Summary: "If you don't stop talking to me, I WILL hex you," I told James. The prat shut up and stared at me. Eh, I'll hex him anyway. Do NOT annoy Lily Evans.

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I glanced back at Chip, who grinned excitedly at me. We had been friends since before we got our Hogwarts letters. Long before. Hell, we've been friends since before we could properly spell the word 'letter'. Or 'Hogwarts', for that matter. Actually, I'm still not exactly sure how to spell that one. I mean, come on, I didn't grow up practicing the spelling for a pig's skin condition. Okay, so I'm probably getting you way confused. I should explain.

I'm generally known as Lily Evans, and I'm a witch, you see. I may have a ::small:: anger problem, but not as big as—


Not as big as my best friend Chipper Poseidon. She's over there, trying to maneuver herself out from under some other first year who seems to have fallen on her on his way through the barrier.

"Chip, what did you get yourself into?" I asked, smirking. Two attractive boys helped their comrade up from the ground. Well, up from on top of Chip, anyway. I helped my friend up. There was an awkward silence as Chip tried to think of a proper insult for the shaggy-haired boy who had landed on top of her. The boys took this time to look us both over, most likely mentally undressing us. You know, because that's how boys' minds seem to work.

Chip and I swear to the Greek Gods that we were separated at birth. We're exactly the same height and have exactly the same build: slender, delicate, I guess you could call it elegant. We basically share a wardrobe. The only real difference between us is our hair and eyes. I have textbook-definition red, curly hair and bottle-green eyes. Chip has raven's wing black hair and blue eyes that are shot through with purple.

The train whistle blew, making all of us "poor" little first years scatter and run like mad. Chip and I piled into a compartment. The three erring boys followed, unfortunately. Most unfortunately.

"James Potter," said the one with messy hair and hazel eyes. I groaned.

"Please tell me that you're not going to try to… get to know us?"

He looked affronted. "You realize that we will be attending the same school for the next seven years."

I nodded. "And?"

"And my name is James Potter."

"Remus Lupin," said the sandy-haired boy with amber eyes.

"And I'm Sirius," said the shaggy haired one with gray eyes. He was the one who had fallen on top of Chip coming through the barrier.

"About what?" Chip and I asked at the same time, giggling to each other.

"That's my name," he said rolling his eyes. Chip and I exchanged glances. We decided that we didn't like these boys very much at all. Yes, we. Great. Now I sound schizophrenic. And the little voice in my head isn't helping. Er, right.

"Lily Evans," I told him, just waiting for Chip to—

"I'm Chipper," Chip said brightly, eyes sparkling.

The boys looked at her. "Why?" Sirius asked. Wow, isn't he the hypocrite?

"You know, I don't know," she said thoughtfully.

"It's the uppers," I told her gently.

"But my mum doesn't have a stash," she protested. See, if her mother had been on uppers, then she very well might have named Chip Chipper.


"I checked."

"Always do a thorough job," I agreed. My dear Aunt Sally, the strange looks those boys are giving us.

"But why are you chipper?" James asked.

"No, no, no," Chip said, shaking her head. "Chipper, not chipper."

"She's also the daughter of a Greek God."


"Well, she is."



"But why is she chipper?"

"Coming from a boy named 'Sirius'?" she wanted to know, wide- eyed.

I shook my head. "What is the world coming to?"

"I just don't know."

The boys quickly excused themselves, saying they'd find another compartment, so as not to intrude on our privacy. Chip and I high-fived when they left, settling down into the empty space.

Really, we're the kind of people you love or you hate. I'm a little more amiable than Chip, but that isn't saying much. We both have pretty short fuses and very quick minds. And lemme tell ya… We're so not modest. Yes. Again with the 'we'.

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