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"Welcome to the Honey Bee Inn, how may I......." The attendant was left flabbergasted at the sight before him.

A rosy cheeked ninja, clutching a green haired woman to his side and dragging along a small robot wheezed and panted, all of their clothes had been torn and soiled. All of them had sleep deprivation on them and the look of people who did not want to be messed with.

"A.....Gold suite........NOW!" Goemon yelled between pants

The owner didn't hesitate to give them the key to the gold suites

they offered no thanks, just huffed and puffed as they trudged up the stairs.

BAAAAMMMMM!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!! and other sounds like them rang out as Impact and the six armed behemoth of a robot raged war across the countryside. The winding metal and wooden gears could be heard from a mile away as both machines lunged at each other.

Goemon and Yae both breathed a sigh of relief as the pale moonlight greeted them as they exited the underground jail. Both were very tired, for the jail cell was crawling with guards and almost all of them had been dealt with.

They both bent over, breathing heavily. Goemon stared over at her, and she stared back. Not a word was said as they both embraced each other lovingly.

"Goemon......I just want to say I'm sorry,"

He hushed her by placing a finger over her mouth.

"It's okay Yae, I'm sorry too. I'm just glad you're all right."

Goemon then stared up at the stars, and his face paled.

"which won't be for long." She looked up to see what he was looking at and her face paled as well.

Impact and the six armed terror, well actually five armed terror since Impact ripped one of the arms off and started beating the thing with it, were in a fierce grappling match and were both tumbling right towards them.

the ending result was the two robots landing directly on top of them and the omni robot blowing up with a gigantic explosion.

"Sasuke, you are never piloting Impact again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Goemon yelled from the wreckage.

Goemon walked up towards the top door which was where the golden suites were, as he pushed the door open his eyes were greeted to the sight of the room lit with small lanterns and hand maidens in shining pink kimonos rushing to his side.

Goemon and Yae sighed.

The hand maidens immediately went to work and began to help the weary warriors remove their tattered clothes.....well, they tried to remove Goemon's gi but backed off after Yae gave them the "you touch my man and this sword that I'm wielding will be meeting your internal organs" look.

Minutes later after Sasuke was being taken care of, Yae sat next to Goemon as they both gazed out the huge window, over looking the landscape of the city before them. Goemon imagined the nice cold air and the soothing sound of the crickets and the flickering light of the fireflies in the high grass. It had been a long night, and Goemon hadn't even realized how late it was, or how early for that matter.

Yae gasped as she saw the first flicker of sunlight over the mountain horizon, painting the sky a dazzling orange, red, and yellow. She scooted closer to Goemon and grasped his arm affectionately. He gazed at her, her soft lime green hair brushing her delicate cheek and hiding her violet (I think) eyes by just a strand or two. Her pink lips shone in the soft light of the morning . Yae's gaze locked with Goemon and without saying a word, leaned closer for their second kiss.

"Nice sunset." Sasuke said melancholy as he appeared behind them. They both jumped slightly. Goemon gazed at him angrily as Sasuke wedged himself between the two of them and snuggled against the warmth of both their bodies.

Yae giggled and reached behind Sasuke and grasped Goemon's hand gently. Goemon lost his anger and squeezed her hand back affectionately.

"it sure is." Said Yae.

"It's downright beautiful." Goemon said, clearly gazing at Yae. not even bothering to glance at the sunset.

Yae blushed as she leaned her neck around Sasuke and kissed Goemon as he was doing the same.

Sasuke smiled as he momentarily glanced at them behind him.

Sure in the morning they'd have to find Ebisuramu, (I couldn't care less anymore on how it's spelled.) and once again run from angry village women and sort out the whole Krudin mess. But Goemon and Yae would always have the hotels along the way, for no matter how hazardous their journey became they'd always have that one small refuge for rest and relaxation...........and each other

THE FRICKIN END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!