Summary: Lily Evans, a very bright 15 year-old witch is on her way to accomplish her 5th year at Hogwarts, but it is not an enjoyable time for Lily. Lily's time at Hogwarts is torture because she is constantly picked on for her intelligence and being muggleborn. Her dormmates decide to take advantage of that and convince to attend the Christmas Ball claiming that James Potter (a very popular boy from Griffindor) wants to dance with her. When in reality, James doesn't even know Lily exists. When Lily finds out what's going on will she be crushed and build up more walls around her and maybe never come out or will James show her what a beautiful and wonderful person that she really is?

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It was September the first, and as the sun slowly came through the window of a bedroom on the second floor of number 10 Deans Avenue.

At first glace anyone could see that this peticular room belonged to one of the female gender, the room was painted pale lavender with floral designs on a wall paper on the top parts of the walls.

On one wall, was a shelf full of books, five shelves of them. Next to it was a neat pile of stuffed animals and a desk complete with a small lamp.

Then across the room there was a bed with a small mound of blanket on it.

But there was something that made this room different from most rooms; on the selves, even though there were books of fantasy, and romance there was also books with strange titles, like "Hogwarts: A History" and "Advanced Transfiguration: Fourth Year" and a few more.

On the desk, if you took a closer look, there was (instead of paper) parchment and instead of pens there was a feather quill.

"Lily!" A woman's voice called interrupting the silence of the morning.

"Lily! Get up! We're going to be late!!"

Suddenly the mound covered in blankets groaned and began to move around.


A red headed woman came bursting into the room looking around for something.

Out of the mound on the bed came a hand, then an arm, and finally a disheveled looking teenage girl.

"Yes mom! I heard you! I'm getting up!" The girl snapped at the woman who was obviously her mother, since (besides the difference in age) they resembled each other a lot.

The woman looked apologetic.

"I was just making sure dear, breakfast will be ready in 10 minutes." She replied and then left the room, closing the door behind her.

Now you must be wondering who this girl is correct?

Her name is Lily Evans, a very bright girl who just so happens to be Witch about to leave for her 5th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

That's right, a witch.

A very smart one at that.

She was the top student of her year but with intelligence, sometimes comes alot of hardship.

In her first year she was sorted into Ravenclaw, a house that was famous for having very bright students.

Most of her classmates didn't like how smart she was and the fact that she was muggle-born didn't help her situation either.

She was constantly made fun of and by the end of her first year she had build up a huge wall around herself and hid herself behind her books.

Lily had given her parents a scare when she returned from this new school a completely different person.

No longer was she the happy smiling 11 year-old she had been when she had left for school, but Lily had been damaged and there wasn't anything they could do to change that.

All they could do was hope that one day someone or something would be able to break down that huge emotional wall that Lily had built for herself and help her return to the happy girl she had once been.

Her older sister Petunia didn't help the situation either.

When the Evans family found out about Lily being a Witch, her sister Petunia (who was obsessed with everything having to be normal) completely turned on Lily and started calling her a freak and was just as mean as the kids at Lily's school.

As the years went by Lily only became quieter and quieter.

She barely uttered a word at all; the only time she spoke out loud at home was to her parents and even that was rare.

At school it was even worse! Most of the time she only nodded and shook her head in response.

And now, four years later Lily was basically a silent shell and invisible to most.

Lily fell back onto her bed, but with a sigh got herself out of bed and walked over to her closet.

She paused breifly, trying to decide what to wear.

A few moments later, Lily appeared in a pair of blue jeans, a white shirt and black sweater.

After quickly putting her hair up into her traditional hair style (the French braid) Lily headed downstairs...but not before bumping into someone.

"Watch it freak!"

Lily looked up and saw her sister, Petunia, glaring down at her.

She looked down and mumbled a quiet "Sorry." and continued on her way down the stairs.

"Oh there you are dear! Eat your breakfast, and then we can leave for the station." Lily's mother, Ellen, said as she saw her youngest daughter enter the kitchen.

Lily nodded to her mother and began eating her breakfast.

Ellen looked over at her husband, Alex, who could only shrug his shoulders; also not knowing what to do.

As the years had gone by her parents continued to worry about their daughter.

They missed the happy go lucky girl that Lily had been, they wanted their daughter to be happy again.

It just tore them up inside to see Lily so sad and unresponsive.

An hour and a half later (after having packed her big trunk into the back of her parents' car), Lily and her parents made their way over to Kings Cross Station.

When they arrived, Alex went to go get a cart, while Lily and Ellen got the trunk out of the back of the car.

When Alex had returned with a cart and had put the trunk onto it they made their way to Platforms Nine and Ten.

As they arrived at the portal to Platform 9 3/4 Lily turned to her parents to say good bye.

"Good-bye dear, have a nice time at school." Ellen said knowing it was pointless to say it but said it anyways.

Lily only nodded, hugged her parents and within a time span of half a minute Lily was gone.

Lily made her way to her usual spot on the train, which was at the very back of the train, a slightly grungy compartment that no one liked to sit in.

That was the main reason why Lily enjoyed this compartment so much.

It took Lily a few minutes to get her trunk onto the train, considering her trunk was very heavy and of course no one noticed her struggling...and if they did, they didn't bother offering to help.

Lily felt a slight stab of pain as she realized that but ignored it.

Once again she pushed all her emotions back, refusing to feel anything.

After the short trek to her compartment she let her trunk fall to the floor and relaxed into her seat, ready for the long trip to her 10 months of torture and pain at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.




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