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Disclaimer: I don't own DragonBallZ, Poke'mon, or any other characters from either series. I just decided to put them together for the sake of being funny.

Author's Note: Okay, I have had this idea in my head for a while, and my muse decided to give me a big bite on the ear. (Blasted muse…) It seems to me that DBZ fans don't like Pikachu (Just go to so I decided that I should write a fic. to see what would happen if Vegeta and Pikachu went at it. Enjoy!


"Ahhh... this… is… GREAT!!!" Trunks shouted. He had coaxed his dad into taking him to an amusement park and was currently having the time of his life on a roller coaster. Vegeta was not. All he could think about was how he refused to throw up.

"Does this thing stop?" Vegeta asked. "It is driving me crazy!" After he said this, the coaster made a sharp turn to the right. "AH! TO HECK WITH THIS!" Vegeta then turned SSJ2 and blew up the coaster. Thank the Lord no one else was on that rollercoaster.

"AHHHH!" Trunks screamed, just a little scared. "DAD! Did you just have to blow up the roller coaster?"

"Maaaaaayybeeeee…" Vegeta replied, a mischievous grin on his face. After saying this, the both landed on the ground (After, of course, floating in the air) and Vegeta turned back to normal. "Let's go, I've wasted enough time here."

"Next time we're going on the Ferris wheel…" Trunks grumbled to himself.


"Wasn't that fun dad?" Trunks asked. Now they were in the air flying back home… of course, after Trunks had convinced Vegeta to buy him ice cream.

"Which part?" Vegeta asked sarcastically. "The part where I was about to vomit, or the part where I was bored out of my wits by those annoying goofballs in costumes…then again, I did get to whale on one…


Vegeta was walking through the park with Trunks pointing at every ride possible.

"I wanna' go on the heart pounder… NO, NO, I wanna' ride the Vortex Maximas… NO WAIT…" At that point, a guy in a Pikachu costume came up to him.

"PIKA, PIKA!" The suited man said, unconvincingly. It was a homemade costume that the person wanted to wear for some reason… even though the park had no traces of Pokemon.

"Ugh…" Vegeta said. He absolutely HATED that thing! Ever since Trunks started watching that show. It was ALL he talked about.

"Cool!" Trunks exclaimed. "You make that?"

"Stay back, Trunks," Vegeta said. "He has 'dork cooties'." The man took offense at this. Therefore, he leaned into Vegeta ear.

"Hey, look pal," the man whispered," I'm just trying to entertain the kid."

"Do you work at this park?" Vegeta asked.


"Did I ask you to do anything?"


"So don't you think you should buzz off?" After he said this, Vegeta gave him his scariest scowl. This absolutely terrified the man. "Let me answer for you." Vegeta jumped back, put his hands palm-up, and then shouted "BIG BANG ATTACK!" BAM! The energy ball made a direct hit, and sent the pokemon-wannabee packing. Vegeta smirked, satisfied.

(End Flashback)

"Yeah, real funny," Trunks replied, also recalling the event, though not enjoying the incident as much as his father did. "Did you reallyhave to do that? Vegeta smirked, and this was all the answer Trunks needed. Suddenly, a wormhole opened up above them. Sensing it, both father and son stopped to stare.

"WHAT THE?!" They both yelled. Suddenly, a tiny yellow furry animal fell out. BAM!

"YEOW!" Vegeta said, caught WAY off guard. He then watched the thing fall to the earth.

"I'LL GET IT!" Trunks shouted, zooming down to catch the thing.

"HEY, WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!" Vegeta shouted. "Sigh, Guess I better follow him." With that, he followed his son down to earth.


"WOW! COOL!" Trunks exclaimed. Vegeta, however, was not pleased. The furry object that had hit him in the head was a…a…PIKACHU! "Hey dad, do you see it!"

"Yeah I see it," Vegeta grumbled. First, that wack-o at the amusement park…NOW THIS! A big, fat, ugly, smelly, weak, good-for-nothin' Pikachu!

"Pika Pika? (Where am I?)" Pikachu had suddenly awakened. "Chu-pika? (Who's that ugly pointy-headed freak?)" Pikachu was staring at Vegeta.

"What are you looking at, you ugly little rat," Vegeta asked cruelly.

"PIKA!? (WHAT!?)" Pikachu screeched, baring its fangs. Hey, it may be little, but it wasn't going to' take that from some obnoxious person. "PIIIKAAA…CHUUUUUU!!!" Pikachu fired of a thunderbolt attack at Vegeta, and let's just say that Vegeta was a little shocked. (XD! XD!)

"YEEOOOOOOWWWWWW!" Vegeta yelled, sparks coming off his body. "Why…you…LITTLE…BAST…"

"DAD!" Trunks yelled. "You know what Mom says about swearing!"

"Do I honestly give a care?" Vegeta asked. "This little pipsqueak ain't gonna' get the best of me!" Pikachu just stuck out its tongue.

"Chu-pika pika… chu, chu! (You don't have the guts…Thumbelina!)" Pikachu retorted, a little sly sounding at the end of his sentence.

Vegeta had a guess at what the rodent said. "WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?! I'M GOING TO OBLITERATE YOU!!!"

Pikachu yawned. CRASH! Vegeta fell over Anime style. Pikachu and Trunks laughed.

"THAT DOES IT!" Vegeta yelled at no one in particular. "BIG BANG ATTACK!" Again, for the second time that day, Vegeta fired his ultra-powerful energy… this time at a real Pikachu.

