Four is too much company Chapter 7

AN: Thank you, Thank you to everyone who is reviewing and having alerts sent to them on this story! Sorry for the long delays in this story but I do not want to rush it because I want to get every chapter true to the show. The character Jason is my own creation but I am having Tom Welling play him because he is so yummy.

"These past few months have been great" Vince said looking across the table from him looking with a small smile. "But this is just not working out. I think we should get separate places." He added looking at Holly who is looking at him with one eyebrow raised at him. "This won't change anything else about our relationship" Holly just stared at him who only raised a brow then bit her lip.

"Well Vince" She began pausing. "I think you need to work on your material because Gary is might cry when you tell him we are moving out."

"You're right" Vince said nodding at her then added. "We should tell him and Tina in public we are moving out so they won't cause as much of a scene." Holly got up and sat on his lap putting her arms around him smiling.

"This is one time your past of being with a lot of girls is a good thing" She said to him then kissed him.

"You two have a room you know" They heard Gary say causing them to pull apart to see him and Tina walking in the door.

"Ignore Gary is just mad because I kicked his ass at pool once again" Tina said smiling brightly as Gary frowned with a pout.

"She cheats by sticking her cleavage over the table or bends down so I can see her perfect ass every time I take a shot." He said to his friends as Tina looked at him lovingly.

"You think my ass is perfect?" She said to him pulling him close to her as he was still pouting slightly.

"You know I do" He mumbled to her as she pulled him into a intense kiss.

"You two have a room you know" Holly shot Gary's line back at him but they continued kissing.

"Holly and I were going to treat you two dinner tonight but if you are not interested then we will just go by ourselves" Vince informed the couple causing them to pull apart quickly.

"Let's eat dinner" Gary said rubbing his hands together looking giddy. He and Tina rushed to the door as Holly watched them looking guilty.

"They are going to be devastated when we tell them" Holly whispered to Vince.

"Remember when you walked in on Gary in our shower well that could happen again" He reminded her as she shudder slightly.

"They will get over it" Holly said taking his hand and pulling him towards the door.

The Restaurant

Gary is filling up his plate with appetizers as Tina does the same thing while Holly and Vince sit on the other side of the table from them looking very nervous. After a few moments Tina looks up at them as they both give her fake smiles but she narrows her eyes.

"You two are hiding something I can see it in your eyes" Tina said them staring at them. Gary's eyes flew up looking at the couple across from him as he swallowed.

"Not to mention nervous and guilty" Gary concluded looking at them questioningly then gasp. "OH MY GOD! YOU GOT HOLLY PREGNAT!" Gary shouted very loudly as everyone in the restaurant turned to look at them then went back to their conversations after a moment while Vince and Holly were too shocked and embarrassed by Gary's outburst.

"NO!" Holly hissed at him shaking her head. "Vince and I .." She began to explain but before she could finish she was interrupted.

"Vince" They heard someone say and the four of them looked up to see a tall attractive guy with dark hair and blue eyes wearing a white dress shirt and blue jeans.

"Jason" Vince said surprised to see him friend from high school that he hadn't seen in years. "It's good to see you man" He said as the two hugged.

"You too." Jason said to him smiling then looked over at Holly. "So should I congratulate the two of you"

"No congratulations is needed." Vince said quickly to him as Holly nodded in agreement. "But I do want you to meet my girlfriend Holly."

"Hi, it's nice to meet you. Just for future reference any news given by Gary I wouldn't really believe" Holly said standing up and shaking his hand.

"Hey!" Gary yelled out offended and slightly worried Vince may start ditching him to hang out with his old high school friend.

"It's nice to meet you, Holly." Jason said giving her a dazzling smile that made Holly giggle. "Vince, you are a very lucky guy"

"He is" Holly said to him still grinning then looked at Vince then gave him a quick kiss.

"Jason this are my friends Gary and Tina" Vince add as Jason turned to them and shook both of there hands. "What have you been up, too?"

"I just took a job at the New York Sun as a sports reporter. Here is my number give me a call and we can hang out or catch a game" Jason said to him. "I will let you guys get back to dinner."

"Definitely" Vince said to him putting the card in his pocket. "It was good to see you man" Jason walked off and he turned to look at Gary who look angry while Tina was checking out Jason's butt as he walked away. "Maybe this isn't the best time to break the news" Vince whispered to Holly nodded in agreement.

Lauren's loft later

Lauren is sitting in her condo in front of her television looking depressed in a pair of short grey gym shorts and a white tank top.

"Good this building is BORING" She groaned out loud to herself turning the station. There is a knock at the door. "Thank god!" She exclaimed hoping it was Val or Holly while rushing over to the door. She looked out the peep hole to see a gorgeous guy. "Hello" She said to herself then pulled down her tank top adjusting her cleavage then ran over checking her reflection in the toaster. " I'll be right there" Lauren called out then ran over opening the door.

"Hi, I am your new neighbor Jason." Vince's friend stood before her as Lauren smiled at him and he grinned back at her.

"I am Lauren" She said as they shook hands and she fought to control her urge to pull him in her apartment and throw herself at him.

"It's nice to meet you, Lauren. If you ever need anything feel free to come by and ask" Jason told her as she bit her bit to keep from saying she needed him.

"Likewise" She said to him unsure of how long she could keep up this cool act.

"Actually I have Yankees tickets and an extra seat. Would you want to be my date?" He asked her.

"What time should I be ready?" She asked him a low voice.

"Is an hour too short of notice?" He asked her as she shook her head.

"See you in an hour" Lauren said in a sexy voice then she shut the door.

Split screen of Lauren and Jason on opposite sides of the door

"I LOVE this building" They say at the same time in unison with huge grins.