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She ran, ran like never before in her life. Her heart beat faster, and faster from every step she took. She could hear the crunching of the leaves underneath her feet crackle. As she maneuvered around the incoming trees, and shrubs, she heard the ones, who were after her. She cursed to herself, "damn"

They were running not too far off behind her. She sped up her pace and continued to escape from there torture. Where she was before was like living hell. She never wanted to return to that awful place. She dreaded the thought, of being locked up, having no freedom.

She soon came to a cliff; she slid to a halt and looked over the edge. The blonde girl gasped. She backed up a few steps, but then she soon ran and jumped over to the other side. The young girl clutched the side of the ledge and slowly pulled her self up. Breathing in deeply regaining her lost breath she could see from the other side, the men who wanted her. She scooted back, her eyes wide, with fear. The leader of the groups frowned.

"It seems we cannot go any farther" he said in almost a depressed voice.

The others nodded.

She sighed in relief.

He spoke again, "But, we can always send Fangs001, to retrieve her"

Her attention was drawn over to the men again, she wasn't quite sure what they were talking about, but she had a bad feeling it was not going to be good, about whoever they spoke of.

The leader pressed a red button on his watch that made a sharp whistle, it echo throughout the forest. The blonde girl covered her ears, and shut her eyes tight, wanting the horrid noise to stop.

Soon it was silent; the girl slowly removed her hands from her ears, and looked around. Even in the darkness she could see the cruel men with there sickening smirks.

All of the sudden, her eyes caught sight of two red glowing eyes from the left side of the men. She gasped again.

"June, meet your match" The tall man stated in an evil tone.

June focused her eyes over to the thing; she couldn't exactly make it out. The thing looked like a dog. The dog looked very much like a Rotwiler, just the fact that it had glowing red eyes, creeped her out.

"Alright girly, if yea don't get back over here right now, will send Fangs here over to get you!" The man said again, waiting for her reply.

"Never!" She said, as she jumped to her feet and ran for her life again, back into the darkness of the forest.

He smirked again. "Your choice dear…" He looked back at the dog.

"Capture her, and bring her back"

The dog scuffed its feet in the ground growling, then running off the edge of the cliff, and dashing off after her.

"Sir, will 001 really capture her, I mean the girls' powers are high in standard, there's a good chance she could very well destroy him" another man spoke.

The leader nearly huffed, "No chance at all, I designed him especially for June, incase anything like this did happen, now all we have to do is simply wait"

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