Sakura and Ino are rivals. I think this story goes great with them trying to decide who is tougher.

Sakura Haruno sat on the windowsill of her room looking out at the village of Konoha. "Wow, it's really busy today!"

Suddenly her mom called her from downstairs. "Sakura could you come here for a moment?"

Sakura got off the window and went downstairs to see what her mother needed. "Sakura what is this note I found in your bag?"

Sakura looked at the note that she was going to give to her friend Ino depicting her as being a slimy pig fucker with quite a few other vulgar terms as well.

"Oh that! Um…"

Sakura knew she was in trouble as her mother DID NOT condone such language. "Sakura…why would you write such terrible things about your friend?"

Sakura sighed. "Ino keeps calling me forehead girl and I wanted revenge!"

She knew her goose was cooked and didn't want to get in any worse trouble so tried to wing it. "It's a joke!"

Her mother wasn't convinced and proved it by pulling out a rather large paddle from her desk. "Come here Sakura…" Sakura knew she could either take the spanking now and get whatever amount her mother had in mind or complain and get a lot worse. So without further ado she went straight to her mother, her face slightly flushed as she was forced over her mothers lap and stripped of her shorts. "You shall get 50 swats for such bad language and 10 more for thinking it's a joke!"

Sakura obeyed her mother wincing as her mother lowered the paddle to her soft bare skin which was still slightly pink from the very harsh paddling she had been given two weeks ago for punching Naruto into a brick wall. "Yes ma'am…"

Sakura's mother smiled at her and brought the wooden implement down hard leaving a very red mark. "Ouch!"

Sakura still wasn't fully healed and that hit just made her hurt more. "59 more to go honey."

She landed 5 more hits each on focused on her sit spot and thighs. "Owy, I'm sorry!"

She kept on going this time 10 more on her left cheek and another 10 on her right. "You should be apologizing to Ino!"

15 in her dead center sent Sakura into a flurry of pain as the hard wood spread her cheeks causing further embarrassment. "I never even gave it to her!"

She clenched her cheeks hard. "You still wrote very mean things about her."

The last 19 were also dead center leaving Sakura exposed with spread cheeks on fire.

Sakura was sure as hell not going to be sitting for a while and would definitely have to find a way to get Ino for this, one way or the other. "I'm sorry! Please no more!" Sakura's mother stopped finally placing the wooden weapon down. "It's ok honey…" She softly rubber her daughter's bottom and applied some cold crème making sure to keep her fingers steady between the cheeks. "Ok honey, now when you get up you are to go over to Ino's and apologize."

Sakura nodded slowly not wanting to get her butt trashed any more. "Yes ma'am…"

Sakura was let up and smacked playfully on the butt in the direction of the door earning a squeak from Sakura and a laugh from her mother. "Meanie…"

Sakura's mother picked up the paddle again. "You want mean?"

Sakura instantly flew out the door in search of Ino.

Next chapter contains the contest of wills. Vote on who you want to win as I will not have a tie.