hooked.

The story will take place after Sasuke has been retrieved. Here's a small bio for some of the characters that will be a part of this. There may or may NOT be other characters.

Note: The biographies below only contain the Shinobi that have gone through some serious changes NOT all ninja that are going to be present in the story.

Naruto/Sasuke: Both are now incredibly strong ninja, feared throughout the Shinobi world. They are known as the Konoha lightning flash. This is due to a combined attack through Hiraishin no Jutsu and Chidori. They still retain certain characteristics from when they were younger. Naruto, though he is more mature still likes to talk and brag, while Sasuke is as silent as ever. They remain Genin due to the fact that they have refused ANBU rank and are often traveling around the world. Usually when they return they are sent on s-rank missions. Rank: Genin

Kyuubi: Kyuubi, after finally 'understanding' that he will never be free gives up being mean to Naruto and actively take a part in Naruto's growth and abilities. He is much more social but often demands things of Naruto. He has opened himself up with Naruto so the two can communicate freely.

Gaara: In the period since he's met Naruto, Gaara has become much more stable. He finds it more pleasant to be social, and has established a true family relationship with his siblings. Unlike the others, Gaara has changed dramatically. He is much more social and friendly, sometimes getting into a mood where he can't stop talking. Rank: Kazekage

Neji: He is less obsessed with the Hyuuga Branch and Main family issues. He is currently working to unite the two families, and the process is going very smoothly thanks to Hinata Hyuuga. As a decorated ANBU captain with many miraculous wins under his belt, he has become a force to be reckoned with. He has developed a relationship with Tenten, and the two are hardly ever apart, often going on missions together. Rank: ANBU captain.

Shikamaru: Is still as smart as ever, though he is not as lazier as past years. The effect of Asuma's death still lingers on his mind, and has taken to smoking five packs daily and using trench knives. He is married to Temari of the sand. Rank: Jounin.

And that basically wraps it up. Remember: Those aren't the only ninja going to Hogwarts.

Dumbledore! Assemble the Best!

"Tsunade-sama," called a voice. The Gondaime, Tsunade, blinked as she heard her name. "Huh?" Her brown wooden door was opened as a young, dark haired girl entered, carrying a single sheet of paper. Tsunade figured it was for her, but she inwardly hoped it wasn't. She couldn't help but noticed an unfamiliar seal with four animals on the back.

"So," said Tsunade, casually, trying not to sound too anxious, "what is it Shizune?" Shizune set down the letter in front of Tsunade, "It's some sort of mission request. There's an old man outside who would like to ask for some Shinobi for protection." Tsunade sunk in her chair, "Great, just when I thought the requests would stop. We're seriously low on ninja right now." Shizune looked on in sympathy as Tsunade muttered darkly to herself. "Alright," said Tsunade, "send him in."

"Yes Hokage-sama," replied Shizune, disappearing outside. She returned with an elderly man, with a long white beard. "Professor Dumbledore," she introduced, before exiting. Tsunade nodded and surveyed the man. His eyes twinkled and he wore a brown traveling cloak. "Ah, sit down," said Tsunade, waving him to a seat.

"Thank you," said Dumbledore as he took a seat. As Tsunade watched him sit, he suddenly began to speak. "By the way, my most sincere regards to the third Hokage. I heard of his passing, and I'm happy to say we were once very good friends." "You knew the third," asked Tsunade, sitting up straighter. Dumbledore nodded, "Ah yes, I'm happy to say I helped him out on one occasion. He told me to come here if I ever needed a ninja's assistance. So here I am."

Tsunade nodded, 'Damn, well, we can't overlook this.' "Alright, allow me to take a look at this, then," she said, as she opened the letter. She quickly scanned it, taking in the mission requests. "Let's see here…seven Shinobi for protection." Tsunade nodded, and turned to Dumbledore, "Seven Shinobi. That's quite a bit, and I'm not sure if there are enough available here in the village. Might I ask what you need them for? Perhaps seven is a greater number that actually needed."

