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Disclaimer: I don't own DragonBallZ, Poke'mon, or any other characters from either series. I just decided to put them together for the sake of being funny.

Author's Note: FINALLY! I GET TO UPDATE! I'm sorry, but our internet's been down, school's been busy… It's just been awhile. Nonetheless, I have written the fifth chapter! (YAY!!!) Hope you enjoy…



"Pika? (Huh?)" Pikachu asked itself, puzzled. Suddenly, it started to shrink…, shrink…, and shrink…until it was back to its normal height on top of Vegeta's chest. Pikachu blinked, looked around, and found the once again thunderstruck expression on Vegeta's face.


"…Chu chu pika pi pika? (…Don't suppose you could forgive and forget?)"

Back at Capsule Corp…

Trunks had just arrived and immediately ran off to find his mom. If there was one thing he knew about his mom and dad's relationship, it was that Bulma knew things Vegeta didn't want her to know. So, who better to ask where the two things he could use to brake up Vegeta and Pikachu's fight.

As he ran into the kitchen, he finally found Bulma cleaning up from dinner. As she was doing this, she was muttering several words Trunks didn't need to hear. Good thing Trunks was too anxious to hear what she said.

"MOM! MOM!" Trunks called as he skidded into the kitchen.

Bulma turned around the moment she heard Trunks' voice and asked, "Where have you been young man! Just why did you fly off and where is Vegeta; when I get my hands on him I'm going to choke that JACK..." To emphasize her point, she strangled the air as if Vegeta's neck where there in place of it.

Trunks rolled his eyes. "Yeah, whatever, listen mom I need to know-"


"MOM!!!" Trunks yelled at the top of his voice. "I'm trying to ask you where are the frying pan you borrowed from Goten's mom and dad's teddy bear!"

Bulma's face was blank. "What for?" she asked.

Trunks sighed. "To stop Dad and Pikachu from fighting!!!"

Realization hit Bulma as she said, "Oh… I see… well, here's the frying pan," she handed Trunks the infamous frying pan," and Mr. Tinkles is upstairs under Vegeta's pillow."

"Thanks mom!" Trunks called out as he raced upstairs to retrieve the critical Teddy bear. 'If this can't stop dad and Pikachu from fighting, I don't know what will,' Trunks thought as he raced upstairs. Three floors, and 17 rooms later he found his parent's room. Sure enough, Mr. Tinkles was underneath Vegeta's pillow.

"Perfect!" Trunks cried out as he grabbed the teddy bear. It was a brown bear with a spiky brown-haired wig and wore a green shirt and blue jeans that where tailored to fit the doll. "Alright, time to go," Trunks said aloud as he flew off, pan and bear in hand to stop Vegeta and Pikachu's "battle royal". It was dark outside, so Trunks would have to rely on one of two things to find his father: #1 his ability to sense energy, or #2 the sound of his father's screaming when Pikachu shocks him. More than likely, he would rely on #2 to find them.

Back in West City…

Vegeta was thunderstruck…again! One moment, he's about to have the life crushed out of him by a giant fur-ball, then the next, said fur-ball shrinks back to normal and sits on top of him.


Pikachu was more worried than surprised. What was it to do now? One moment he was the rodent version of King Kong, the next he was back to his normal height! Anime sweat drops were on both parties, and finally Pikachu broke the silence by saying this:

"…Chu chu pika pi pika? (…Don't suppose you could forgive and forget?)"

"HUAAARRRRGHHHHH!!! I'M GOING TO BLOW YOU TO OBLIVION!!!!" Vegeta cried as an explosion of energy sent the furry yellow Poke'mon back a few yards. Vegeta then raised his arms in a ready position, preparing to attack. "Prepare yourself, rodent," Pikachu could only stare in fear as it watched an energy ball gather in Vegeta's raised hand," BECAUSE THIS IS THE END!!! YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!!" Vegeta fired the energy blast with all his SSJ2 might, and as it came hurtling toward Pikachu all obstacles were destroyed.

"CHAA!!! PIKA PIKA!!! (AHHH!!! NOT GOOD!!!)" Pikachu cried out in terror.


The following explosion was so powerful that it lit up the entire night sky and blew back all the civilians nearby and ten lampposts. It also broke the windows of two nearby buildings. All and all, it was a big explosion.

