London Calling

Author: williz

Summary: Modern Will/Elizabeth and definitely AU. Will and Elizabeth are lovers in London and this is the story of their lives. Plots will filter in and out of the story. It's mostly for destroying my writer's block.

Note: This story is dedicated to Mz-Turner. She is my soul sister and whenever I have writer's block, she gets the juices running. Thanks soul sister!!!!

Disclaimer: William Turner and Elizabeth Swann do not belong to me. Although, if you are Disney and want to reach me to me. I'm up for whatever you have to offer. Keira Knightley...if you want to give me a call, maybe we can shop, grab a coffee, cuss out Lindsay Lohan, what have you.

The day was dreary and cold, which wasn't very uncommon in London, but it still sent shivers through the young man's body as he walked through the streets. He took his scarf from his coat pocket and skillfully wrapped it about his neck, immediately feeling a bit warmer.

It was about noon that Saturday, two hours earlier than he said he would meet her. He had left his apartment about a half hour ago because he wanted to get some errands done before his date. But at the rate the clouds were pouring in, he was afraid he might have made the wrong decision.

A few drops of rain hit him on his nose.

Now he knew he made the wrong decision.

He stopped at a street vendor and bought a bouquet of flowers, feeling the sprinkles starting. As the vendors began pulling things under the canopies, people around him walked faster, some even ran.

But William Turner walked at his regular pace, smiling widely as he walked. The rain came down harder until finally, it was drenching him. His long, dark hair stuck against his forehead, the rest of it pulled back in a tie at the base of his neck.

His boots were soaked through to his socks about twenty minutes later as he walked, but he didn't care. When he arrived at her door, she would be happy to see him, and he would be happy to see her, and all would be well.

She would bring him towels and make him some tea, wondering all the while why he was there two hours early. She would curse him mildly or smack him on his shoulder for not warning her and she would be pink in the face, embarrassed that she answered her door in her robe.

When Will finally realized that it was getting to the point of ridiculous that he was standing outside in this, he began to jog the last two blocks to the more wealthy apartment buildings in London, where her apartment was located on the fourth floor. He walked up the steps to the building's door and pushed it open, stepping into the small hallway that led to another door you could not get in unless you had a key.

Will tapped lightly on the glass of the window, alerting the woman sitting at the desk inside of his presence. She smiled wildly, getting up and coming to the door to open it. He stepped in, dripping everywhere. Will noticed a piece of parsley sticking to her top tooth as she smiled wildly at his state. He interrupted her lunch break.

"Mr. Turner…haven't seen you in a few days. Usually, you're here almost every single day," she said with a teasing smile. Will blushed slightly.

"Not every single day, Molly. Honestly, you act like I'm obsessed with her."

"Well, I'll tell you right now, she's obsessed with you too." She winked and then raised her eyebrow at him. "What happened to you, sir?" She always called him "sir" and it made him roll his eyes every time. It wasn't even endearing a little bit.

"In case you missed it, Miss Molly…" He winked at her. "It's storming outside. Major storming."

She smiled again. "I noticed…just didn't think you were quite crazy enough to play about in it."

"I wasn't playing," he said as he walked up the stairs, looking back at her.

"Why not take the elevator, Mr. Turner?"

Will turned and spread his arms out with the over-watered bouquet still in his arms. "Why?!" He grinned madly.

"Well, there will be one big puddle in the elevator, rather than a long trail of water up four flights of stairs…less for me to deal with, hon." She laughed when he exaggeratedly began running up the stairs. "Fine! Make a mess, see if I care! I'm billing your girlfriend!!" She called up the stairs.

Will laughed as he went up the stairs, two at a time. Finally, he reached the fourth floor and was incredibly out of breath. He strode down the hallway to his left and stopped in front of apartment 454. He tried in vain to straighten himself out and fluff up the drooping flowers, then knocked twice.

Clearing his throat, he waited. He heard the soft twinkling voice from the other side of the door, a frantic yell. "COMING!" He tried not to laugh.

He wondered if she was doing something bad. Her tone somewhat sounded as such. Maybe she just got out of the shower and was inspecting herself in the mirror, as he knew women were apt to do. Making sure no extra pounds were gained, making sure they looked as good without clothes as they did with…just in case.

He then heard the locks on the door unlatch and the door sprung open, revealing a beautiful young woman with wet, brown hair clinging to her shoulders. A towel was wrapped around her body as she hugged it to her front and her eyes were opened wide.

