AN: The legend mentioned in this one-shot is a popular legend in the Korean culture and I think there are variations or the same thing in other cultures too. Anyways, I thought it would spur on a sweet one-shot. Enjoy. )

"Come face the almighty wrath of Zorg!"

A gigantic ogre who reeked of onions swung an equally gigantic club towards Sango, who easily dodged it. Her gas mask had offered protection against the potent odour, however, the others were left to battle against the awful stink.

"Fuck, why the hell won't he just die?" Inuyasha, who suffered the most due to his sensitive nose, held a red sleeve in front of his face.

The group had been investigating a shard in the eastern region when they came around to a bend in the road. At the bend was where they came across the ogre.

"Wind Scar!" Inuyasha yelled as he lunged the tessaiga over his head and then down towards the earth, sending sparks of energy tearing up the ground.

The ogre faced the full brunt of the attack and the group started to relax when the pieces scattered around started to pull back together and regenerate the beast.

"Damn it. He's wasting my time." Inuyasha snarled.

Miroku lunged back from a crashing fist and shouted, "I sense a pure energy coming from him. Could it be the shard?"

Everyone expectedly look towards Kagome, who had been the whole time distracted with other thoughts in her head. After a couple of moments when she realized she had been the center of attention, she came to her senses.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. There's a shard. On his back." She replied quite lamely.

"Stupid woman." Inuyasha muttered before he jumped in the sky and landed on the beast's back.

"Damn, you sure do smell bad. Now hold still while I get the shard out."

To this the ogre responded wildly, thrashing about, attempting to dislodge the hanyou on his back. He swung his club around and around like a drunken man, before his aim was directed towards the girl from the future.

Inuyasha, who had yet to dislodge the shard, cried out, "Kagome, watch out!"

Kagome, who wasn't paying attention, didn't even notice the weapon seconds away from bringing her to her doom.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha screamed. Miroku was too far away to reach her and Sango was still in the sky on Kirara's back.

"I'll save you Kagome!" piped Shippou before transforming into the pink bubble, floating away with Kagome.

Inuyasha released a breath before plunging his claws into the demon's flesh and pulled out the shard. The ogre gave a deep groan before slumping over, crashing into the ground.

Inuyasha jumped off and ran towards the rest of the group, who were surrounding Kagome.

"Are you all right? Damn it, bitch, why weren't you doing anything!"

Still in a stupor, Kagome looked up surprised at the worried faces of her comrades.

She blushed, "Oh…yeah, sorry about that everyone." She giggled before adding on, "I'm not hurt and we got a shard, so…everything's good, right?"

Everyone seemed to be satisfied except the hanyou, who still fumed at her stupidity.

"Can you we all take a bath first? You guys stink worse than that ogre" Shippou plugged his nose, before jumping off Miroku's shoulder.

"What'd you say runt?"

"Quell your anger, Inuyasha. He's right. Let's stay at a village and find ourselves a hot spring." Miroku reasoned.

Sango agreed, "Yes, that sounds good. My back really aches. We could use a break."

"Keh, whatever." Inuyasha said aloofly.

"Sango, my dear. You should have told me you had tense muscles. I am always willing to offer my services. I am quite good at giving massages."

Miroku moved towards Sango and let his wandering hand come in contact with Sango's neck. "However there is the minor detail of having to take your shirt off but we can always take care of that later." To which he received a slap on the face.

"Shut up, monk. I said my back ached, nothing to do with it being tensed." Sango blushed before walking away.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes at the usual display of antics but noticed how Kagome remained unresponsive and did nothing to quell the taijya's anger. Inuyasha continued to keep a discreet eye on her all the way to the next village.

"Ahh…this feels so good, doesn't it Kagome?" Sango said with glee before resting her head on the hot rock.

When met without a response, Sango shook Kagome's shoulder.

"Kagome-chan? Are you all right? You have been acting quite strangely all day."

"Hmm? Oh, I'm fine."

Sango glared.

"Oh, all right. It's just…I don't know, it's kind of stupid."

"It doesn't matter if its stupid, its better to talk it out instead of keeping it inside, letting it distract you from important matters."

"You're right." Kagome nodded before giving a long sight.

"It's been about a week now but I missed the first day of snow at home."

"The first day of snow? Well, I'm sure it will snow again, Kagome."

Kagome shook her head, "No…it had to be the first day of snow. There's this legend, well, it's kind of silly, but a lot of girls in my time talk about it when the winter season comes. On the first day of snow, if you and your beloved share a kiss, it means that your love will remain eternal."

