I Hate You

by Silent Slayer 2000

AN: Don't ask, I decided to write one because...of the attack of the evily evil plot bunnies, yeah, that's right. This is in the story from YGO GX at the part where Chazz leaves Duel Academy on the yachet. Tell me what you think after reading this. This is my first YGO GX story!

Disclamier: I don't own Yu-gi-oh GX.

I hate you.

I really hate you.

Jaden Yuki, loud mouth, obnoxious, did I mention loud? I hate him.

He acts all dumb and loud.

I bet he doen't even know that I hate him, no matter how many times I tell him.

Who am I, you may ask? I'm Chazz Princeston, one of the best duelists in DA.

Who is Jaden Yuki?

He's the slifer slacker I know and hate.

His adorably annoying mouth is well, adorably annoying.

I hate him to his head to his toes.

I hate his chocolate brown hair, the one whch looks soft to my feel. I hate his brown eyes. The ones that I look up at everyday. I hate his mouth. His annoying mouth that continues talking with no end. Somebody, buy me ear plugs...I think I'm getting a headache just thinking about it. I hate him body and every part of it. I hate his hand the most of his body parts. His dueling. I hate it.

There is NO way I lost to that slacker. There has got to be NO way he won. It was pure luck.

I hate Jaden's friends. That brother of Zane's, pth, annoying. I hate that fat boy. What's his name? Grumpy? Chumpy? I don't care.

I hate you Jaden Yuki.

I hope I will never see you again.

I steped on the yachet. Waving the last good-bye. Wait. Wait good-byes?

Jaden isn't here.

As the yachet started to move I restarted to think of why I hate you Jaden.

As the matter of fact I don't but I also don't want to say those three words. I can never get them out. It always ends up, "Hey, Slacker." or "I hate you, Slacker."


You are still able to smile that goofy grin of yours.

No matter how many times I try, I can't.

I'll see you soon, Jaden.


Er...to dramatic? I think so...please review. I think this story is good, but lacks something...I can't put my finger on it though. I will put a sequal on this from Jaden's point of view.