A/N:Hey guys, sorry it's been so long. Here is the sequel to Start of Something New. It's going to be nine years later, and yes,you will find out if Miley gets pregnant or not. This story is when they are twenty-three years old. Enjoy!

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"Where's the bra that gives me the I'm-so-hot-you-can't-touch-this boobs?"Miley asked.(ha ha)

"umm...I think it's in the bathroom."Jake answered walking into his bedroom with just his boxers on.(yeah i know. hot! it should be illegal for Cody Linley to wear a shirt!)

"thanks hon"she said strapping on the pink lacey braseir(sp)(by the way, braseir is a fancy word for bra.)

Miley and Jake were still together even after nine years. Isn't that sweet?Anyway, Miley and Jake had their friday movie night at Jake's appartment.

the night before

They fell asleep while watching Silent Hill, a scary movie. the kind where oh say a girl, oh say Miley's age would jump into say a guy like Jake's lap two minutes into the movie.(are you getting the hint?)About ten minutes in Miley was in Jake's lap and they were in a makeout session. (no they didn't do it. stop thinking nasty)

end night before

Miley and Jake finished getting dressed and ate breakfast. Jake was an awesome cook he made chocolate chip pancakes and they drank orange juice. Miley had already finished her breakfast and Jake was staring off blankly into space.

"Jake?hello, earth to Jake!"Miley said waving a hand in front of his face.

"what?oh sorry i was just thinkin"he replied.

"'bout what?"Miley said.

"about nine years ago when we had our first time"Jake said.

"don't even remind me about that"Miley said.

"wasn't i good?"Jake teased.

"no it wasn't that we were just too young and that's not exactly how i pictured that presise moment"Miley said."plus i was worried i would get pregnant. thank god i didn't, that'd be an uncomfortable talk with my dad"Miley added.

"so are you ever gonna tell him?"Jake asked.

"i'm not sure. i kind of have to eventually but when i'm ready"Miley answered.

"so what are you going to do today?"Jake asked.

"well i have a Hannah thing.i'm doing a CD signing."

"oh fun. and can your super hot also famous boyfriend come too?"jake asked getting just a little(yeah right)cocky.

"sure. Sergeant Cocky"Miley teased.

"ouch"he said putting his hand over his heart."that hurt right here."

he ran over to Miley litterally swept her off her feet and threw her on the couch where they began to...can you guess?make out. duh!(btw if you didn't guess it you obviously don't know me very well)after they finished like an hour later...

"so when is the CD signing"Jake asked.

"it's at five"Miley answered.

"great that gives us time to go to the beach"Jake said.

"that sounds good. we should call Lilly and Oliver"Miley said."hey i think Oliver's gonna propose soon.

"really. wow Lilly's gonna flip."

"i know, he keeps talking about how they are gonna be married and they've never been closer than they are now so i think it's gonna be soon"Miley said exitedly.(blue-eyedchick, i know what you're thinking right now)

"well i'll call the happy couple and you go get your bathing suit"Jake said.

"ok. see you babe"Miley said giving him a quick kiss.

"see ya, Miles."

she walked out the door and walked down the hall and into the elevator. she got off at the third floor and walked down another hall and opened the door numbered 132. she went over to her dresser and grabbed a pink bikini with orange polka dots. but then she decided to go with the lime green bikini with the pink swirls. it was Jake's favorite.

she also grabbed a towel, sunglasses and suntan lotion. she put on a pair of shorts over her bikini bottoms and headed back up to the fifth floor, where Jake's room was. she opened the door and walked in. he was still on the phone.

"no i don't want to know what you cat did yesterday! just meet Miley and i and the beach in ten minutes!sheesh"Jake yelled into the phone.

he was obviously talking to Oliver.

"Oliver?"Miley asked even though she knew it was.

"yeah."jake said."Lilly can come too."

"cool"Miley said."let's go."

Jake was wearing black swim trunks with green flames going up the sides. they were hot. he wasn't wearing a shirt.(i know you can't see me but i'm drooling.) they walked out of the door and went down the elevator and walked to the beach. they were about five minutes away from the beach if you walked.all of a sudden they heard a noise behind them that sounded like wheels on pavement.that was obviously Lilly. yes she still skateboarded.she even tried to teach Oliver, she'd have more luck teaching his cat.

"hey Lills"Miley greeted.

"hey Miley. hey Jake. where's Oliver?"Lilly greeeted and asked.

"he had to teach his cat to use the toilet than he's coming. that's what he said. i wasn't going to ask questions"Jake said.

"riiiight"Lilly said."in other news..."(that means change the subject)"soo...how are you two?"Lilly asked.

"fine"they said at the same time.

"what'd you watch for your movie night?"Lilly asked.

"Silent Hill, but we didn't really watch it"Jake answered.

"huh?ohhh.i get it."Lilly said.

Miley gave a small giggle and Jake wrapped his arm around her waste and pulled her into a one-armed-hug sorta thing then kissed her on the top of her head.aww..

"PDA!"Lilly screamed at the top of her lungs.(public display of affection PDA)

"shut up!"(pronounced shut upuhh)Miley yelled at her.

"shut upuhh"Lilly and Jake imitated.

"that is so meanuhh"Miley said.

"that is so meanuhh"Jake and Lilly imitated again.

"ughh"Miley grunted.

they got to the beach and layed out their towels near the big rock where they always met.

"omigosh it's Jake Ryan"someone yelled.

"you'd think they'd be used to it by now"Jake said looking fed up."ok next person to talk to me besides these two girls"he pointed at Lilly and Miley"will be knocked out so long when you wake up your clothes will be out of style!"he yelled.

"wow"Miley said.

"jeez"Lilly said.

"well i get really tired of it"Jake defended.

"that's why i got a stage name"Miley said.

"ha ha"Jake said said being sarcastic.

"hey guys"Oliver said walking over to them."i finally taught my cat how to use the toilet. all you have to do is put the litter box in it."

"it doesn't get any deeper than that"Miley laughed.

they all sat down and talked for a while. how there week was, what'd ya have for breakfast, do you remember in Middle School when...(fill in the blank)

everthing was peaceful until this blonde girl with blue eyes wearing a light blue bikini walked up to Oliver.

"are you Oliver Oken?"she asked.


before he could finish his answer his lips were attatched to this girl's lips and she had her hands wrapped around his head. he's just kinda sitting there struggling to breathe.

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