Sorry it took sooo long been pretty busy later, I might draw a pic of June for you guys to see )

Lighting crashed down, the house shook, from the booming thunder. June squinted her eyes open a little to be met by the flash of lighting blinding her eyes. She looked around; she noticed the digital clock on the wall saying 3:34am.

"Ugh…too early to get up" she fixed herself back in the bed, getting comfortable, and then closing her eyes again.

She then heard a loud bark, which once heard, her eyes snapped open in fear.

"No…it can't be" she stated her mind flowing with strange thoughts.

She ducked under the covers and listened to what she could hear outside. She only could hear the wood creak on the porch, as a silhouette loomed by the window. The blonde girl's eyes widen with fear, she stuck her head back under the covers, shivering, trying to stay as quiet as possible, she wanted to call Shadow, but if she made the slightest noise, that thing would attack in a heartbeat. She gulped, watching it walk away from the window, to the right.

She sighed in relief, but soon she heard a crash from outside her room, this was it, the robot had broken into the house, and she was doomed. She was hoping to god Shadow had heard something, and woken up to investigate, but her thoughts were interrupted when the door creaked open slowly, she shut her eyes tight, and even through the covers, could she see, the bright red eyes flashing at her. She figured this was the end, she saw it come towards her, she began crying, but right as it was only a foot away from her. Shadow rushed in the room, and kicked it from the side. She peaked out from the covers and saw Shadow standing in front of her, glaring at the machine opposite from her.

"You're not taking her anywhere" he growled.


The male hedgehog looked back at the girl, signaling her to get out of the room.

She nodded and ran out of the room, but as she got to the door, the robotized robot dog, jumped in front of her. She screamed in surprise. Shadow quickly turned around to where the dog had jumped around him, and kicked it from the side. He sent it hurting out the left window. Shadow ran towards June, and took her hand dashing into his, and Amy's room.

He looked at his love, "Amy go get help, find Sonic"

She nodded, "Alright, but what about you?"

"Don't worry about me, I'll be fine…I have to keep June safe, I don't want you to get involved, and then he might go after you"

She nodded, "I understand…"

Amy ran out of the house, towards Sonics apartment as Shadow carried June out of the house, quickly. It wasn't long before 001fangs, was coming at Shadow's heels.

"He's getting closer!" Junes cried, in fear.

Shadow grunted, and quickened his steady pace, losing the dog in the dust.

It was a little hard for Shadow to speed up, after all he did have June's arms wrapped around his neck tightly, giving him a hard time to breath.

"This is going to be a long night…" he said in annoyance.