This is what happens when you play mystical ninja Goemon and get weird ideas for what happened after

This is what happens when you play mystical ninja Goemon and get weird ideas for what happened after.

This is completely not my style, I usually don't write romance yet I am extremely bored.

Hotel hoppers.

Goemon, Ebisuramu (I hope I spelled it right) Sasuke and Yae ran in sheer terror from the mob of screaming girls. They where yelling threats and insults like their lives depended on it. Actually Goemon and his friends just saved them from the evil clutches of Dancin and Kitty Lily. They had to brave many dangers in the many temples. They even had to battle a viscous robot atop a huge flying dragon. Yet these women didn't care, they actually liked being on an island trapped in space watching two freaks perform acts of singing and dancing. Personally Goemon had seen better. Now these people who should be grateful that Goemon and his friends saved their lives, where chasing them through the city streets. They ran for several blocks before Goemon quickly ran into an open door of a hotel, thus reaching out with both hands and pulling the rest of his friends in the door with him.

They all landed on top of him as one big dog pile right in the middle of the hotel lobby floor, as the mob of women rushed by the door and within a couple of seconds they all turned the corner still thinking they where chasing the foursome.

"Hey, whoever has their elbow in my kidney, please move it a little to the left." Gomay grunted as they slowly got off one another. Ebisuramu brushed the dust from the robe off of his blue gi and re adjusted his mask. "Normally I would have wanted women to chase me, but this is ridiculous." Ebisuramu exclaimed as Goemon got up.

"Can't blame them, they didn't know Dancin wanted to change the world into a stage for himself and not for their entertainment." Yae said as she tossed her hair over her shoulder. "So what are we going to do now? We can't leave the city without somebody finding us." Goemon said. Sasuke looked at him with his ice blue eyes and said, "What about Impact?" He asked "Already thought about it. He's gone off to shoot the music video for his movie. Doesn't do much good for us." The rosy cheeked, blue haired ninja said disappointed. Yae rubbed her chin in thought,

"I think we should just spend the night in the hotel and think of what we're going to do tomorrow." She suggested. The others nodded in agreement. Goemon approached the desk of the long faced and very happy owner. "Yes, welcome to the Starlight Inn, only those of the rich class get to spend the night in our glorious Gold suites." He said with laughter in his voice. "Of course for the medium payers we have nice cozy rooms and for the low payers we have rooms down in the cellar but I warn you we only supply you with a blanket."

Goemon stared at the prices. They had used a lot of money to supply Impact with a lot of nasal bullets for their final fight against Dancin and Kitty Lilly's war ships. Goemon had enough money for a medium room and a cellar room. Yet their rule of hotels was that no person was to buy a room for the other, it was everyone for themselves when it came to hotel rooms. Ebisuramu approached the desk with a big smile on his face.

"I'll take the Gold suite." He said. Goemon stared wide-eyed as Ebisuramu was handed a key to a gold suite. "Yes sir, you'll think you're a god tonight, I assure you." The owner said as Ebisuramu pranced up the stairs to his suite, Goemon was next as he handed him the money. "I'll take one of your regular rooms." He said as he was handed the key and walked up the stairs, he walked down the hallway and opened the sliding door, warm air rushed into his face as the door opened, the room was pretty simple, it had a shelf, a lamp and a light overhead. Right in the middle was a futon mattress with a blanket laid over it. Goemon was so tired he took off his red ninja gi leaving him with only his pants and shoes.

He took off his shoes by the door and turned off the light, even though the light was off their was a second feature to the light, it then dimmed a shine of light green, letting every thing still be visible yet still dim enough for the person to go to sleep. Goemon sighed as he slipped inside the covers and laid his blue hair covered head on the pillow and immediately went to sleep.

6 hours later he awoke unpleasantly to the sound something screeching in the next room. He awoke with frustration and stormed into the hallway and opened the door next to him. In their was Sasuke with a oil can, dripping oil into his metal joints then working them until they moved silently, of course he didn't put enough oil into his leg as he moved it with a annoying screeching sound, Goemon covered his ears and shouted, "Do you have to do this now!" he yelled, Sasuke stopped moving. "Sorry, I was in stealth mode for awhile and it drained me so I'm oiling my joints to be silent until Wise man can fix the problem." Goemon sighed with relief, then a question hit him. "Where's Yae?" he asked

Sasuke looked up at him. "She's downstairs in the cellar. Goemon couldn't believe it. "Why is she down there?"

