Four's Too Much Company

Rating: M but T for now

Summary: It's 6 month's after Vic & Val's wedding. Vince, Holly, Tina and Gary are all sharing an apartment. They are starting to realize that four people in a loft is just too crowded.

Holly opened her eyes to see Vince's side of the bed empty. She sat up yawning looking

around to see no sign of him but then heard the sound of the shower running and smiled.

Quietly she climbed out of bed sneaking quietly into the bathroom. Holly went for her white tank top when the curtain began to open.

"Surprise" She shouted smiling but then saw Gary and it disappeared quickly replace with shock and disgust

"Oh my God!" They screamed in horror as she closed her eyes and turning around while Gary closed the curtain.

"What the hell?!" Gary exclaimed as he grabbed a towel through the curtain.

"Me?! What are you doing in my shower?" She asked as she scrunched up her face as the bathroom door opened to reveal Vince who looked concerned.

"What going on?" He asked her but Gary responded before she could.

" Your girlfriend walked in on me in the shower!" Gary screeched out loudly " I feel so dirty I think I need another shower."

" I need new eyes mine have been scarred but that's not going to happened! I can't unsee something." She yelled at Gary then turned to Vince." Why is he in our bathroom?"

"His showerhead is busted. So he asked if he could use ours." He explained then asked smiling." Were you going to surprise me in the shower?"

"Yeah but luckily before I could undress Gary opened the curtain then….Oh God I saw Gary NAKED!" She exclaimed but whispered the end as Vince pulled her close to him.

"Oh boo! It's ok" He told her soothingly then kissed her forehead." What can I do to make you feel better?" He asked her." Hungry?" Holly shook her head feeling nauseous.

"Do you mind?! It's getting cold!" He informed them. They left the bathroom quickly as Gary ran out locking the door then jumped back in the shower.

Meanwhile in the living room

"It was terrible. Do you have any idea how it feels to see your good friend naked?!" She asked then frowned. "Oh yeah you do know" she added sighing as they sat on the couch.

" Holl, I wish I could take that back and you hadn't seen Gary naked" He told her changing the subject. Holly looked at Vince thoughtfully then smiled mischievously.

"You know maybe if I look at you naked I can get over what I just saw" She informed him as she went for the hem of his t-shirt and he grinned at her. After taking off his t-shirt see admired his chest licking her lips." I am feeling much better"

"Come here" He said pulling her into a passionate kiss and into his lap straddling him as he went for her shirt.

"Oh gross!" They heard causing them to pull apart seeing Tina." Why can't you two do it in your room? Or at least make sure no one's coming home." She told them as she shut the door.

"Gary is in our shower" Holly said to her as Vince put his shirt back on." I thought it was Vince then EW NAKED GARY!" She exclaimed disgusted as Tina laughed." It's not funny, Tina. I have been scarred for life so I had to see Vince to help me forget the bad thing's that I saw." Vince pulled her close rubbing her back soothingly.

"It's not that big of a deal to see someone naked. I seen you, Gary and Vince naked and it's no big deal" She said as Vince glared at her as she back peddled." I mean you poor thing. "Tina said to her." Do you want me to yell at Gary?"

"No, I just need to get out of here for awhile" Holly said to her pulling away from Vince.

"How about we go get some ice cream, baby?" He asked her sweetly as Holly melted grinning at him.

"It's 10 am" Tina reminded them.

"That sound good but no chocolate" She said firmly as Gary came out of their room wearing track pants and a t-shirt looking angry.

" I know I have a hot bod but I feel VIOLATED!" He yelled. "Now it's gonna be awkward between us like when Vince slept with Tina!"

"Gary!" Tina and Vince yelled glaring at him as Holly looked out of the corner of her eyes unable to look at him.

"What I am the victim here" Gary exclaimed to them. "Here I was enjoying my morning shower when Miss Peeper swoops in to see my goodies!" Holly gasps as she looked up at him furious. "Don't play innocent you know you wanted to see this" He said gesturing to his chest.

"I was trying to shower WITH MY BOYFRIEND NOT PEEP ON YOU" She yelled at him appalled. "That's insane the idea of me wanting to see you naked! If there was one thing in my life that I NEVER WANTED TO SEE" She exclaimed standing up then headed to her bedroom to slamming the door behind her. Vince glared at him then went into the bedroom after her.