Meanwhile, above West City…

Trunks had made it to west city and had begun to look for his father and Pikachu. He could sense his dad's energy, but he couldn't see exactly where he was.

'Where are you dad?' Trunks thought in his head. 'I should have been able to find you seeing as there was a 12 ton Pikachu stomping on you! Something must have happened, but what!' Suddenly, below him he heard the scream of his dad yellowing at Pikachu. 'At least I know Pikachu's alive' Trunks thought. Then he saw an energy flash hit something, and then…

KABOOM!!! BAM!!!! BOOOM!!!!!!!

"WHOA!!!" Trunks called as the shockwave pushed him back, but Trunks fought it. "Oh man, dad must really be ticked now. Ugh, oh man… I'm probably too late!" When the dust settled, Trunks flew down to see what had happened.

In West City…

Vegeta panted and panted. He used up a lot of energy, and with good reason. For some reason, this thing wouldn't die! As he stared into the cloud, he couldn't see anything; only dust.

"Hehehehehe, maybe I did finish him off this time," Vegeta said aloud. Then he saw something in the dust. As his eyes widened, he could see two pointy ears, a lightning-bolt tail, and two red cheeks. Pikachu was still alive!

"Chaaaaaaa…" Pikachu cried in pain. It was hanging on by a thread, a thin thread. "Pi-pika pika, (I-I give.)"

"Hehehehehe," Vegeta cackled," perhaps I spoke too soon after all! Well, it looks like one more blast should finish you." Vegeta held out his arms and prepared to launch a BIG BANG ATTACK.


Vegeta stopped dead in his tracks. He heard that voice before. He turned around to see who it was; and regretted it instantly. It was none-other than the dork from the park wearing the Pikachu costume!

"JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, YA JERK!!!" cried the Poke-fan angrily.

"Oh no," Vegeta groaned," not this dork again!" Vegeta stopped what he was doing to turn around and insult the person. "Hey, dork-a-mon, don't you have something better to do rather than waste my time?"

"I don't know," responded the man," don't you have something better to do than hurt an innocent Pikachu?"


"Hey dad!" Trunks called out, finally deciding to make his descent. As Vegeta looked up to see his son, it gave all the time Pikachu needed. In a flash, it had run off.

"What are you doing here?" asked Vegeta. "Can't you see I'm about to finish off Pika-", as he turned around, he saw that Pikachu had disappeared, "chu?" Vegeta stood there for a moment, just looking puzzled. Then, in a fit of fury, he shouted,"ARGH!" He began to lift up piles of debris, trying to find the elusive Pikachu. "Just WHERE did it go!?"

Trunks wondered himself. Then he heard something, like a whisper.

"Pika! " called a tiny voice.

Trunks turned around and saw Pikachu hiding behind a fallen lamppost. "PIKA…" Trunks began to call but saw that Pikachu was motioning for Trunks to keep quiet.

"What was that?" Vegeta asked as he lifted his head.

The fan boy saw what was going on and said," Oh nothing, just felt like doing an impression."

"Humph, well stop!" Vegeta called back. He then continued his search, unaware that what he was looking for was sneaking towards him.

"Pikachu, what are you doing!?" Trunks whispered ferociously. Nonetheless, Pikachu paid him no mind as it continued to sneak up on the unsuspecting Vegeta. The Poke-fan chuckled silently. He had an idea what it was about to do. As Pikachu crept closer and closer, it smiled a sneaky smile. As Vegeta bent down to pick up a piece of debris, Pikachu bit Vegeta on the butt…hard!


"YYYYEEEOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!" cried the very surprised Vegeta. Trunks slapped his forehead in embarrassment as Vegeta jumped up 5 miles in the air. Pikachu was rolling on the concrete in laughter. Yet, as soon as Vegeta descended, he kicked the Pikachu to Trunks' feet. "STUPID PIECE OF FUR!!! YOU'VE MADE A MOCKERY OF ME FOR THE LAST TIME!!! NOW TAKE TH-"

This is where Trunks stepped in. "I wouldn't do that…" Trunks called slyly. Vegeta stopped and stared at Trunks in puzzlement.

"And why is that son?" Vegeta asked.