"She couldn't afford a middle class room. It's pretty cold down there, I wonder if she's okay?" Goemon thought for a moment then walked out into the hallway then downstairs into the cellar.

The cold was getting to her. Nothing in the world bothered her except the cold, she hated traveling up in the ice mountains, she hated swimming through the artic cold waters and she hated being in this freezing cold basement, her room only had a window and a large green blanket. She shivered, and thought about what Goemon was doing right now. For a reason she did not know, she was thinking about Goemon a lot lately, it started when he trusted her with the dragon flute. He could have given it to Ebisuramu, his best friend but he gave it to her. She occasionally caught him smiling at her in the coffee shops along their journeys. And she definitely noticed he was staring at her when she first turned into a mermaid. Of course everyone was staring at her, even the fish. But Goemon was looking at her with a look saying "she's so beautiful" rather than the others who's looks said "she's really hot in a bikini." She smiled as she huddled in the corner with the huge blanket wrapped around her as tightly as she could make it. Goemon walked down the hallways of the cellar, it was very cold down here especially since he wasn't wearing a shirt. He heard some rustling in one of the rooms at the far corner. "The only one who could be up this late is Yae" he thought to himself smiling.

As she was about to doze off, the door creaked open, her ninja instincts kicked in as she sprang up and stood in a fighting stance. Goemon saw her and held up his hands.

She sighed as she relaxed and he walked in and shut the door behind him.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, slightly blushing at the fact that he had no shirt on.

"I was just wondering if you where all right down here" he said as he looked around the room.

She walked back to the corner and picked up the blanket and wrapped it around herself.

"Yes I am perfectly fine." She said as her body shook silently in the cold, Goemon knew her tough girl attitude wouldn't last long in this cold. He smiled his rosy cheeked smile and opened the room door "All right but there is always a place in my room." He said as he shut the door behind him, she had to smile, how could such a strong warrior have such a kind heart? She wondered that every day, she decided to get some sleep as she returned to her corner.

Goemon walked into his room and opened the almost hidden closet, inside there was assorted items and extra blankets, he pulled a warm blanket from the closet and left his room again. He walked down the stairs and into the dark cold cellar. He proceeded to Yae 's room and opened the door.

She was too tired and cold to care who came in the door this time, she looked up and saw enter her room with another blanket and she just had to smile.

Goemon knew she would object to what he was going to do but he could not help it, she just looked so cold and frail down here. He walked over to her in the corner and laid the extra blanket over her and he watched her smile at him. He then kneeled and pulled the blanket flaps from her grip, he then huddled beside her and draped the two blankets over them both.

She first was shocked at what he was doing, but she didn't have the strength right now to complain. She was just too cold right now. Goemon smiled at her as he put his arm over her and pulled her close to him, normally she would have definitely complained if not for the fact the Goemon was so warm, his warm flesh made contact her body and in that moment she would not have moved for the world.

Her cheeks where flushed as she leaned her head on his warm shoulder and she slowly closed her eyes. Goemon looked at her smiling face as she sighed, he couldn't help but smile sweetly at her, her skin was ice cold yet he couldn't care, her beautiful form was falling asleep on his shoulder and he would have paid any price for this feeling he had right now, every part of his body was smiling right now, from his eyes to his heart right down to his frozen toes.

He sat there watching her for more than a hour before he was sure that she was fast asleep. He then stood up and lifter her into his arms with the blankets still draped over their shoulders, he walked out of the freezing room with the beautiful Yae in his arms and proceeded upstairs into his room, in the warm room he laid her down on the mattress and covered her beautiful body with the two blankets, he watched her open her eyes slightly and smiled at him then she closed her eyes and fell asleep once more.

All of Goemon was smiling right now, he could feel the joy just glow from him right now, he opened the closet and pulled out another blanket and a pillow, he walked over to the mattress and laid down next to it, he laid the pillow down and rested his head upon it, he covered himself with the blanket and in a few minutes, he dozed off again.


Yes I know not much mushy stuff but hey I'm bored and want this story to last a little bit longer so bear with me until part 2