"Will! What are you doing here so early?" Her voice quivered slightly.

Yep, Will thought, she was checking herself out in the mirror.

"I was doing errands and I…got caught in the rain…"

It was the first time she actually took in his appearance. "W—Oh, my gosh, you silly, silly man. Were you playing in the rain? …Again?"

"Again? What do you mean, again?" He asked, feeling her hand grab his arm and pull him inside. She giggled and touched the flowers lightly. "Oh, these?" He asked. "They are for you, but I'm afraid they are rather dead now."

She leaned up and kissed his cheek, shutting the door behind him and locking it. "Well, love, it's the thought that counts." She looked down at the fact that he was sopping wet, through and through. "Now what do I do with you?" She asked, amusement cracking her voice.

"Do what you will with me, Miss Swann." He leant down and kissed her forehead.

"Ugh, Will, you're wet and clammy…you need to change. I can't have you dripping all over my floor." She walked down the hall and disappeared for a few moments before she came back and gave him a nice, warm towel. "Here, take this and go in the bathroom to dry yourself off, while I bring you clothes."

"Clothes?" Will asked. "I'm not wearing one of your pink, frilly robes, Elizabeth…nuh uh, this isn't Bringing Up Baby." He shook his head, letting drops of water fall from his hair onto her floor.

"Will, you lovely, yet positively dorky man, I am not making you wear my pink, frilly robe. I don't even own a pink, frilly robe. And by the way, I love Bringing Up Baby. You would do well to look and act like Cary Grant." She grabbed his coat and pulled it off of him, taking the flowers and throwing them in the kitchen sink as she hung his coat.

"And the moment you start looking and acting like Katharine Hepburn, I'll be incredibly frightened." He grinned cheekily as she pushed him toward the hallway that led to the bathroom. "C'mon, Will…you're seriously messing up my floors."

"Alright, alright, I'm going…" He winked suggestively at her, causing her to roll her eyes and look down, realizing that she only had a towel on. Oops. She hurried into her bedroom where she pulled out her clothes and stripped herself of the towel. She hurriedly pulled her clothes on her body, hoping Will was in the bathroom drying off already and not able to see her.

She combed out her damp hair and decided not to try to dry it anymore, due to her untimely company. Honestly, Elizabeth didn't understand why he never came on time. He was either late or early. She was waiting for the time when William Turner came to her apartment door right on the dot.

Will came out of the bathroom with the towel around his waist and his wet hair still sticking up all over. "So where are these clothes you speak of? It's freezing in here."

"Well, you're wearing that towel and…nothing else…so I would imagine you are cold…let me get them." She tried to ignore the muscles adorning his torso. They were perfect, unnervingly so. Of course, they weren't big body builder muscles, but then again, Elizabeth never went for that type of look. She wouldn't want to be snapped in two by her boyfriend when they embraced.

William Turner had athletic muscles. You could tell he ran and played football in the park every once in awhile with his friends. And you could tell he ate well…you just could.

Elizabeth shook her head with a smile as she went into her closet, pulling out a brown polo and some jeans. She walked back to the bathroom to see her boyfriend trying to squeeze the water out of his messy hair. She giggled and set down his clothes on the counter. "Here, let me."

She took the locks in her hands and pushed his head over the tub, squeezing the water out. She took a comb and lightly got the tangles out of his hair, tying it back behind his head again. "There. You're hair is so curly when it's wet."

"It's annoying," he muttered.

"No, it's cute." She started walking out of the room when he caught her arm and brought her back, a quizzical look in his dark brown eyes.

"Where did you get these?" He asked, gesturing to the clothes.

"They're yours."

"I know, but…why are they here?"

She giggled. "Don't you remember when you spent the night a few weeks ago because your landlord was pissed off at you? Well, you brought extra stuff and I put it in my closet for occasions like this."

"Oh yeah…" He chuckled sheepishly. "I remember." He let her go and allowed her to leave, before changing into his warm, dry clothes. When he walked back out, he didn't see her. So he continued into the family room and saw her in her kitchen, as it was an open bar. She pulled a tea kettle out of the cupboard and set it on the stove.


"Yes, thank you."

She smiled at him and began to fill the kettle with water, while he went and sat at the bar, watching her. "You make the best tea," he said softly, leaning on his elbows.

"I use the packets, Will. Hello." She gave him a raised eyebrow and shook her head.

"You use them so well."