Dumbledore nodded, "Of course! It's true I am unfamiliar with the styles of ninja, as I have had no past dealings with them. If seven is too much, I could certainly lower the amount. But enough of an old man's ranting. I need them to protect a school I run over in Europe. Recently an organization has been attacking it in the hopes of killing one boy. A very special boy, I might add. I need at least one ninja to guard this boy and the others to watch my school. One of my intelligence agents has reported of a possible major attack by this organization. I want my school properly defended. And a little about the attackers…they use magic abilities, kind of like the ninjutsu you perform. However we channel chakra through a small stick called a wand. Much inferior to your abilities I'm sure."

Tsunade nodded, "Magic users, got it? What can you tell me about this 'magic' as you call it?" Dumbledore's seemed to think for a bit, before he abruptly pulled out his wand, "perhaps a demonstration would be better?" Tsunade nodded. Dumbledore quickly stood, and flicked his wand. The closet in the corner burst into bright green flames.

If possible, Tsunade's eyes would have jumped from their sockets. They certainly bulged out slightly. "M-my, wardrobe," she stuttered. Dumbledore chuckled, "the fire is quite harmless. You can touch it even; it's quite cool." Skeptical, Tsunade cautiously reached into the green flame. To her surprise, the fire didn't feel like anything. As Tsunade pulled her hand back, and stared at as if she couldn't believe what had just happened, Dumblefore flicked his wand again and the fire vanished. "W-what else can those...wands do," asked Tsunade, staring at the stick Dumbledore held, as if she had never seen anything quite like it.

Dumbledore chuckled, "much more dangerous things, but they only shoot in straight lines. If your Shinobi are as good as the Third Hokage mentioned, they should not have any problems. Of course, it's best if they were aware of ptotential dangers at all times." Tsunade nodded, "I see. I assume these magic users you want protection from are advanced users of magic?" Dumbledore nodded, "Yes, their abilities are top notch. You can compare them to a Genin's level and a Jounin's level." Tsunade nodded, surprised Dumbledore knew so much. "Okay, allow me to call some of our Shinobi in."

Tsunade turned, but Dumbledore interrupted, "Also, apart from them, we have collected this from a recent attack by unfamiliar men. They were wearing this."

Tsunade surveyed a headband in Dumbledore's hand. Her eye's widened, as she recognized the symbol for the hidden village in the clouds. "Dumbledore-san, you may have a serious problem. I think seven is too small of a number if cloud ninja and magic users are the problem. I will see what I can do for you."

Before Dumbledore could reply, Tsunade shouted, "Shizune. Get in here." The dark haired girl rushed in, "Yes, Hokage-sama," she asked breathlessly. "Bring me Sakura Haruno, Shikamaru Nara, and Rock Lee, and Kakashi. And what ANBU are available?"

Shizune flipped through a notepad. "Uh…right now only Neji Hyuuga is available. Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame are scheduled to return in three months from their S-mission in the wind country." Tsunade groaned, "Is there anybody else? Is Jiriaya around?" Shizune shook her head, but after thinking a bit, suddenly brightened, "Well if you're looking for some strong ninja, Naruto and Sasuke have just returned from their trip to Sunagakure."

Tsunade straightened. "Really? Okay, bring those seven here right away!" Shizune nodded, "Yes Hokage-sama." Tsunade nodded to Dumbledore, who had been calmly watching some kids play outside. "Ah, so you have found seven suitable," asked Dumbledore. Tsunade nodded, "Don't worry. The team I've arranged for you is the best possible right now. They are perfectly balanced in skill, tactics, torture, interrogation, strength, and teamwork. You have no worries."

"Ah, that's good to hear," replied Dumbledore, "though I honestly hope no torture is going to be employed against my students?" "They are now under your command," replied Tsunade, "Whatever you command them to do, they will do. That is our Shinobi law. Most of are Shinobi have their own sense of justice. Just remember that as long as your students do not do anything that might make the ninja believe they are an enemy then they are safe. Basically, they do not stand for practical jokes from strangers…they have been taught to kill whatever they feel may cause harm." Dumbledore nodded, "So, what…"

A loud 'poof' suddenly interrupted him. Smoke filled the room and when it cleared, seven Shinobi were lined up. "Hokage-sama," they all greeted. Tsunade nodded, "It's good to see you back, Naruto…Sasuke." "Old Lady," greeted Naruto. "Lord Hokage," greeted Sasuke.

