Authors Note: Just a mindless one-shot to help me get used to writing again.

"Damn it all!" Inuyasha went on his knees and pounded his fist into the ground.

"Why?" He screamed to the freshly dug graves.

A slender hand gently touched his shoulder to give some source of comfort, but Inuyasha could not feel anything but rage.

"Inuyasha?" questioned Kagome with her deep blue eyes filled with unshed tears.

He muttered softly, "Why must it always end this way?"

"I don't know. I'm sorry." Kagome felt her throat burning but she refused to cry. She had to be strong; she had to be strong for him.

She wished she had known beforehand how things would have turned out. If she had, she would have never led them here. They had been walking along a clear road, the day was beautiful and everything seemed to be filled with sunshine. Even Inuyasha and Shippou had gotten along and Kagome could not help but smile brightly. That all ended when she sensed Shikon Shards nearby. She should have known not to say anything when Inuyasha remarked on the queer smell in the air.

When they had arrived at the village, the scene was so brutal, that Miroku had covered Shippou's eyes to the protest of the little fox demon. The remains of the dead were piled on top of each other everywhere. Their crimson blood seeped into the ground and the metallic stench was concentrated. Men lay with spears in their hands, their eyes open wide and their chest ripped wide apart. Dead mothers were slumped over the bodies of their dead children. Even the animals such as the cattle were slaughtered, their heads severed from their bodies.

"What the hell." Inuyasha growled.

Suddenly, a figure started to stir. It was a middle-aged woman with sleek midnight hair and a small round face. She started to cry uncontrollably, her blood-soaked hand reaching out towards them.

"Please." She moaned, "please save my child. Please, save my baby. Please, please, I'll do anything."

Her hand grasped her plump torso as she continued to plead.

"Oh please. Just save my baby, I'll give you everything I have."

"It is all right. We are here to help you. We will not hurt you." Sango started to walk towards the helpless woman.

However when Sango started to move, she had revealed Inuyasha who was standing behind her.

When the pregnant mother saw the ears on top of Inuyasha's hand she started scream even louder.

"No! Stay away. Get away you damned demon. Naraku warned us of the eared-one. Get away, get away!"

Kagome couldn't help feel her heart tighten as she saw the look of shock on Inuyasha's face.

"Please, calm yourself. Inuyasha will not hurt you."

Miroku had tried to console the delirious woman, when the screaming suddenly stopped.

"Are you all right?" Sango crouched down.

The body fell over to one side, the sleek raven hair falling over her scarred round face. She did not breathe and the baby inside her will never know its first breath. The shikon shard fell from her back and vanished into thin air. But no one cared, no one had the heart to.

Inuyasha and the others had tried the best they could to clean the village and give the village folk a proper burial. But nothing would be able to take the tragedy that still lingered.

"Inuyasha, it isn't your fault." Kagome tried once again to reach out to the lost hanyou. Her hand moved from his shoulder to help him stand up, but Inuyasha roughly pushed away her hand.

Inuyasha picked himself up from the ground and walked to the bank of the river, mumbling that he needed time to himself. He could not see the tears falling from blue eyes nor the still outstretched hand.

Shippou broke the silence by running a little ways and calling out, "You're an idiot, Inuyasha!"

Sango moved towards the stunned girl and quietly said, "Go to him Kagome. He needs you."

Lavender eyes met with blue with a sense of understanding and encouragement.

Kagome saw the quiet red figure sitting on the lush grass by the crystal river. How cruel nature was to be so beautiful and perfect while there were people who were suffering. When Kagome stood behind Inuyasha, she knew he had sensed her coming, but he had not said any word of acknowledgement. Feeling awkward and lost, she did only what her heart told her to do.

Sitting beside him, she took him into her arms. He stiffened for a fraction of a second before surrendering into her warm and safe embrace. His head tucked under her chin and his arms folded across his lap with Kagome's arms wrapped around his shoulders. The two stayed together in this fragile moment of weakness, trust, and love.

Inuyasha stirred to the surprise of Kagome and pulled himself away from Kagome's arms. Before disappointment took over Kagome, he pulled her into his grasp. His strong arms bound tightly around her waist and a hand wove into her long raven hair. Kagome's eyes widened and closed, a soft blush forming in her cheeks. She had never felt such a warmth, it seemed as if Inuyasha's whole being surrounded her. She knew that she was safest in his arms, her heart forever within his soul.

Inuyasha breathed in Kagome's soothing scent before asking into her hair, "Will you stay by my side?"

"Yes, I will," breathed Kagome, forever sealing her fate with the hanyou.

He might never say those three words, he might have loved someone else, he might love someone else in the future, but in that frozen moment of time, Kagome Higurashi knew; he loved her.