She laughed. "Right. So what was so important that you needed to see me today at two? I thought we had agreed on six o'clock Thursday when we talked on the phone. Then you went and told me two yesterday."

"Why? Did you have things you needed to do?"

She shook her head. "No, not really. I'm just curious."

"Well, I had a surprise for you, but it's probably pointless now." He marveled at the way he could plan out every single face she made at him when he said something. For he knew the moment he said 'surprise' her eyes would light up and she'd drop something.

As Elizabeth leaned down to pick up the tea packet she dropped, she asked, "Surprise?"

Will waited for her head to pop back up. "Yes, I was going to take you down to the park for a picnic and everything, but then when I went out to buy everything, there were tell-tale clouds. So I tried to go make a quick stop at the store, then I could make it back home with the things and take my car to see you at two. Well, I wasn't fast enough. I didn't even make it to the store." He shrugged.

"So you came straight here, did you?" She closed the top of the kettle and walked around the bar to wrap her arms around his shoulders and lean forward to kiss the side of his face.

"I did. And I missed you." He smiled behind him at her, receiving one in return.

"Don't lie, Will. You saw me on Wednesday."

"Elizabeth, that was Wednesday. I went through two days of not seeing my girl." Elizabeth nuzzled his cheekbone with her nose and tightened her arms around him.

"Your girl?"

He stood up and turned, wrapping his arms around her. "You are my girl, aren't you?"

She beamed. "If you want me to be."

"I do."

Elizabeth hugged him tightly. "Then I am your girl." The tea kettle began to whistle, as Elizabeth's eyes opened widely and she gasped, hurrying to the stove. She took the kettle off and set it down on the butcher's block, getting out two mugs and setting them next to it.

This would be the point in which Elizabeth would ask Will what he wanted in his tea, if she didn't already know he never put anything in his tea. Apparently, he liked his tea bitter. When she asked him one day why he preferred his tea bitter, he kissed her and said he had enough sweet in his life.

After pouring the tea, Elizabeth added sugar and lemon in hers and took both mugs over to her couch and set the mugs on the small table in front of it, turning on the television. Will followed and sat beside her, letting her lean over into his arm as they got cozy and sipped their tea.

"It's beautiful outside," Will muttered, turning the television off with the remote. Elizabeth furrowed her brow, confused.

"William, in case you haven't noticed, there is a huge storm going on outside right now."

"Obviously, I noticed. I came to your door dripping wet. What did you think?" He watched as a lopsided smile graced her features as she snuggled up to him.

"I thought you took a bath in the Thames…which I wouldn't advise, due to the high amount of waste now flowing in its once blue waters."

"So that's what all of that stuff floating by was!" Elizabeth made a grossed out face and said "Ew! Will!" as he laughed. They sat together, wrapped in each other's arms as Elizabeth yawned. Will looked at the clock and saw that it was now two o'clock.

"Date is officially on, and we start it out with an Elizabeth yawn." She looked up at him and grinned, lightly smacking his chest.

"Oh hush up, I always yawn when I get comfy. I'm not tired any."

"I know I'm a terribly boring boyfriend, Elizabeth, but do you have to yawn at me? Sheesh." His eyes sparkled teasingly at her.

"You're not boring at all, William Turner. In fact, you're exhilarating." Elizabeth stopped, her face inches from his, the mirth and teasing completely gone from both of them as their hearts beat faster.

Elizabeth set a hand on Will's chest and pulled away lightly, looking away. "Whoa, tiger…that almost got out of hand." She giggled as he set his head on her shoulder.

"Would it be so bad if we let it get out of hand every once in awhile?" He asked her, lightly tracing a heart on her stomach with his finger. She looked down at him with a small, coy smirk.

"I dunno, I guess not." Will took this and put it in his brain for later, for now the moment was gone, and he leant forward and grabbed his tea cup, sipping some more. It certainly was bitter, but he liked it.

Elizabeth stood up and went to the window, pushing the curtain open and looking outside. "It really is pretty bad out…"


Will felt Elizabeth's body hit his as she jumped onto the couch next to him and grabbed his arm. He made a sound that sounded like 'Oof!' and looked down at her. "You don't much like thunder, I take it?"

"You know I don't," she said, meekly, blushing.

"That I do." He brought her closer and wrapped his arms around her. "Nothing to be afraid of, love. It's just the clouds bowling, yeah?" She laughed at him, immediately feeling better, not because she believed him obviously, but because the image in her head of a cloud bowling in the sky made her fears ebb.