"I was wondering if you would accept a mission to Europe. A-rank." "Ah Naruto! In all your youthfulness you must accompany us," shouted Lee. Naruto and Sasuke exchanged a glance. "Sounds interesting," said Naruto, slowly. Sure, why not. What are we going to do?"

"Well, the seven of you are about to go on a mission to…" Tsunade paused and turned to Dumbledore. "I'm sorry, where was this school again?" "Europe…" replied Dumbledore, "And actually I can explain the mission details if you'd like." Tsunade nodded, "Go ahead."

"Well," said Dumbledore, "I am going to need you all come to a school called Hogwarts in Europe with me. There, one of you will need to protect a boy, named Harry Potter. He should be easy to find, as he is pretty famous. Another…possibly the one with white hair (Kakashi) will need to fill one of the teaching positions at my school. And one other thing, one of my intelligence agents has reported that a…well I suppose you can call them an evil society, will be making an attack on my school. I would prefer to have that attack stopped. And then, there have been violence from your kind…I believe Hokage-sama mentioned the hidden village of the cloud."

Whispers went around the group of ANBU. Shikamaru lazily raised a hand. "So, all we need to do is protect the school and…I suppose the students, including this Potter boy?" Dumbledore nodded, "Yes, and if I might add a suggestion. Some of you can blend in as students, so it wouldn't look suspicious. Harry and his friends have a knack for investigating anything suspicious. They find things out, sometimes when all others have failed."

Before anybody could reply, Tsunade suddenly agreed. "I think that is the best course of action. But how can we blend them in. Most of them are about twenty-five." "Twenty six," corrected Naruto. "Whatever…twenty six then," corrected Tsunade. Dumbledore stroked his beard, "Hm." He suddenly brightened, "Ah, I have an idea…I know a charm that will change their appearance. I can make them appear to be sixteen-year-old teenagers. Once the mission is done, I can change them back."

Once again, the leaf Shinobi began whispering to one another. "Kind of sounds like, Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Jutsu) to me," said Naruto, shrugging. Dumbledore nodded, "That's true," he said, relieved he had studied up some basic Japanese terms. "However, the charm I will place will not use up your chakra and will not weaken over time."

"Yes, that is a good idea," said Tsunade, "When will you need them and for how long?" Dumbledore appeared thoughtful, "I would prefer them right now if that's okay, and starting September I will need them for about nine months."

Tsunade nodded to her team, "You heard him. All of you will pack your bags and immediately return here for departure. Kakashi is in charge this mission and in charge of the teaching position." Kakashi, who had remained silent the whole time, looked up from his book of Icha Icha Tactics, "Right," he murmured. Shikamaru…you're in charge of organization and helping Kakashi decide who does what. You're also to report to me every month or if there's an emergency, telling me what the heck is going on!" Shikamaru nodded.

Tsunade nodded in response, "Now hurry up!" She waved her hand, and simultaneously all seven ninja disappeared. "My," added Dumbledore, "they certainly look like a mature group." Tsunade nodded, "Yes, they are some of the best we have here. And by the way, how will they be getting to Europe? We usually don't make trips beyond Japan."

Dumbledore smiled, "Oh, don't worry. I came prepared." Dumbledore promptly pulled out a junky old boot. Tsunade gave Dumbledore a look, though she trusted him over her suspicion. "So, what does it do," she asked.

Dumbledore nodded, "This is what we call a portkey. It's an ordinary item that has a charm placed on it. At exactly five tonight, this portkey will transport whoever is touching it to my office at Hogwarts. It's best that everyone is ready by then, or they will be left behind." Tsunade nodded, "That gives them an hour. So, let's talk about the payment then. Since this is a long term mission we can make a payment plan if that's all right."