Sango smiled, "That's a sweet legend, Kagome. Did you find this beloved?"

Kagome flushed, "Well yeah…I guess I have a beloved, it's just he and I haven't shared the kiss yet."

"Well, it hasn't snowed here, so you still have a chance." Sango chided in knowingly.

"I guess." Kagome sighed before submersing herself deeper into the water. "Except, the person I'm in love with isn't the type to go around kissing people." She thought to herself dejectedly.

A kiss? That's what all the fuss was about? Keh, what a stupid thing to be upset about. But still…it must mean a lot to her. She must really like this guy. Wait, what do I care? She can do whatever the hell she wants, whenever she wants.

Inuyasha growled from the spot behind the bushes. Truth be told, he didn't want her to share a kiss with anyone else. It wasn't as if he wanted to kiss her…he just didn't like the idea of anyone else kissing her, that's all. Wait, did that even make any sense?

"Ah, Inuyasha. So, you too enjoy the sport of watching lovely maidens taking a bath?" Miroku smirked, before wagging his eyebrows at the bright red Inuyasha.

"N-no. I was just making sure perverts like you stayed away." Inuyasha bashed Miroku on the head before hurrying away.

Seeing stars before he fell to the ground, Miroku wondered out loud, "Why am I, the one who always gets hurt?"

Later that evening, when Shippou had finally fell asleep and Sango and Kirara were still, Inuyasha leapt off the tree. He stepped over Miroku, who had a dreamy look on his face and kept muttering things under his breath at periodic times.

Inuyasha sniffed the air before heading off into the forest. He had seen Kagome climb out of her "sleeping bag" and wander out into the darkness.

Sooner than he had expected he found her sitting on rock, gazing out at the lake that was situated near the hot springs. He had walked right next to year but she did not seem to notice him. He coughed to catch her attention.

Kagome looked up and opened her eyes. Inuyasha fought to keep a gasp in his throat. Her eyes were a shining blue sapphire and were reflecting the bright stars in the night sky. The moonlight caressed her face and her hair and seemed to enhance her natural beauty.

"Inuyasha?" Kagome broke the silence.

He coughed again before drawling out roughly, "You're the one who left camp at night where youkai can get you."

Instead of the usual reprimand, Kagome seemed unfazed and sadly smiled, "Sorry about that. I'll go back."

She stood up from the rock and dusted away her skirt before making he way back. Her eyes widened in surprised and she whirled around to face Inuyasha who had grasped he wrist firmly.

"Who is it?"

"Huh?" Kagome raised an eyebrow.

"Who is it? Who is it that you want a kiss from so badly."

Kagome's face reddened before she stammered out, "W-where'd did you hear that from?"

"Does it matter? Just answer the question, woman."

Kagome flushed deeper and remained unresponsive.

"Well? Do we have to drawl this out all night? I'm not letting you go until you answer me cause it's obviously been on your mind all the time."

Scratching her head, she turned away meekly. She mumbled a quiet, "you."

Inuyasha's ears twitched, "Huh? What'd you say?"

Kagome answered a little louder, "you."

Hearing it but not believing it, Inuyasha narrowed his eyes before taking a step closer to Kagome.


"You! I want you to kiss me! It's always been you and it always will be! Are you happy now?"

Kagome flushed even deeper after the realization of her outburst dawned on both her and the now equally flushed hanyou.


"Yeah." Kagome replied awkwardly.

"Look, sorry about that, you can just forget I said anyth-"

Kagome's eyes opened up in shock while staring at the close up of Inuyasha's face. His eyes were pulled shut and his eyelashes were longer than a typical boy. His nose arched just a little end arrogantly just like he was. She had never noticed how good he smelled.

His lips were soft against hers and she felt like melting into him. He was so warm and so tender. Her heart felt like it was going to tear out of her chest.

"If this is a dream, I wish it would never end." She mused to herself.

Inuyasha pulled back before his heart could break. It was everything he imagined and much more.

"So…" He started.

"Yeah…" She replied.


Her laughter rang out like bells before she looked down again shyly.

"Will you kiss me again?"

Wiping away the look of surprise, Inuyasha was more than happy to comply. He tilted her lips towards his own once more and firmly grasped her around the waist. Kagome sighed contentedly before wrapping her arms around his neck.

Both were oblivious to the rest of the world and neither noticed the pure, white snow gently starting to fall from the beautifully lit sky.

In that frozen moment of time, Kagome Higurashi knew that he loved her.