Will pulled himself from her grasp and stood up, walking to the window and pushing aside the curtain to watch as the rain hit the side of the building hard. When there was another flash outside, followed by a rumble, he felt Elizabeth's hands on his back again, as she had moved closer.

With a sideways smile, he reached back and put an arm over her shoulders, bringing her beside him as they looked outside together.

Outside, there was a man in a raincoat walking against the rain, before he went to the door of the apartment building across the street and pushed himself inside. "Glad to see everyone's out of this storm for the most part."

"It seems particularly brutal this time out there."

"It definitely does." Just as Will finished his sentence, there was a bright flash of lightning outside and it went dark in the apartment, the only sound being a beeping noise that occurred whenever the power went out.

Elizabeth squeaked and wrapped her arms around Will's neck, seemingly choking the poor boy. "Oooh shit," she said, groaning and rolling her eyes. "The damn power's out now; this is so great."

"Don't worry about it. Are there candles anywhere in here?"

"You have to go all the way down into the basement. That's where all the candles for the building are, in case of a power outage like this."

"I have to, you say?"

"No, you don't have to…that was just a general statement. If you want to stay in the dark, we can." He blinked down at her. She didn't exactly offer to get them herself.


"Oh ok….make the man do all the work. Fine. I'll get the candles."

She giggled. "Thank you."

He sighed exaggeratedly and pulled her arms from his neck, feeling her lips touch his cheek as he backed away, feeling around the couch and stumbling towards the door. "Damn, I can't see a thing."

"Wait for your eyes to adjust before you go out there, Will. While you're gone, I'll turn off the power strips so that we aren't surprised when the power is back on." She stood by the window and waited for the door to open and close before she went around the room, searching for the power strips.

Will walked down the hall, seeing others from the floor do the same. One young man walked out of his apartment and seemingly gave Will a dirty look. Confused, Will just walked passed him, feeling the man's eyes on him as he began to descend the stairs.

When Will got to the first floor, he saw Molly opening the door to the basement. "Hey, Molly."

"Ah, Will…I see Elizabeth knows how to handle her man. Getting candles for her?" He made a fake laugh and stuck his tongue out at her as he walked down the stairs to the basement with the flashlight she provided.

He pushed open the door at the bottom of the stairs and began moving the light around, searching for the candles. "Mr. Turner, the candles are over here. Gimme the light." Will handed the smug woman the light and followed her through the dark abyss of furniture and weird dolls to the corner, where there were a few crates of candles.

She handed him the crowbar, saying "You do the dirty work now, sir."

He grabbed it from her and pried the lid open, taking the box in his arms, and walking back to the door, starting up the stairs and through the other door as well. He set the candles down on Molly's desk and wiped his polo off from the dust that accumulated there.

Molly gave him some and shooed him off with a grateful shove, beginning to distribute them to the others who were in line. Will passed by the young man in the hallway again, taking note of the fact that he hadn't moved from his spot in the doorway in the twenty minutes Will had been gone.

Will was going to go passed him, but changed his mind and stopped. "Aren't you going to get some candles?"


"Oh…your…power isn't out, then?"

"It is."

"Right…well…ahem, if you'll excuse me…" Will began walking away again, but heard the young man's voice behind him.

"Tell Elizabeth I say hello."

Will blanched and turned, seeing that the door shut to the young man's apartment before he could question him. 'Weirdo,' Will thought with a shiver, reaching Elizabeth's door and knocking on it.

Elizabeth opened the door with a smile. "Good boy."

"Do I get a treat?" Will asked, setting the candles down.

"Maybe later."

She set up a few candles in the room and lit them, blowing out the match and setting it next to the sink. She then walked to her boyfriend and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Was it too much trouble?"

"No. Molly was there."

Will watched as Elizabeth frowned slightly. "Oh, she was? I thought she had today off."


Will knew Elizabeth was jealous of Molly sometimes because she would come down to meet Will at the door and would see Molly opening it for him, or talking with him. She caught Molly teasing Will once as well, and although she trusted Will with everything in her, it still made her a bit fumed to see the slightly older woman's interaction with him.

He smiled. "Elizabeth…don't frown like that."

"Like what?" She asked, innocently, smiling as she strode away from him.

"That little jealous frown you get when I talk to or about Molly."

"I don't have a jealous frown!" She said, offended, as she looked at him with crossed arms.