"Pika, Pika? (Yeah, why?)" Pikachu asked.

"Because…" Trunks started," I have… THESE!" Trunks held out Chi-chi's frying pan and Mr. Tinkles!

"MR. TINKLES!!!" Vegeta cried.

"PIKA PIKA CHU!!! (CHI-CHI'S FRYING PAN!!!)" Pikachu cried. Don't ask me how it knew of the infamous frying pan, I'm not too sure.

"Yep," Trunks called slyly," and if you two don't stop fighting, I'm going to do either A: bop you on the head, or B: destroy Mr. Tinkles!"

A BIG vein appeared by Vegeta's head. "GIVE BACK MR. TINKLES RIGHT NOW, OUR I'LL-" Vegeta was cut off by the laughter of the Poke-fan. Vegeta stopped to stare at the imbecile. "WHAT?!"

"Dude," he began," you have a TEDDY BEAR?! That is so hilarious!" he fell to the ground crying in laughter. Vegeta's face grew red with rage and embarrassment and many red veins appeared beside his head.

"GRRRRR!!!" Vegeta growled.

"You have a teddy bear, you have a teddy bear!" sang the dorky fan. Now steam was pouring out of Vegeta's ears. "What's next, a ballerina costume? Are you going to be the fairy princess in the Wizard of Oz? I know where they're having a casting session! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!"

"THAT'S IT," Vegeta shouted in complete furry, "BIG BANG ATTACK!!!"


Trunks, Pikachu, and, of course, Vegeta watched as the Poke'mon wannabe was, again, sent packing by Vegeta's fierce BIG BANG ATTACK. Then, he turned around to face his son. "Now then… GIVE BACK MR. TINKLES, OR I WILL BLOW YOU TO OBLIVION!!!"

All credit to Trunks, he was trembling, but alas, he stood his ground. "N-no, not until you and Pikachu stop fighting," Vegeta glared THE MOST evil glare that any living thing could give without blowing up their own head. "P-p-please?" Trunks stammered.

Vegeta "considered" this for a moment. "Hmm, let me think…um… NO!!!"

"Alright then," Trunks said as he put his hands around Mr. Tinkles' neck, "say goodbye to Mr. Tinkles."

"No, wait!" Vegeta pleaded, his face turning from one of rage, to one of concern. Trunks pulled a little tighter, and Vegeta watched in horror as his prized teddy bear was about to be destroyed. Before the bear could actually be ripped, he said in defeat, "­­-Sigh- you win, I'll stop." Vegeta turned back to normal to prove he was telling the truth.

"Good," Trunks calmly said. To tell the truth, his insides felt like Jell-O to him. "Now, will you stop Pikachu?" Pikachu was about to object, but he saw Trunks raise the infamous frying pan.

"Chaaa… pika pika! (Ohhhhhhh… okay okay!)" Pikachu responded, lowering his ears as it said this. Trunks sighed a sigh of relief.

"Good," Trunks said," let's go home, I'm tired." After he said this, he let out a yawn.

"It is late…" Vegeta commented," Maybe it's best we go back. But first…" Vegeta walked over to Pikachu. Then, he lowered himself so he could, more or less, meet Pikachu's eyes.

"Pika?" Pikachu asked. BONK!!! Pikachu fell to the ground unconscious as Vegeta lowered his fist.

"Hey!" Trunks cried," what was that for?"

Vegeta replied with a grin," Just thought I'd even up the score." Trunks rolled his eyes. Finally, Trunks picked up Pikachu and carried him as he and Vegeta flew back to Capsule Corp. The battle had ended, and peace had once again returned.


Author's Note: There you go, the end of Ch. 5! I hope you all liked it. I tried to be more careful with the way I wrote it so I hope it paid off! This is my second to last Ch., so when Ch.6 comes out it shall reveal the end of my story. I do hope you, the reader, had just as much fun reading this as I had writing it. Originally, I was going to continue, but I decided, "Well…I've dragged this story out long enough; I'll go ahead and conclude it." However, I MIGHT make a sequel to this tale… if enough people ask. Remember, I have ONE more Ch. to go, just so you don't think I've already quit this story, so stay tuned for the next, and last, chapter of VEGETA V.S. PIKACHU!