A colossal explosion took place, and Pikachu went sky-high. "PIIIKAAA!" Pikachu shouted as he went sailing. Then he landed with a thud. Little swirls in his eyes. Then, quickly, he got back on his feet. "PIKA PIKAA! (OK, NOW I'M MAD!)" Pikachu angrily said.

"What's the matter, run out of juice?" Vegeta taunted. Then, Pikachu, in no more than a 1/5 of a second, went from a distance of 7 yards to right in Vegeta's gut.

"Cool," Trunks shouted, "A quick attack! This is sweet!"

"HEY, WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?!" Vegeta yelled. Before Trunks could answer, Vegeta added," And you better consider which side might NEVER take you back to the amusement park!" That decided it, Trunks was shutting-up. "That's what I thought! Now, if you will excuse me for a second…" Pikachu, who was still on Vegeta trying to push him down, received a crippling blow from Vegeta's best friend… Mr. Fist!

SWOOSH! Pikachu had suddenly become about as fast as a rocket… rather slow for him. Nonetheless, that punch HURT! Worse than any GROUND-type attack, that's for certain!

As Pikachu got back on its feet, Vegeta came rushing in so fast that once he got close enough, he disappeared! "PIKA!? (WHAT THE CRUD?)" Pikachu said, then, as quickly as he disappeared, he re-appeared to give Pikachu a POWERFUL uppercut! Up, and up, and up he went, when, in another show of speed, Vegeta flew into the sky high-enough to slam Pikachu down into the dirt.

BAM! A crater about a mile long and deep appeared. Vegeta landed right at the edge of the crater, facing the opposite way. BIG mistake.

"HAH! Did you see that Trunks? I have defeated the little weakling! For I am the strongest…" Pikachu, who was back on his feet, spotted him and decided to sneak up on him.

"Ummmm…DAD!" Trunks said.

"Not now!" Vegeta insisted. "In a moment."

'Oh well' Trunks thought.

"I am the greatest," Vegeta continued. Pikachu was closer now. "AND the most powerful being… in the UNIVERSE!" Pikachu was now right under him. "And I'm much more handsome than that Pikachu!" At that moment, Pikachu jumped up and bit Vegeta in the butt. For a moment, Vegeta just stood there. Then, as his face turned blue, a sweat drop appeared. Finally, he screamed, in a loud and MOST unmanly manner," YEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" I swear the man jumped 90 ft. high… without using his flying ability.

"Pikachu? Pika pika! (Guess what? Cute kicks butt!)" Then, after Vegeta returned to earth, his tail started to glow, then Pikachu rushed up to give Vegeta a whopping Iron-Tail attack… right where no man (or Sayain) wants to receive an attack!

Now, with Vegeta's sweat drop doubling in size, he attempted to suppress a girly scream. Pikachu then, when Vegeta looked like he was going to explode, released a thunderbolt upon him.


"YEOOOOOWWW!" Vegeta screeched, in a VERY girly voice, getting the full treatment. Then, when Pikachu stopped, it stared at Vegeta for a second… then rolled around in laughter.

"PI-KA-KA-KA-KA-KA-KA! (BWUHAHAHAHAHAH!)" Pikachu laughed.

"WHAT?!" Vegeta asked. "What is so darn funny?!"

"Uhhhh-giggle- your hair-giggle- is on…" Trunks was trying his best not to bust out laughing himself.

"IS WHAT?!" Vegeta asked, a red vein floating by his head.

"Is on…FIRE!" Trunks couldn't hold it in anymore, and he busted into laughter.

Vegeta's sweat drop returned. Suddenly he smelled the smoke and went,"AHHHHHHHHH! MY HAIR IS ON FIRE, MY HAIR IS ON FIRE!" Then, after running back and forth for a minute or so, he rolled on the ground to put it out. Good thing Sayain hair was stronger than normal hair, or he would have been bald. His hair was smoldering, however.

"Dad, give it a rest," Trunks said," I want to go home!"

"Humph! Fine, let's go home!" Vegeta agreed.

"WITH Pikachu," Trunks insisted. Vegeta glared an EVIL glare, and his eyes narrowed horrifyingly. "P-please?" Trunks asked, uneasy." Trunks gave Vegeta his "puppy-eye" stare.

"Pika? (Yeah, PLEASE?)" Pikachu asked, also giving him a puppy-eye stare.

"WHAT!? After what that little rat has done? NO WAY! I repeat, NO WAY!" Vegeta defiantly didn't like that idea. The duo continued the stares until Vegeta said," Fine… Maybe Bulma can find a way to send that rat back where he belongs… and explain how he got here in the first place."

"YAY! Trunks shouted, grabbing Pikachu by the paws and doing a little dance. "Thanks dad!"

"Mhm," Vegeta grunted. "Let's just go home." With that, Trunks grabbed Pikachu by the stomach, and he and Vegeta, once again, flew off.


Author's Note: Yay! My story is done! Please R&R! Also, if you want me to continue this, please tell me in your review. I know this is meant to be a one-shot, but if you want more… well, I got it! Also, I KNOW that Bolds are best reserved for titles (one of my reviewers for another story of mine has drilled that into my head), but I couldn't think of a better (or funnier) way to further emphasize Vegeta's words. Flame me about that if you want, but don't say I didn't have a good reason. Anyway, please review (Even if you're anonymous) and remember to tell me if you want me to continue this!