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Disclaimer: I don't own DragonBallZ, Poke'mon, or any other characters from either series. I just decided to put them together for the sake of being funny.

Author's Note: Well, this is it… the FINAL chapter in my Vegeta VS Pikachu story! I'd like to thank each and everyone of you people who have stood by my side since my first ch. Okay, now with THAT out of the way, here it is…the VERY last…chapter of…VEGETA V.S. PIKACHU!!!



"Pika?" Pikachu asked. BONK!!! Pikachu fell to the ground unconscious as Vegeta lowered his fist.

"Hey!" Trunks cried," what was that for?"

Vegeta replied with a grin," Just thought I'd even up the score." Trunks rolled his eyes. Finally, Trunks picked up Pikachu and carried him as he and Vegeta flew back to Capsule Corp. The battle had ended, and peace had once again returned.

A month later…

"GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE RODENT!!! I'M GOING TO BLOW YOU TO OBLIVION!!!" cried a frustrated Vegeta. It had been a month since the "battle royal" of Vegeta and Pikachu. During that time, Trunks and Pikachu took it upon themselves to play a series of pranks on Vegeta. Today's prank: put make-up on him during his nap.

"GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW, OR I'LL BLOW YOU TO KINGDOM COME!!!" bellowed the furious Vegeta. Trunks and Pikachu were making a break for it, running down the hall before Vegeta could catch up.

"Yikes-puff-, his mad today, isn't he?" Trunks huffed.

"Pika-puff puff-Pikachu! (Yeah-puff puff-no kidding!)" Pikachu replied. As they were running, Trunks could feel his father's Ki, and knew that Vegeta was about to catch them.

"OH CRUD," Trunks shouted, knowing they were about to be caught. Then, Trunks spotted something that might save them both…a broom closet! "YES!" he hissed as he grabbed Pikachu, opened the door, shut and locked it-all in one motion. Trunks lowered his Ki so Vegeta wouldn't know where they were hiding. It was dark in there, and the only clue Trunks would have that Vegeta "bit the bait" was by listening and feeling for his father's Ki. He heard footsteps thunder past, and sensed his fathers Ki as it spiked by their door, then grew smaller and smaller as he ran past.

"Pika chu pika? (Think he left?)" Pikachu whispered. Trunks couldn't understand what Pikachu asked, but guessed by its expression.

"Let's get out of here," Trunks whispered back. When he opened the door, he was greeted by… Vegeta! "WHAT THE?!" Trunks yelped as he stumbled to the corner of the closet and fell over. Pikachu just stood there, looking terrified.

"Nice try, but did you really think I, the prince of all Sayains, would fall for such a little charade?" Vegeta taunted, a triumphant grin on his face.

"B-but, I heard you run past, a-and your Ki…!" Trunks stammered.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" bellowed the prince. "All I had to do was stomp my feet to make it sound like I ran past, and lower my Ki. Nothing but a simple trick, and you fell for it! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Pikachu just stood there, at first terrified. Then, his brain had a good idea, a simple one, but good nonetheless.

Vegeta looked down and saw the expression on Pikachu's face. "What are you looking at?" he demanded, his triumphant grin disappearing into his trademark scowl. Pikachu just kept grinning. "WHAT?!" Vegeta was starting to get mad, and his Ki was spiking. As Pikachu and Vegeta stood there, exchanging looks, Trunks started creeping behind him. This didn't go unnoticed, and as Vegeta turned around to say something, he felt a sharp pain in his…well…lower area.

"YEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!!" Vegeta cried, as Pikachu lowered the sludge hammer he had picked up. Trunks and Pikachu than ran off while Vegeta was down, crouching his nether regions and swearing several cusses.

As the "dynamic duo" ran down the hallway, Trunks asked Pikachu," Where'd you-pant-get that bat?" Pikachu, even though it was hard to do while running, just shrugged its shoulders. "Oh well-pant pant- at least it worked!" They kept running down the hall, hoping Vegeta wasn't behind them. They kept running until Trunks saw the door to his mother's workshop, and skidded to a stop…and Pikachu crashed into a wall.


"Chaaaaaaaaaaaa…" (Owwwwwwwww…) Pikachu cried. Trunks walked over and peeled Pikachu off the wall. Pikachu fell down on the floor, little swirls in its eyes.