Dumbledore shook his head, "No, that will be unnecessary. I will pay the full amount right now, just name it." Tsunade nodded, and images of sake and slots popped into her mind. Trying not to sound too happy, Tsunade named the price. Dumbledore appeared surprised, "I see. That is cheaper than expected. But here," he said, handing over a bag. Tsunade eagerly took the bag and shook hands with Dumbledore. "Thank you very much, and I guarantee the Shinobi will meet all your demands and expectations."

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled, "Ah, that is perfect. So, five o clock then." With that said, Dumbledore suddenly disappeared with a pop. The Hokage eagerly rubbed the bag of coins. She peeked inside, and nearly jumped for joy. Shizune stood nearby, frowning. "Try not to waste all of that in one go, Hokage-Sama." Tsunade just gave one of her grins.

One Hour Later

"It's almost five, everyone touch the boot," instructed Tsunade. "Uh, I'm definitely not touching that," complained Sakura. "I SHALL," shouted Lee. He instantly went up and grabbed the boot whole, "Ah, my youthful friends, this is not so bad. Neji frowned at his teammate's crazy talk, while the others groaned. "Touch it," ordered Tsunade. "How troublesome," replied Shikamaru, before touching the boot.

One by one, the other Konoha ninja touched the boot, with Kakashi being last. "This is gross," complained Naruto. "Shut up Naruto," shouted Sakura. Kakashi covered his face with his hand, 'This mission is going to be a pain.'

"Alright, it's thirty seconds until five. I want you to do exactly as Dumbledore-san asks of you. I also want you to show no mercy to those damn cloud ninja. Take them out for me." All the Konoha Shinobi grinned, "HAI, Hokage-Sama!"

At that moment each of the Shinobi felt as if something hooked to their naval and pulled them sharply. The brief moment was painful, and they all felt as if they were spiraling into nothingness.

Naruto felt his body turning incredibly fast, and was about to hurl, when he suddenly dropped and fell face first into onto a rough concrete floor. The other Shinobi, with the exception of Kakashi and Sakura fell into worse conditions. Lee and Neji were piled on top of each other, and Sasuke had landed headfirst. Shikamaru had nearly fallen into a suit of armor and lay on the floor whining about how he was about to hurl.

Dumbledore soon approached them, "Ah, I'm sorry about the rough trip. I should have warned the Gondaime about that. My sincerest apologies." Kakashi waved him off, "No problem. These guys are a bunch of babies, when they're not serious. Although they don't look it, they are quite all right. It'll take much more than that to wind them. In the meantime, what are our general instructions?"

Dumbledore held up a finger, signifying to wait and rummaged through his cloak. He pulled out a small stick with a pointed end.

By now, all of the ninja were up and they gathered around Dumbledore to observe the stick. "This is a wand," said Dumbledore, "It basically helps up channel our chakra, much like the way your hand signs channel your chakra. I am going to cast a spell on you six," said Dumbledore pointing to everyone except Kakashi, "to make you appear as sixteen your olds."

Naruto looked especially displeased, though he remained silent. After training with Jiriaya he had learned when to shut up and when to blabber. "After this, we will go down to the main hall," continued Dumbledore, "Kakashi will act as Professor for a new class I've introduced this year. The rest of you will be sorted into what we call houses, so that you can better watch the students. They will know nothing of you, so it's best to keep a low profile. You may be sorted into different houses, but you can still find ways to communicate, I'm sure."

"Can you arrange an area for us to train," asked Neji? Dumbledore nodded, "Sure, that can be arranged. I'll leave the specifics to Master Kakashi after I tell him how to make one. Is that all?"

Shikamaru raised a hand, "So, you mentioned houses. Can you describe them?" Dumbledore nodded, "A brief summary, though you will learn all about it soon. Here at Hogwarts, we have four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Each have students who have unique traits, and for times sake I won't describe it. You will be sorted into one of the houses by our sorter and you will watch the students in your house. I'm sure there will be at least one of you in each house. If not, then…we'll it'll just make jour job tougher."