"You do."

"You lie."

He smiled and walked up to her. "Oh c'mon, she hasn't got a fraction of what I see in you." He felt Elizabeth's shoulders release the tension as he set his hands on them. "And I love you." She turned around and smiled.

"And I love you." She put her arms around his neck again and kissed him, stepping closer and feeling his hands at her hips. When they pulled away, Will had a questioning look in his handsome face. The candle light flickered, leaving shadows darting along his features.


He shrugged slightly. "Uh, I was just wondering who that guy is down the hall."

"Hm? What guy?"

"He's this young guy, kinda good looking. Light hair…he told me to tell you hi. Doesn't talk much, does he? And…prefers to be in the dark, apparently. Wouldn't take the candles I offered him." Elizabeth bit her lip.

"Oh…him. His name is Danny. He sort of…likes me a bit."

"He likes you? A bit?"

She shrugged. "Yes."

"How so? Does he come over here?" Will fought to keep an indifferent gaze on his features, but was failing miserably. Elizabeth knew he was jealous, and she was planning on milking it.


"He does? When? Why? For what, I mean?"

Elizabeth fought hard not to laugh. "Well, he is a really good cook, so he sometimes brings me some of the dinner he made."

"You let him come inside?" He asked.

"He's my neighbor! Of course I let him in! What kind of neighbor would I be if I didn't let him in my home?" She laughed, incredulously.

"A taken neighbor, that's what kind!" Will said, as if it was the most factual thing in the world and Elizabeth really should have known it. "He cooks you food and brings it over?"

"What, Will? I don't invite him in, eat his food, and say, 'Hey, why don't you stay over and maybe we can make a night of it'!"

Will blanched. "Don't say that, Elizabeth."

"Well, really…I'm sorry, Will, but you're being ridiculous."

"Are you serious, though? You eat dinner with him?"

"Not often…but sometimes. Is it really that big of a deal to you?" She watched Will as he opened his mouth to answer, but closed it again. He opened it again, but then closed it.

"I guess not," he answered meekly. "I just—never mind. I don't like the way he was just…standing there. He seriously glared at me with full on malice."

Elizabeth smiled. "Well, that's obvious. He's just as jealous of you as you are of him. Except he has more right to be jealous than you do. He's got you to contend with and I'm desperately in love with you."

Will softened. "Oh."

After a long pause of Will and Elizabeth staring at each other, he lightly asked, "Desperately?"

"Yes," she giggled, hugging him. "Desperately."

"Then I guess he does have a right to be jealous."

"And you?"

"And I what?"

"Do you have a right to be jealous?"

"No…but I still am."

Elizabeth pouted lightly. "Would it make you feel better if I told you the meals you make me are much better than his?" She asked.

He grinned. "Yes…but would you be telling me the truth?"

"Honestly, yes. I mean, he's good and all, but you really are the master of the kitchen." She grinned and kissed him. "I hope you aren't upset about this…really."

"No, no I'm not. He is rather good looking though."

"He is."

"Hey! You aren't supposed to agree with me!"

"He's really sweet, too."

"Aw, Liz…"

She giggled. "I'm teasing. Don't be jealous, alright, love?" He nodded, showing he wasn't jealous anymore.

He still seemed rather quiet and thoughtful, though, even a few hours later when it was dark out, the rain still pounding and the power still out. "You're still upset, Will."

"I'm not upset," he said softly, looking up at her.

"You are! I can tell. You're quiet."

He smiled at her. "I guess I'm just wondering why he would make you food and all that. Did he know you had a boyfriend before today?" There was silence. Will's eyes widened as he swiveled around on the couch to look at her. "Elizabeth? Did he?"

"No…" she answered quietly. "I…honestly I never thought about telling him. I guess I figured he knew." She winced sheepishly as he stood up.

"The poor guy probably thought he was your boyfriend, Elizabeth!"

"Well, I see that now! But I mean, c'mon! Your picture is all over my room!"

"Your room?" Will paled, so much so that Elizabeth could see it even in the dim candle light.

"Well, he went in there once when I was in the bathroom and I got mad and told him to get out. And look over there! There's a picture of us practically making out on top of my television. I mean, seriously!" She stopped and thought.

"You realize this guy sounds creepy, don't you? I mean, I honestly don't trust him alone with you now, Elizabeth." He was completely serious and she knew it, also aware that he was making a very valid point.