"Maybe mom shouldn't have the janitors wax the floor so often," Trunks stated as Pikachu came to.

"PIKA PIKA!?" (YA' THINK?!) Pikachu replied, cross at its goof-up. Then, both of turned their heads when they heard footsteps approaching down the hallway. "Pika pika!" (Uh oh!) Sure enough, Vegeta was again running down the hall after the two pranksters.

"When I find those two, I'm going to…" Vegeta stopped his sentence. Trunks assumed that he was strangling the air with his hands.

"Quick we gota' hide before..." Trunks started, but heard his father speak again.

"Just wait, I'll-" Vegeta stopped. He rounded the corner and saw both Trunks and Pikachu on the floor.

"Uh oh…" Trunks said.

"Pikachu…" (Busted…) said Pikachu.

"THERE YOU ARE!!!" shouted Vegeta. "I'M GOING TO BLOW YOU TO OBLIVION…well, Pikachu anyway. I'll just ground you, Trunks"

"WHAT?! AWWWWW MAAAN!!!" Trunks whined.

"NOW SAY GOODBYE!" Vegeta raised his hand, gathering energy. Trunks and Pikachu clutched each other in fear. Just as he was about to launch the energy ball, he stopped. He heard something, and so did Trunks and Pikachu. Just then, Bulma came out of her lab. Her first impression was that Vegeta and Pikachu were fighting again, but then she saw the make-up on her husband's face. Then she saw Trunks and Pikachu cowering in fear. Bulma rolled her eyes, thinking 'Now what?'

"Oh bother," Bulma said disappointedly as she put a hand on her head," Don't you three EVER learn?" Pikachu and Trunks just sat there, trying to look innocent.

"YEAH, YOU LITTLE-"Vegeta started.

"And you," she said as she pointed an accusing finger to Vegeta, "do you EVER relax? Good grief, you're letting a seven year old and an electric mouse from a carton show get on your nerves! What are you, five?!" Vegeta stood there, speechless, a rare sight to see.

"Come here," Bulma said as she took a napkin out of her pocket and wiped the silly make-up off her husband's face. Vegeta looked annoyed.

"You know I could do this myself," he grunted with gritted teeth.

"Then why didn't you" Bulma asked," instead of chasing the boys down the hall and scaring the pee out of them?" Vegeta grinned as the word "pee" made him flash back to when he made Pikachu "watered the plants" after his SSJ2 transformation during their little quarrel. Then he grimaced as he also recollected Pikachu making a toilet out of his own hair. "At least you saved me the trouble of finding you three."

"Huh?" the trio blurted. (Except Pikachu, it said "Pika?")

"Follow me, and I'll show you," Bulma replied. With that, they followed her into her lab. As they entered, they could only think one thing…the place was a mess! Papers and machine parts were scattered everywhere! On the oak tables, blueprint after blueprint of some weird machine Bulma was inventing were waded up or just plain old forgotten. In the corner were a few "reject" machines that Vegeta assumed backfired. Question is: what were they supposed to do?

Finally, amongst the mess and parts Bulma led them to a 7ft. tall machine. It was shaped in a circle with a hole in the middle of it. Keeping it standing upright was two metal stands wielded to the side, and attached to the side of it was a control panel of some sort. Several wires ran out the back of it hooked it up to different things. For example, one ran to a generator, another to a big screen monitor, and another still to a machine that Vegeta, Trunks, nor Pikachu could figure what purpose it served.

"Well, what do you think guys, pretty impressive huh?" Bulma asked, a beam of pride and satisfaction gleaming off her face.


The three just stood there, not knowing what to say.

Bulma was growing impatient, and asked again," Well, what do you think?"

"Umm, mom what is it?" Trunks finally asked.

Realization hit Bulma as she said," Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot I didn't tell you guys what I was working on! Sorry." Vegeta rolled his eyes, impatient from his wife's babbling, and annoyed from the series of pranks pulled on him the past month. "I was working on a way to teleport Pikachu back home!"

"WHAT?!" Trunks screamed.

"PIKA!?" Pikachu screeched.

"YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!" cried Vegeta, dancing with joy at the thought of his tormentor finally leaving. "Halleluiah! HAHAHAHAHAHA! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!" Vegeta actually had a smile on his face. He looked…happy, something Bulma noted to be very rare.

