The second chapter is set in the time period when Albus Dumbledore was in his 7th year at Hogwarts. Credit for creating Kevin and Jonas goes to my friend Cindy.

Chapter 2: Burning Bridges and Bedcurtains

"I hate these curtains," Albus said as he leaned off his bed. He batted the curtains out of his way as he hung backwards off his bed. He looked across the room to his year-mates, Jonas and Kevin.

Kevin pushed his curly red hair out of his eyes and asked, "Why?"

"I don't know," Albus responded, "I just don't like them."

Jonas pushed the curtains around his bed out of the way, "Will you two please cease your pointless jabbering? I am trying to read the latest version of Hogwarts: A History. Reading it might shed some light on all of those little honored traditions that you two constantly berate."

Kevin and Albus rolled their eyes and let the topic drift back to the more mundane aspects of life at Hogwarts. That was, until Jonas pushed his head back out from behind the curtains and asked them politely, to shut up.

Kevin looked exasperated, "Let's go see if Helen…and Miriam are in the library."

Albus laughed, "You're still pining after Helen? When will you realize that she is not interested in you at all."

"She smiled at me yesterday Albus. She knows that I love her."

Albus grabbed Kevin by the shoulders, "She smiled at you like you where a poor, pathetic, half-drowned puppy. It was a pity smile."

"You are just jealous that no fair lass has smiled at you," as Kevin spoke, his Irish accent became stronger as he became more and more indignant.

Any potential argument between the two was forestalled by Jonas' clipped tones, "Get out. I require peace and quiet to read."

Albus stalked over to Jonas' bed and pulled the curtains apart. He mockingly bowed low and said, "As you wish Sir Jonas the Studious, we will leave you to your noble pursuit of knowledge and off we shall go to serenade young ladies."

"Ladies? Albus, you want one too?" Kevin asked interrupting Albus' little speech.

Albus shrugged and continued, "Of course, and then we can also go battle demons"

Kevin laughed, interrupted Albus again, "The only demon in Hogwarts is Peeves."

Jonas dryly countered, "He is a poltergeist Kevin, not a demon."

Albus kept on going through the entire exchange, "And repair great damage."

Kevin perked up at the word damage, "Do we get to cause the damage first."

Jonas said from behind his book, "It is impossible to destroy anything in Hogwarts. Everything is protected by the most intricate of anti-destruction charms."

It was Albus' turn to look intrigued, "We can't destroy anything?"

"Nothing," replied Jonas as he pulled his curtains back together.

Kevin bounced on his bed saying, "We can't even scratch one of the legs on a table."

"Yes, now go away. I have 657 more pages to read," Jonas' voice was muffled by his curtains.

Albus looked back up at the bed curtains, "I wonder if I can destroy these horrible things?"

"No, no you can't," Jonas was pleading now, "Please leave me in peace."

Albus had a strange gleam in his eye when he turned to Kevin, "I believe that Sir Jonas the Studious has insulted the ingenuity of the Gryffindor spirit. We shall prove his foul language incorrect."


That became Albus and Kevin's quest. They had to destroy the curtains. For the first time in the history of Hogwarts School, Kevin could found in the library for some purpose other than trailing after one of the females of the School. Albus even read 'Hogwarts: A History' to look for clues about the charms on the castle.

Every night they would sit down on Kevin's bed and stare at the offending curtains. They would discuss some possibilities and occasionally, one of them would take out their wands and mutter something at the curtains. Sometimes, a small smudge would appear but then it would be gone by morning. Nothing was ever permanent.

Three weeks after the original idea, Kevin was starting to losing interest. He stared up at the canopy above his bed looking positively elated.

Albus looked over, "You've figured it out?"

"Nope. Helen came over and sat down by me today. We got talking about charms and I actually knew what she was talking about. She was so much more interested in me than normal. I asked her to come to Hogsmeade with me this weekend. She accepted."

"Ah, so all you had to do was find her weakness. She likes smart men."

"Yes, yes she does. In fact, I think I may go downstairs to the library and read more about the discoveries of Sir Hedric the Pompous. He had the most interesting ideas for suits of armor. Did you know that he built points of weakness into the armor he made so that he could kill any of the people who wore his armor? Well, anyways I'm off to go study."

Albus grabbed him before he got out the door, "Sir Hedric the Pompous also enchanted the linens of Hogwarts. Helga Hufflepuff hired him to do it because he was cousin of hers."

Kevin gave Albus a blank stare.

Albus continued, "He probably did the same thing here, making a weakness. If Helga didn't pay him he could have ruined all the linens. All we have to do is find the weakness. What did he put into his armor that made them weak?"

Jonas said, "He was an unusually good shot. Apparently he liked to launch flaming arrows at his enemies that would completely consume what ever they touched at first contact."

"So we just have to surround the entire bed with flames. Sooner or later, all that fire will eventually find the one loophole," Albus said as he jumped off his bed and then began to walk around it

As he walked around his bed he took out his wand. At approximately every foot, he bent down and muttered, "Aduro utroque cum iquam inflammo."

Kevin was sitting up and his bed and looked over at his friend, "What are, you doing?"

"Just creating a series of combustible points that will all go up when I want them to."

"And what is that word that will it all go 'Boom'!"

Albus was leaning back against on of the bedposts looking at his work, "Inflammo omnis utroque. Do you think"

He leapt forward as all the points ignited. He looked sheepish and muttered, "Oops."

Kevin jumped off his bed and stepped closer to the fire that was burning around Albus' bed, "Umm…when does it burn out?"

Jonas then opened the door, paused to look at the scene and then asked, "What are you two doing?"

Albus didn't even turn to look at Jonas, "Burning the curtains. Look! The curtains are starting to smolder."

All three stood and watched as the curtains burned. When the all the fabric was definitely blackened and hanging in tatters, Albus, Jonas and Kevin shot water out of their wands until the fire was gone. They then turned to each other.

Jonas spoke first, "Well, that was interesting," he looked intrigued now, "And how did you do that?"


Notes for the future:

Albus Dumbledore went on to become the Greatest Headmaster that Hogwarts had ever known since the Four Founders.

Kevin Weasley married Helen Abbott and founded a clan of red haired, loyal and curious witches and wizards (well mostly wizards).

Jonas Benjamin became Minister of Magic for five consecutive terms and was known as Jonas the Wise and Good. He was supported by Professor Albus Dumbledore for his entire career.

My rough grasp and translation of Latin for the spells:

Aduro: to set fire to

Inquam: I say

Cum: when

Utroque: both sides/at each point

Inflammo: to light on fire

Omnis: all