A/N: Okay, I am sorry to start with a note, but this is important to the context of the story...

As a rule, I don't do songfics- and I rarely, if ever, read them becuase I don't like it when passages threaten to pull me out of the prose world, and sometimes, blocks of lyrics tend to do that. That said, this is a songfic - written to Green Eyes by Erykah Badu, but to avoid my own pet peeve, I am writing this in parts. This song tells a story of it's own, amazingly enough, in parts- and it is this fact that pulled me into writing a story to it in the first place. The song itself is quite interesting- the music and melody changes with each 'Movement' - you will see what I mean. I love the song (read: addicted), and it was begging to be written to, so sigh I gave in. Once this is finished, I will finally be able to take the CD off of repeat-track mode in my car... I hope.

The story is broken down to match with the different parts of the song - Go to the media section of my homepage if you want to hear those parts as we go. I would suggest listening to the music as you read the lyrics before heading into the story because it is the mood setter, but whatever method that works for you, works for me. Look at me- trying to be all interactive and stuff!

BTW- I wrote this as a birthday fic to me, lol. Nothing like a self-imposed challenge to open a new year of life, right?

Anyway... enjoy.

Green Eyes
Movement I: Denial

My eyes are green
Cuz I eat a lot of vegetables
it don't have nothing to do
with your new friend

My eyes are green
Cuz I eat a lot of vegetables
it don't have nothing to do
with your new friend

I don't care, I swear
I'm too through with you, I am
You don't mean nothing, to me
So go ahead and be with your friend

My eyes are green
Cuz I eats a lot of vegetables
it don't have nothing to do
with your new friend



Lois's hand halted in mid-air just as she was pulling the pint of ice cream from the Grocery freezer. Letting the door shut, she dropped the item into her hand-basket and turned to face the owner of the voice that had addressed her. "Hey, yourself."

"So… How are you?"

Lois allowed a small smile to pull at her lips. This was awkward. "I'm good. Great, actually," she replied with gusto.

"Yeah, me too," Clark returned. "Great."

Lois watched his eyes. She could tell that he wanted to say something else, but was having trouble getting it out. She couldn't stand awkward silence. "So… you're shopping?"

Clark nodded and grinned at her observation. "That's what grocery stores are for, right?"

And with the banter filling the gap, Lois knew whatever he had been going to say was safely tucked back in the dark recesses of his mind. Good.

"Well you're either doing that or scoping out for hot single chicks," she quipped. "Or, at least that's what I hear guys say their main reason for going to the grocery store is."

She saw Clark's smile fade. "Well, I…"

"Clark! There you are! Did you get the ice cream?"

Lois turned to see a tall dark-haired woman walking toward them with a wide smile. When the woman reached them, she handed Clark a hand basket. Arching an eyebrow at Clark, Lois waited to be introduced. When that didn't seem to be happening any time soon, Lois extended a hand.

"Hi, I'm Lois Lane."

The woman returned her handshake with an impressively firm grip and genuine smile. "Diana Prince."

Lois gestured toward the basket that Clark was holding. "Looks like you guys have a nice dinner planned."

Diana nodded. "Oh we do. Clark has this recipe for baked chicken breasts using Olive Oil and Red Wine that's absolutely amazing."

Lois held her smile. She knew all about that dish. "Well that sounds really good," she commented, shifting her basket filled with frozen dinners slightly behind her and out of view. "I should go… I don't want my ice cream to melt."

"Oh, sure. Of course," Diana replied, tilting her head to the side a little.

Lois saw her glance at Clark questioningly. He had yet to say a word in her presence.

He cleared his throat and moved the basket that he was holding to his other hand. "Lois… Listen…"

"It's okay, Clark. You guys enjoy your meal," Lois said. "It was very nice meeting you, Diana."

"Thank you, Lois. It was nice to meet you too."

Lois exchanged a final glance at Clark. He had that hand-in-the-cookie jar look that she was so tired of seeing on him. It was really too late for him to want to look chagrined about the situation. She was fine.

"See you later, Lois," he finally said, breaking off their silent communiqué.

"Yeah," she answered. "See you around."

"Like hell," she scoffed under her breath as she walked away, refusing to give into the urge of looking back. Lois knew that their farewells were false. Neither one of them wanted to see the other anytime soon.

Lois closed her eyes briefly as she swiped the back of her arm across her brow to keep sweat from dripping into her eyes. When she had returned to her apartment after leaving the supermarket, she had decided that she wasn't hungry after all. Tossing the frozen goods into the freezer, she had exchanged nutrition for fitness and gone out for a run.

"Oof," she grunted as her forward motion halted in the chest of another runner.

"Whoa, I say, whoa now."

Lois blinked and forced a smile. "Sorry, I didn't mean to… Sebastian?"

"In the flesh," the sandy-brown haired alpha male replied. "Where's the fire?"

"In my head," Lois muttered softly, starting to jog in place to keep her heart rate up. It was also meant to be an indication that she was ready to continue her exercise. "I'm really sorry about that. I wasn't paying attention."

"Nothing to be sorry about. It actually plays in my favor," Sebastian said, the easy grin making an appearance.

"You like getting run over by distracted joggers?" she asked, finding it hard not to return his smile.

"Not when my attacker is as beautiful as you are."

The smile slipped from her face as if someone had flicked off a light switch. She tried to cover her reaction by immediately curling her mouth into a smirk, but she could tell that Sebastian had seen the flicker.

His brow creased slightly as he shrugged. "I mean, I just figured that… Since you haven't been…" He sighed. "Awkward, huh?"

Lois mentally shook herself. This wasn't awkward - it was stupid. "No," she said with a laugh. "Just unexpected."

Sebastian released a relieved sigh. "Good. I'm glad everything's okay."

And it was, Lois thought to herself. He was fine, and so was she. She could care less about his new friend… "Everything is great," she amended.

Sebastian nodded. "You want to do something tomorrow night?"

There was no flicker this time. "Tomorrow? Uh…"

"Wait. Don't answer that yet," Sebastian interrupted. "Check your schedule - make sure you haven't planned on washing your hair or doing laundry or something mundane like that – and give me a call."

Lois chuckled and arched an eyebrow. "What makes you think I still have your number?"

Sebastian ducked his head in a show of bashfulness. "Maybe, because I still have yours?" He shot her the killer grin again and moved to go around her on the path, turning so that he would be able to see her as he backed away. "Talk to you soon?"

Lois's mind flashed to her freezer full of frozen entrées. "Maybe," she answered over her shoulder as she restarted her evening run.