Eight years later, Naruto has finished. This fic has languished for seven of those years because frankly, I don't actually like Sakura. I like her in fanfics when the authors make her a strong, interesting, multi-faceted character, but I don't like her in the actually manga. She almost perked up at the end, but no, I was still disappointed. I was disappointed for other spoiler-ful reasons as well, and so I'm putting up this note to say that I'm finally declaring this story complete.

Reading Ahead of the Lines picks up from the last chapter of Beneath the Lines and finishes the story in a non-canon way. I hope to go through and smooth out the formatting in both of these stories because while I've been gone, FFnet has changed, and I've lost things like line breaks from the text.

I came back to this site out of nostalgia when the manga ended, but I was reminded how much writing can be. It sounds like there will be some new fodder with the next generation story coming out next year, so maybe I'll be back with some more then ;)

Thank you again for reading, and I hope you still enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.