While Vegeta jumped around shouting things like "I'm finally rid of him!" and "WAHOO!!!" Trunks sat on the floor and tried not to cry.

"Oh, honey…" Bulma cooed, knelling down to rub his back. "Pikachu would have had to go sometime…be happy you spent as much time as you did with him." Bulma pulled Trunks against her chest and hugged him. When she let go, Trunks looked over at Pikachu, tears forming in his eyes.


"Pikachu," Trunks asked," you ready to go home?" Pikachu stood there and thought for a moment. On one hand, Pikachu liked Trunks and the vast amount of pranks they pulled on Vegeta. On the other hand… Its trainer, its best friend was waiting on the other side. How could it simply abandon its trainer?

"Well… you wanna' go home?" Trunks asked again. Pikachu slowly nodded its head and pointed towards the machine.

"Pika, pika chu chu pika. Pikachu chu chu pi pika…" (Look, I really like you guys. However, I have a friend waiting on the other side…) Pikachu explained. It did no good, but it said it anyway. Pikachu looked sad as it said this, and that was all the translation Bulma or Trunks needed. It obviously had family in its own universe. Vegeta was still jumping and cheering, oblivious to the sadness emitting from his family.

"Pikachu's going away today, hurrah…hurrah!" Vegeta sang. He stopped when he realized that all of his family members were sitting there about to cry over dumb little Pikachu. Vegeta's smile disappeared into his scowl. Oh well, some good things never last. "Hey Bulma, are you going to start this machine or sit there crying all day?"

Bulma looked up and starred at Vegeta, annoyed. "Fine, if you're in that much of a hurry…" She stopped when she saw Pikachu walk over towards Vegeta.

'Oh great,' thought Vegeta. 'Now what is it up to?' Pikachu came closer and closer until it was right by Vegeta's leg. Then Pikachu gave Vegeta's leg…a great big hug.


Bulma, Trunks, and defiantly Vegeta were all shocked and surprised at Pikachu's action. Mostly Vegeta though, because he just kept staring and staring, trying to figure out just what was going on!

"……" Vegeta was silent. He was, again that day speechless. Pikachu looked up with big button eyes and smiled at Vegeta. Then…Pikachu bit his leg…

"YEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!!" screamed a VERY surprised and VERY angry Vegeta. Pikachu just looked up and grinned a big, toothy grin. Vegeta was thinking about blowing the little rat to oblivion, but…decided to calm down and send it on its way home.

"Bulma," Vegeta started after taking a calming breath," just…turn your stupid machine on and send Pikachu back!" Vegeta commanded.

Bulma shook her head to get rid of the confusion before switching on the machine. Suddenly, the metal monster glowed with a bright blue light as energy surged in it and was released. A Blue glow illuminated the whole room, covering everything else. Static discharges could easily be seen sparking out of the machine. The monitor, even though it was bathed in blue light, showed a field with two teenage boys, one little boy, and one teenage girl. When Trunks saw the picture, he couldn't believe his eyes!

"HOLY COW!!!" exclaimed Trunks. "T-that Ash Ketchum, and Brock, and Max and May!"

"WHO?!" Vegeta and Bulma both asked.

"The stars of Poke'mon!" continued an excited Trunks. "That must mean…" he glanced at Pikachu before saying," NO WAY! YOU'RE ASH'S PIKACHU?!"

"What's that got to do with anything?" Vegeta asked.

"Well…" Trunks started," in the series, Ash's Pikachu is really strong and not like the other Pikachu, weak and useless."

"PIKACHU?!" (USELESS!?) Pikachu shouted. Vegeta grinned. Payback time…

"Yes, Pikachu," Vegeta said," useless…U-S-E-L-E-S-S and weak…W-E-A-K!!!" Pikachu glared. "Oh and by the way," he added," don't forget fat and ugly!"

"PIKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…" Pikachu started gathering electricity from the machine as it spewed it out. In seconds, Pikachu was glowing bright yellow with tons of electrical energy surging around him.

Vegeta's once smug face became one of worry as he said," Oh…crud!"



"YEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!" screamed Vegeta as he fell over, for what seemed like the one hundredth time since he first met Pikachu, fried and crispy.

