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Summary: When Daisuke finds out that Riku doesn't like him the way he likes her, he lets her go to the one she does like, Dark. Daisuke leaves for five years in hopes of forgetting about her. When he decides to come back to Azumano, he finds Riku engaged to Dark. But lies and deceit are amiss in this engagement. Daisuke was always there for Riku when she needed him. And he'll be there again when she needs him the most…

I'll Always Be There For You

Chapter One

It was a cold and crisp November morning as a boy of sixteen years old with spiky, red hair and red eyes walked through a pair of sliding doors. There were people swarming around trying to reach their plane gates so that they would not miss it. Announcements were being made about which planes were leaving and which planes were arriving. The boy dragged his luggage bag behind him as he made his way to the line to purchase his plane ticket. When it was his turn, he went to a middle-aged lady who was behind the counter.

"Hello. Welcome to Azumano Airport. How may I help you?" Asked the worker.

"I need to buy a ticket for a flight to France." The boy replied.

"Alright." The lady looked around and noticed that the boy was alone. "Are you going by yourself?"

The boy nodded. "Yes."

"Alright then." The worker began typing things into her computer and began to ask the boy some questions.

"So why are you going to France? Going to see your girlfriend?" The lady teased.

The boy blushed. "No, I'm planning to study abroad."

"I see. How old are you?"


"Oh. Wow and you're studying abroad. You must really be dedicated to your education." She smiled.

Daisuke couldn't really answer. He just smiled back.

She continued typing some more things into the computer. "Okay…what's your name, honey?"

"Daisuke Niwa."

The worker typed in Daisuke's name and then typed a couple of things before pressing a button. "You're ticket will be done in just a minute. You don't mind waiting right?"

"No." Daisuke smiled.

The lady smiled back. A couple minutes later, she smiled at Daisuke as she handed him his ticket. "Your plane is flight 2175. Your flight will be here in half an hour, which would be at 9:30 A.M. Enjoy your flight. And have fun studying abroad."

"Thanks." Daisuke took his ticket and walked around the airport.

"Looks like I've got some time to kill. Since I didn't eat breakfast, I should get something to eat before I get on the plane." Daisuke walked to the food court ordered something to eat. After he finished eating, he decided to find the gate and sit down. Daisuke found a seat and looked at his watch. 'Hmm…9:15 only…' Letting out a sigh, he took his phone out of his pocket and dialed a number. A couple of rings were heard before he decided to hang up.

A week before…

'What do you mean you want to study abroad?' Asked a woman with short brown hair and eyes as she jumped out of her seat.

'Emiko, calm down.' Said a man who looked like Daisuke but had black hair instead of red. He was trying to get Emiko to sit down again.

'How can I calm down Kosuke? Daisuke wants to leave us! Dad…' Emiko looked at Daisuke's grandpa, who had spiky gray hair and blue eyes, as she sat down. (A/N: is it blue? I don't' remember…)

'Mom! I'm not leaving you, or dad, or grandpa. I just want to learn more about art and further my education.' Daisuke said.

'Can't argue with that,' Daisuke's grandpa said as Kosuke nodded.

'The both of you aren't helping…' Emiko said with a glare. Turning back to Daisuke, "But do you really have to go to France to do that?'

'Well…yeah…' Daisuke answered hesitantly.

Emiko looked at Daisuke in the eyes. 'Is this really about school? Or does it have to do with one of those Harada twins?'

Daisuke turned crimson. 'What makes you think that mom?'

'Well which one is it?'

'It's school, really it is.' Daisuke answered, not looking his mom in the eyes.

'Emiko, if he really wants to go, I think he should.' Kosuke said.

Emiko sighed. After a moment of silence, Emiko agreed. 'Alright, fine.'

This morning…

'Are you sure you don't want us to take you to the airport?' Kosuke asked.

Daisuke shook his head. 'It's alright.'

Emiko hugged Daisuke while he was standing at the door. 'Remember, you have to keep in touch with all three of us. And no goofing off. Work hard and take care of yourself understand?'

Daisuke nodded.

'Take care. Anytime you're coming back give us a call got it?' Kosuke said.

'Alright dad.' Daisuke said.

'Don't do anything reckless. We want you back in one piece.' Said Daisuke's grandpa.

'I got it. You don't have to worry.' Daisuke smiled.

Everyone smiled back, but Emiko had tears in her eyes. Even Daisuke's pet bunny Wiz had tears in his eyes.

'I guess I better go.' Daisuke picked up his stuff and headed down the driveway, while walking backwards and watching his family wave bye to him.

"Passengers on flight 2175 please prepare to board."

Daisuke looked up and saw that the gates were open and began to pick up his stuff when he heard his name being called. "Daisuke!!!"

He turned around to where he heard the voice and saw three of his friends there. Standing in front of him were sixteen-year-old twins, but one with long brown hair and brown eyes, the other with short red hair and brown eyes. The third person was a sixteen-year-old boy with purple eyes and hair.

"Riku. Risa. Dark. What are you guys doing here?"

"Here to say 'bye'." Risa said.

"Yeah. How could you just leave us like this? We went to your house and your mom said that you were going to France. Why didn't you tell us?" Riku asked. Dark nodded.

Daisuke scratched his head. "Sorry guys…"

There was a ding as an announcement said, "Flight 2175 will soon be departing. Passengers, please report to your gate and be seated."

"I've gotta go…" Daisuke said.

"When are you coming back?" Dark asked.

"I guess whenever I want to come back." Daisuke smiled.

"That's not funny." Risa said.

Daisuke thought about it for a while. "Well. I'm not sure…"

There was another ding. "Flight 2175 will departing momentarily. Gates will be closing in 5 minutes."

"I guess you should go then." Risa said sadly.

"Yeah…" Daisuke gathered up his stuff and headed towards the gate.

"Hey. Give us a call when you get there got it?" Dark said.

Daisuke turned around. "You got it. All three of you take care alright?"

"Take care of yourself as well." Riku said smiling.

"I will." Daisuke started to walk towards the gate.

"Don't forget us!" Risa yelled.

Daisuke turned around and smiled. "Don't worry. I won't."

The four of them waved bye to each other and Riku, Risa, and Dark watched as Daisuke walked through the gates, and as they were slowly closing.

Dark walked up to Riku and Risa's house.

"Thanks Dark for walking home with us even though you didn't have to…but I would understand why you're doing this." Risa smiled. "Well I'm going inside. It's cold out here. Bye Dark. I'll see you inside Riku."

"That Risa…" Riku muttered.

Dark smiled. "You okay?"

Riku looked at Dark. "I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

"You didn't say much to him before he left." Dark answered.

"I didn't know what to say." Riku said quietly.

"Well you three were friends since you were in kindergarten, I guess it would be hard to say bye to someone who was that close. Are you going to be okay?" Dark put his arms around Riku.

Riku sighed. "I'll be fine."

"Okay. You should go inside, it's getting colder." Dark said as he lightly kissed Riku on the forehead.

"You should go home too." Riku smiled.

"Alright. I'll see you later." Dark smiled and waved as he walked down Riku's driveway. Stopping at the bottom of the driveway, he waved to Riku signaling for her to go inside. Once the doors of the Harada house were closed, Dark headed for home.

Daisuke looked down at Azumano through the plane's window.

'Riku…Be happy…'

A/N: So how'd u like it? was the chapter good? Why France? Because I wanna go there someday… sigh…And 2175, well I think that's how you'd spell Dark's name on a cellphone…lol. Well thanks for reading. I'll see you again in chapter two of I'll Always Be There For You. Ja!