Shikamaru nodded, "All right." "Anything else," asked Dumbledore. "Yeah," said Sasuke, "Which house is this Harry Potter in?" "That would be Gryffindor," replied Dumbledore, "And just a side note, he has many problems with the Slytherins. Well, many of the students do actually. I'd advise if one of you end up in Slytherin to keep a close eye on everyone in there. If you end up in Slytherin, you're mission to protect Harry is null and void immediately." The seven leaf Shinobi nodded.

Naruto groaned, "Too bad Shino isn't here. His bugs could have been useful." "Stop complaining Naruto," scolded Kakashi. "So, Dumbledore-Sensei," spoke Sakura, "You also mentioned Harry's friends, should we watch them closely too?" Dumbledore nodded, "Sure, though they are around Harry a lot. It shouldn't be too difficult."

"ALRIGHT, let's get started," shouted Lee, with a cheer. "Master Gai, I will train everyday, and defeat every cloud ninja. C'mon Naruto, we must do our best for the springtime of youth is running high." Dumbledore exchanged a glance with Kakashi, raising an eyebrow. "Knock it off, Lee," said Neji, though he was smiling slightly. "Anyway," said Dumbledore, "On with the spell."

Five Minutes Later

"Nice," noted Kakashi. He was staring at the familiar sixteen-year-old forms of all the ninja. "You all look so young…I got to used to seeing you so grown up," said Kakashi, shaking his head.

"Man, Sasuke-teme you look like a prick even when you were sixteen," pointed out Naruto. Sakura began to choke him immediately, while Sasuke shrugged, "And you still look like a dobe." Neji chuckled along with Lee and Shikamaru, while Naruto turned red under the combined pressure of Sakura's insane strength and embarrassment.

Dumbledore smiled at the sight of them, 'Reminds me of a certain trio,' he thought. "Alright, c'mon, let's go," said Kakashi, putting away his book. Dumbledore nodded and began to walk out of his room. He opened the doors, though stopped upon seeing another man there.

"Oh, Ollivander…dear me I apologize. I forgot you were out here." The short old man waved his hands, "Not a problem… not a problem. Now, where are the youngsters who need wands?" Dumbledore pointed behind him to the group of Konoha ninjas.

"Right…that seems to be in order," said Ollivander. He rummaged through his cloak and pulled out some wands. "Right…you with the blonde hair and in the orange, come here." Naruto appeared confused, though he stepped forward.

"Now, what is your name," asked Ollivander. "Uh, Naruto Uzumaki…of Konoha," replied Naruto, uncertainly. Ollivander searched through his wands, "Ah, yes, here we go. Take this one young man."

Ollivander handed an orange wand to Naruto, about ten inches long. "These were specially made on request by Dumbledore. I usually don't use these materials. That one contains the tail of a fox…and I assure you it was no easy task to get one." Before Naruto could reply, Ollivander looked up, "next please."

For the next ten minutes, Ollivander handed out specially made wands to each of the Shinobi. When he was done, each of the Shinobi stared at their wands, wondering what they would do with them. "Here," said Dumbledore, seeing their faces. He gave them each a handbook.

"This handbook will go over basic rules here at Hogwarts…ones I expect all of you to follow. It also contains a list of items you need for daily classes here…all of which I have bought for you. They will be sent to the common rooms of whatever house you get in. I would recommend you read through it and some of the books that will be in your room. I'll leave that up to you."

The Shinobi all nodded, and Dumbledore led them outside. Before he descended the stairs "Now, before we head downstairs…just a reminder, but the students are unaware of your abilities. I'd like to ask you keep it that way unless absolutely necessary. The staff will be notified of your presence, so you are exempt from the curfew rules. Just to be safe, it's best if one or two of you…preferably most discreet, to roam the halls, while the others keep a low profile."

"Don't worry," replied Kakashi, "none of them will cause any trouble. As for who will roam the halls, I think Sakura and Neji are the best for that. They are the quietest and least likely to…get sidetracked." Kakashi glanced at Naruto and Lee, and sweat dropped. Dumbledore nodded, and then turned, "Let's go then."

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The cast of Naruto characters so far are: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Neji, Shikamaru, Gaara, Kankuro, Temari, and Kakashi (though he is taking the role of a professor.).