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Disclaimer: I don't own DragonBallZ, Poke'mon, or any other characters from either series. I just decided to put them together for the sake of being funny.

Author's Note: Despite the fewer reviews I've gotten from the last chapter, I'm still going to continue! So prepare yourself, Vegeta and Pikachu are about to have another clash, and this time… Vegeta won't hold back!



A moment after the blast occurred, Pikachu was flying overhead. However, instead of simply hanging in the air, Pikachu had geared up for an IRON TAIL attack. It was on! Vegeta had ticked Pikachu off, and now he was in for a rude awakening. Round two had begun, and Pikachu was going to start it off with a bang!

"PIKA-CHU!" cried the yellow fur ball as it slammed its IRON TAIL into the ground, Vegeta having used his sonic speed to dodge. Pikachu turned around just in time to be greeted by Vegeta's Ki-blast.



Pikachu was sent flying; however, it landed on its feet and went for a QUICK-ATTACK. "Pika…CHU-PIKA! (Take…THIS, JERK!)" However, Pikachu just ran right through him, as if he was thin air.

"PIKA!? (WHAT!?)" Pikachu screeched, amazed.

Vegeta re-appeared, smirking. "Do you honestly think I used my full power on you before? Pa-THETIC!" Then Vegeta started powering up, glowing gold with a lightning aurora surrounding him.

"Pi-pika? (Wh-what?)" Pikachu stammered. Now Vegeta's hair was turning gold, and his eyes a fierce emerald.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAH!" bellowed Vegeta. "NOW…FEEL MY TRUE POWER!!!" Just then, an explosion rang out as Vegeta transformed into a SSJ2.

Pikachu stood there, wide eyed.

"Heheheheheh… anything to say, pipsqueak?"

Pikachu smiled nervously, started walking back, and then… ZOOM!!! He was off like a bullet. All that remained was a wet patch of grass where Pikachu stood.

"Well, what'd'ya know, it IS a boy!" Vegeta cackled. Then he disappeared in a blink of the eye; traveling at super-speed to catch Pikachu.

On the other side of the dome…

"Pant-pant-pant-pant… PI-KA-CHU! (HALL-E-JULIAH!)" Pikachu cried, having finally escaped Vegeta! "Chu Pikachu! (So long ugly!)" As Pikachu started to walk away, Vegeta appeared in front of him. "CHAAAAA!!! (AHHHHHHH!!!)"

"So… what did you say in your native tongue?" Vegeta asked maniacally. Pikachu started backing up as Vegeta advanced. "Was it 'Vegeta sure is tough' or was it 'I am sooooo puny!' Think carefully before you answer!" Vegeta was OBVIOUSLY enjoying this. After all, the mistaken fact that Pikachu could beat him was carried on so badly... so he decided 'hey, why not enjoy correcting it?'

"Gulp- Pi… Pika chu pika? (Um… don't suppose we can be friends?)" Pikachu asked smiling hopefully. Vegeta stuck out his palm and gathered energy. Pikachu's smile vanished as it said, "Chu- Pika (I didn't think so.)"



The explosion was ENORMOUS! Not only was it a more powerful attack, seeing as Vegeta was SSJ2, but since it was at close range that doubled the effectiveness. As the smoke cleared, Vegeta was pleased to see nothing but a black, charred patch of grass where Pikachu was.

"Hehehehehehehheh… BWUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! YEEEEES!!! IT'S GONE! IT'S FINALLY OVER!!!" Vegeta shouted.

"Hey dad, what happened!?" Trunks called out as he flew himself and Bulma towards Vegeta.

"Yeah, we heard a big explosion!" Bulma yelled.

They landed, and Trunks popped the question: "Where's Pikachu?"


"WHAT!?!?!?." Bulma and Trunks asked in unison.

"Yes, that's right! THE RODENT ID GONE!!! BWUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Vegeta cackled. Trunks was about to cry, when he saw something he couldn't believe.

"Hey, dad…" Trunks started to ask Vegeta.

"Not now son!" Vegeta barked back. Then Bulma saw it.

"Ummm, Vegeta…" Bulma began.

"QUIET WOMAN! Can't you see I'm enjoying my triumph?!" Vegeta yelled back. "Especially since now it will be Krillin who will be made fun of for being beat-up by Pikachu!

'Oh well,' Bulma and Trunks thought in their heads. What they saw was little Pikachu nestled in Vegeta's hair, so while Vegeta ranted, Pikachu could recharge and prepare.