"Pika chu pika pika!" (At least I'm not as ugly as you are!) cried a smug Pikachu. Trunks and Bulma threw back their heads and laughed at Vegeta as he got back to his feet.

"That's NOT funny!" Vegeta cried. Everyone stopped when they saw the scowl on Vegeta's face. Then, suddenly smiling, said," But this is…" he blasted Pikachu in the butt and the little rodent ran around screaming like a banshee! Trunks and Bulma looked at each other for a moment. Then…they literally fell on the floor laughing!


"PIKAAAAAAAAAAA! PIKA PIKA PI-KA!!!" (YEEOOOOOOOOOOW! WHY YOU LITTLE-#$) cried the hurt Pikachu. "Pika chu PIKA!" (That's not FUNNY!) When everyone stopped laughing, the room grew quiet. The machine was still running, giving off its blue glow.

"…well, I guess its time for Pikachu to leave…" Bulma said at last. Vegeta and Trunks nodded their heads in agreement.

"Bye Pikachu…"Trunks said. "I'll miss you…" Trunks bent down to give Pikachu one last hug. Then, it walked towards the machine. Before it entered, it turned around to look at the new friends it had met in this strange new world.

Pikachu smiled and shouted to everyone, while waving its arms," Pika pikaa!" (I'll miss you!)

"Bye!" Bulma replied.

"See ya'!" Trunks shouted.

"Good reddens," Vegeta whispered under his breath. Yet, he didn't really feel glad Pikachu was leaving. Somehow…that little fur ball had grown on him. Even if he was annoying… Before Pikachu completely disappeared into the blue light from the machine he whispered," Goodbye Pikachu, I'll miss you…" Pikachu disappeared…nothing was left of him in that world…but memories. Everyone watched the small screen, and sure enough, there was Pikachu running towards its worried trainer. Bulma walked over and turned the machine off. The moment she did, the blue light faded…as well as the picture that showed Pikachu.

Trunks started sniffling, getting ready to cry. Then he felt Vegeta touch his shoulder. Trunks looked up at Vegeta, tears in his eyes. Vegeta's eyes looked a little watery themselves.

"Dad…?" Trunks asked.

"Yes son?" Vegeta answered.

"Will we ever see Pikachu again?" Vegeta chuckled a little bit.

"Probably not, but we may…who knows… I don't suppose you would be interested in going to the amusement park, would you, Trunks?" Trunks eyes lit up immediately.

"PU-LEAAAASSEEEE!?!?" Trunks begged. Vegeta nodded his head yes. "ALRIGHT! I'll be right back!" Trunks ran off to go get something. When he was gone, Bulma walked up to him.

"That was nice of you…" Bulma commented, an eyebrow raised and smiling.

"Yeah, whatever. If you say so," Vegeta replied. Bulma looked at him with a suspicious look. "What?"

"You miss Pikachu…don't you?" Bulma asked slyly. Vegeta scoffed.

"Now why in the world would I miss that tiny little pest?"

"Because," Bulma started," deep down inside, you like Pikachu and Pikachu liked you…you two were just too stubborn to admit it!" Vegeta glared at her.

"Hmph, believe what you want, but I'm telling you I don't miss that little-" Bulma glared. "Fine, fine…no cussing…" Bulma smiled. For once, Vegeta had actually listened to her!

And so, ends my tale about Vegeta and Pikachu. The battle is over, the debt has been paid, and everyone lived happily ever after.



Author's Note: Well, that's it. The FINAL chapter of Vegeta V.S. Pikachu. I had a lot of fun writing this! My skills as a writer, I feel, have improved greatly, and I have a few fans! YEAH FANS! I personally want to thank Vegamire, who has been a big supporter of this fan fic! I also want to thank every one of you who reviewed my story, I appreciated what you said! Now, as for "Jay Leno"… well, I say I'll leave that alone! As far as I can tell, he's just some person who likes to flame stories for no reason. Oddly enough, the real Jay Leno annoys me…and here I have an unknown reviewer by the same name! Oh well, anyway thank you, and remember to review this last chapter! Also, be on the look out for another fan fic. I'm going to release soon! So far, I'm unsure about the name, but the best I have is "Dragon BallZ: the Shadow Saga." If you have any suggestions, or better yet a better name, PLASES let me know! THANKS!!!