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Chapter Three

"Where is she?"


"That red-headed girl! She hasnt been in class for over a week now!"

Sirius rolled his eyes. "James! You don't even know the girl! Why do you care whether or not she's in class or not?"

James opened his mouth to reply but hesitated and slowly closed it. He didn't know why he cared so much, he just did.

Ever since he had seen how sad that girl looked he felt himself wanting to protect this girl, to make her smile, even if it was only once.

Now that she had not been in class for a week and a half and he knew she wasnt sick (James had checked to see if she had been to the hospital wing...she hadn't) James was beginning to worry.

What had made this girl have to stay out of class for over a week?

What made things worse was that nobody knew anything about her, or nobody would admit that they knew her.

Three days later Lily was finally able to make it to her classes without fear of someone noticing her injuries.

The only thing you could see now was the small cut on her right cheek and there was also Lily's ribs.

The morning after the fight with Bonnie, Lily couldnt get out of bed, she had lain there for nearly an hour trying to move.

When she had finally been able to get out of bed she had felt sharp pains run all over her chest and upper stomach.

Bonnie had sure done a good job this time.

Lily's ribs had been badly bruised, her entire upper stomach was black and blue.

Because of that Lily had been out of class for two weeks.

It wasn't the fact that she wouldnt be able to hide the bruising, it was that every time she moved she would flinch or bend over from the pain, one of the teachers were sure to notice that.

Unfourtunately, because she had been out so long, Lily had missed the quidditch match between Griffindor and Hufflepuff.

Quidditch was the only thing that Lily actually looked forward to at school.

Griffindor had won and was now 300 points ahead and in first place, Lily had smiled at that, she always enjoyed watching James play.

But there was something that Lily hadn't realized, after being away from class for two weeks.

She had forgotten about James Potter; Lily had figured that he would have forgotten her when she had been gone for a while, she had thought wrong.

The second she walked into the first class that day that she had with him, James had tried talking to her and asking her if she was alright.

Lily had panicked at first because if Bonnie found out she would be in big trouble, but luckily Lily had been running late and before James could really say anything the bell had rung.

At the end of that class Lily had ran as fast as she could from James and his troublesome questions.

That began the routine; for the two weeks that followed Lily arrived at her classes just before the bell and then left as soon as the class was finished.

Lily ate her meals in the kitchens and all her spare time was spent in her dorm.

James didn't have a chance.

But even though Lily had been avoiding James at all costs, he continued trying to find her!

He had to be the most stubborn and determined boy she had ever met!

This whole ordeal was causing contradicting opinions to run through Lily's mind.

They way James continued to try and figure out who she was made her want to talk to James even more, his determination amazed her and she was flattered and surprised that someone wanted to know her so badly!

Her! Lily Evans, the ugly and insignificant carrot-top she just didn't understand it!

Yes, Lily really wanted to talk to James, but she knew that Bonnie would do something terrible to anyone who got in her way of getting James Potter.

The first week of December Lily was thrown into shock as she was about to leave for her breakfast in the kitchens (yes he was still trying to find out who she was) when there was a tap on the dorm window.

Lily opened the window and an owl flew in and landed on her out-stretched arm.

It held out a letter addressed to her; Lily's eyes went wide in shock.

But that made no sense! Who would write her a letter?

Lily just shrugged, took the letter from the owl and let it back out the window.

Lily opened the envelope carefully and nearly dropped the small piece of parchment that was inside.

As she read the note card she felt her entire face turn pink, it was a letter, from the last person she had expected.

Dearest Lily,

I wish I had the guts to tell you this in person, but I'm still too shy.

But you need to know that you are not invisible and that some people do notice you.

You are an amazing girl and I was wondering if you would do me the honours of attending the upcoming Christmas Dance with me in a few weeks?

Please say yes... it will be a night that you will never forget.

Meet me on the dance floor at 8 o'clock.


James Potter

Lily couldn't believe her eyes, James Potter wanted to go to the Christmas Dance with her...her! Lily felt a smile creeping onto her face.

She would finally be able to go to a dance with someone!

Lily started to get a little excited.

But wait... there was one thing Lily hadn't thought about.

Bonnie Mason.

Lily's smile quickly turned into a frown.

She couldnt possibly go to the dance with James, Bonnie would kill her...literally

She sighed.

'Oh well,' she thought to herself, 'It's just one dance...'

No, it wasn't just one dance, it was the dance, it was the one of the most popular boys in the school asking her to a dance!

Maybe people would finally be able to see her, even though she wasnt that pretty, but still, she would be noticed.

Suddenly Lily started to panic, what if this was just a cruel joke?

Lily wanted to scream!

This was why she had built up a huge wall of protection around herself, so that she wouldn't get hurt like she had throughout her years at Hogwarts.

No, going to the dance was a bad idea, there was too big of a chance that she was going to get hurt.

With that thought in mind, Lily put her wand to the parchment and burnt it to a crisp.

Lily shook her head and made her way out of her dorm and towards the kitchen.

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