"Now then, where was I…? Oh, yes! I defeated the fuzz ball. THAT'LL prove to them who is the strongest…"

'Didn't we go through this?' Pikachu thought. 'This guy can TALK!' Then, Pikachu started charging electricity for a THUNDERBOLT.

"PIIIIIKAAAAAA!!!" Pikachu's battle cry rang.

"WHAT THE HECK?!" Vegeta yelled. "Wh-where's that coming from! I DESTROYED IT!"

"PIIIIIIKAAAAA!!!" Pikachu continued. Then it hit Vegeta. It was on his head!

"GET THE H--- (Bulma covered Trunks ears) OFF OF ME YOU LITTLE B------ (Again, it was Bulma)!!!!!" Now he could feel the static from the soon-to-be THUNDER BOLT in his hair. Therefore, in desperation, Vegeta held out his hands to his head and fired off two Ki-blasts to where he thought Pikachu was in his hair.


It backfired. Pikachu jumped into the air and the Ki-blast hit Vegeta's head instead. Now, his head scorched, he asked one question… "Did I get him?" Vegeta asked. Bulma shook their heads no and pointed up. As Vegeta looked up, he saw, up their in all his "furry yellow glory"… Pikachu.

"…ohh… crud."




Trunks and Bulma immediately rushed over. "DAD, DAD! ARE YOU ALRIGHT!?" Trunks asked worriedly.

"Cough-cough!-yeah-cough- I'm… fine," Vegeta said while coughing out black smoke.

Bulma and Trunks sweat-dropped.

Pikachu landed just 3ft. away from him. Vegeta spotted him and got up. Pikachu had a sweat-drop forming, not at all liking the look on Vegeta's face.


"You…little…yellow…FURRY…RODENT!!!" Vegeta yelled. Pikachu's sweat drop doubled in size. "I'm…going…TO…KILL YOU!!!" What was Pikachu's reaction to this? Simple…

…he ran.

"PIIIIKAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!)" Pikachu yelled as he "ran for the hills". Vegeta pursued from the air, firing volley after volley of Ki-blasts at Pikachu.

"COME BACK HERE YOU LITTLE RODENT! I'M GOING TO DISINTEGRATE YOU!!!" Vegeta yelled furiously at Pikachu. Pikachu paid no mind as he simply kept running and dodging. Then Pikachu saw something that made it VERY relieved… the lab! Surely, Bulmawouldn'tlet him tear that up, Pikachu reasoned. So he ran inside, while dodging a Ki-blast.

"Drat, its in Bulma's lab," Vegeta cursed. "The last time I broke something in there, she took away Mr. Tinkles for a week! How am I going to blast him if he's in there…?"

Meanwhile, inside Bulma's lab, Pikachu was looking at the various machines and chemicals.

"Pika… (Wow…)" Pikachu said, amazed at all the different gadgets and gizmos inside. As he looked at one particular machine, he saw a big red shiny button. Pikachu's eyes lit up at the sight of the button. "Cha! (Shiny!)" If Pikachu had taken a moment to observe just what the shiny button was attached to, he would have noticed it was a ray gun of sorts. As soon as Pikachu pushed the button, a shot fired.


"CHAAAA! (WHAAA!)" Pikachu screamed, surprised. The shot then ricocheted off a mirror upwards. Then it ricocheted off a lamp, another mirror, then towards Pikachu. "PIKA!!! (AHHH!!!)" Pikachu screamed. Then he started to run, the blast following him. As he ran out the door, Vegeta stared at it, puzzled.

"Huh?" Vegeta blurted, very confused. "What's going on?" Then, Vegeta saw the blast following Pikachu, going much faster then the fur ball itself. "…?..." Then, the unavoidable happened. Pikachu was hit with the laser.

"PIKAAAA! (OWWWW!)" Pikachu screeched, the blast stinging. Then, Pikachu felt strange. He noticed his surroundings starting to shrink…, shrink…, and shrink. Or, was it that Pikachu was getting bigger?

As Vegeta watched, he was thunderstruck. The Poke'mon was getting bigger!!! "That-that's impossible! There's NO WAY… unless. Oh darn it Bulma, you and your stupid inventions!" He watched as the Pikachu grew to 20 ft… then 30… then finally Pikachu stopped at 45 ft. All the color in Vegeta's face drained.

"…………… Oh…crud."


Author's Note: There you have it, ANOTHER cliffhanger courtesy of… ME! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Have fun reading, and please for the love of all that's decent and good REVIEW! PLEASE?! I know that this was my shortest chapter, but still… REVIEW!!!