"I know, but I feel bad for him."

"Let someone else take care of him. He freaks me out. And I want you safe." He put his arm around her and laid down on the couch, allowing her to lay on top of him and rest her head on his chest. "I'll tell you what…if you want a cooked meal, I'll come by and make you one every night I'm not working late at the shop."

"It's not the meal, it's the…" She paused.

Will looked up at her. "The what?"

"He's the father of my baby," she said, looking down at him.

"THE WHAT?!?!" He shot up and stared at her, watching as she laughed. She shook her head and threw her arms around him.

"It was a joke, love! He's not really!" She giggled, making a small pitying noise when she realized how incredibly frightened and hurt he really was.

"That was just mean. Not even funny," he said pitifully.

She kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry, Will. It was terribly bad taste." She kissed his nose. "Forgive me? I love you." She tapped him on the chin lightly, pushing him back to a laying position on the couch as she kissed his lips.

Will lightly pulled his lips away from hers and pushed her now dry hair away from her face. "Fine, you're forgiven, but you owe me something."

"What?" She asked, before feeling him flip her over so that he was lying on top.

"You know what." She felt his hand slide beneath her shirt and onto her stomach, his lips pressing against hers tenderly. A moment later, the shirt was gone, dropped to the floor beside the couch.

Elizabeth was ecstatic. Her first time with Will was going to be on this stormy night, candles surrounding them, on her couch. She wondered whether her bed was more comfortable, but a moment later, she could think of nothing else but the feeling of Will's lips moving over the skin her recently discarded bra was covering.

Her slender fingers moved down to the button of his jeans, undoing it and pulling the zipper down. Will's voice rumbled against her neck as she moved her hand in and pushed the jeans down, feeling his damp boxers beneath her digits.

She giggled against his hair, almost having forgotten that he was wearing the soaked boxers from getting caught in the rain and they hadn't dried too well. She wondered if he was very uncomfortable in them all this time.

Will did the same to her jeans and pushed them down, pulling them from her long legs, and kicking his own off, letting them fall to join her shirt and bra. Elizabeth lifted Will's shirt over his head and dropped it beside them, the only impediments between their first union being their underpants.

Lightning struck outside, sending a bright flash through the room, followed soon by a loud boom of thunder that sounded like it was right outside of the window. Elizabeth gasped and clung tightly to Will, hearing him chuckle.

He kissed her, latching his fingers onto the hem of her knickers and pulling them down her legs. She kicked them off herself, then did the same to Will's boxers. Finally, they were ready, Will realized, suddenly feeling a bit apprehensive.

At his age, he knew it was rare, but he was a virgin. And this would be his first time. He did not know about Elizabeth, but if she was not a virgin, he did not want to disappoint her. If she was a virgin, he did not want to hurt her.

Elizabeth looked into his eyes and stroked his face lightly. "Will, don't stop."

His dark eyes got even darker as he moved against her, feeling her gasp and bite her lip as she felt him enter her body fully.

He waited, trying to lift his weight off of her so as not to crush her, but she reached up and pulled him down to cover her body. "It's cold," she whispered with a small smile. He began to move against her slowly, letting her get the rhythm.

When she did, Elizabeth Swann curled her entire body around his and murmured nonsense into his hair, moving her hands all over his body. As the pace increased, she cried out his name, feeling his soft lips move over her neck. Will kissed her lips, groaning into her mouth.

What felt like hours later, Elizabeth was pressed tightly against the cushions of the couch, Will moving quickly against her. It was inconceivable to Elizabeth, this pleasure coursing through her, making her mind numb, her body ache, her heart beat rapidly against her chest.

Finally, Will felt muscles clench tightly around him and stars exploded across his vision, causing him to call her name against her hair and pull her hips against his until he himself found his finish.

They both lay together, panting and licking their lips, finding themselves spent more so than after anything they had ever done. After a few minutes of just lying within her, Will finally found the strength to pull himself from her and lay beside her.

Elizabeth wrapped her arms around him and kissed his shoulder. "Danny is never ever coming into my apartment again. Ever."

Will chuckled. "I don't even want to hear it."

Elizabeth giggled as well, kissing his lips softly. "I don't ever want the storm to stop."

"It will have to sooner or later."

"Fine, then let it stop. But I don't want you to leave."

Will pushed the honey brown hair from her eyes, kissing her slightly sweaty forehead. "You'll never be rid of me, Miss Swann. Never."

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