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"Edwin, please! Please, please, pleeease! For me man, I'm your best friend." Geoff Thompson pleaded desperately to Edwin Venturi through the phone.

"No, Geoff. For the last time, no!" Edwin said, exasperated. Geoff had had him doing this for almost a half hour.

"Come on, she's really hot,(cough)I've heard(cough)." Geoff says unconvincingly.

"Dude, you've never seen her before!" Edwin said.

"Thats why I said I've heard!!"

"I'm sorry, it's still no."

"Edwin, let me explain my situation once more. Carrie has to bring her cousin, Sara, with us, since she's visiting from the states, and her mom wants her to stay with Carrie at all times. The fact that this is our first date makes the whole tag-along-cousin thing a bit of an inconvenience. Thus, I call upon you, my said best friend, for a favor, to come with us and merely hang out with Sara. And you refuse!"

"Geoff, you're not talking just hanging out. You're talking double date."

"No. No. I never said double date-"

"To any and every kind of girl, if you're going somewhere with two people on a date, and another guy is coming to 'hang out' with you, it is considered a double date. And you know I'm not interested-"

"What? because of that invisible mystery girl that you've liked forever? Forget it man. I'm seriously starting to think that you've gone crazy and you're imagining this 'oh so perfect' girl. Either that or it's just an excuse you make to not have to go out. Dude, you're not gay are you?"

"No, I'm not gay. And no, she's not made up. She's real."

"Well, you either need to do something, or get over it."

"Bye, Geoff. Have fun. "

"No, no, no! You have to help m-"


Edwin placed the phone down, and relaxed on the couch. This was the fifth time that Geoff had pleaded Edwin to go on a double date with him. It's the five millionth time he had said no, saying no about a million times each time he was asked. But Geoff just didn't get it. Because he had a perfectly good reason for not wanting to go out on double dates with girls he doesn't know. He just couldn't tell anyone.

The girl Edwin liked definatley wasn't in his imagination. Only the idea of them getting together was.

Geoff asked constantly why he held on to this girl, when he obviously wasn't about to do anything about it. Edwin never gave an answer. At least not out loud. Because he had plenty of reasons to hang on to this girl. Because there was only one girl like her, and he knew he'd never meet another one like her. And he wasn't about to give up.

He had watched her grow from an awkward girl, into this stunning teenager.

When she was younger, he hadn't seen it. She was just...well, Lizzie.

But once Casey graduated, she took over everything Casey had been and done. Except better.

More beautiful. Her mousy hair had grown into long, luscious waves that had darkened a shade. Her brown eyes, now usually lightly rimmed with a flattering grey eyeliner, were always bright and full of life. And she had grown taller, and more into her body.

But she was still Lizzie.

Very insightful and always the person to go to if you had a problem. She was great at giving advice. Still slightly annoying, but that never bothered Edwin since he himself could get irritating. She had also stuck with soccer, and was now on the high school girl's soccer team, from freshman to now, as a sophomore.

Lizzie and Edwin had always been close, but it wasn't until Casey moved out that he really saw Lizzie. Probably because she could be the pretty, smart one now that Casey had gone off to college. She wasn't shadowed over anymore, and Lizzie had embraced it. And boy, had she embraced it well.

And so, Edwin couldn't help but fall for her. She was perfect to him. But he knew nothing would happen. And he knew she didn't feel the same. And he also knew he couldn't tell anyone. Because Lizzie, the girl of his dreams, was his step-sister.

In all truth he was quite pursued. Once Derek left, he was branded as Derek's really cool brother, and with that, the girl's his age swooned over the Other Venturi. But he didn't care. He much rathered wanting Lizzie than dating some cheerleader like his brother had done.

He knew that Derek loved Casey. The same way he felt for Lizzie, but he denied it. He didn't want to feel that way. But Edwin wanted to feel the way he felt. He just wished that he wasn't under the circumstances he was under. He wanted to tell Lizzie how he felt. Accepting his feelings gave him the smallest chance of Lizzie. A small chance that Derek never had with Casey.

As Edwin was on the couch, Lizzie came down the stairs and made her way to sit next to him.

"Heard ya on the phone. Geoff trying to set you up again?" she asked with a smile.

Edwin rolled his eyes at her. "Yes. But I'm sure you know what I said."

"Well, Edwin maybe you should take him up on an offer some time. You need to get out there and meet some girls. I don't know why you don't date. You might meet the girl of your dreams, because you definatley won't meet her just sitting around with me."

"I might..." Edwin whispered, barley audible.

"What?" Lizzie inquired.

"Nothing, Liz. Look, I'm kind of tired. I think I'm gonna go upstairs and lay down."

"Oh, okay." Lizzie said.

Edwin made his way to his room. Once there he closed the door and let himself drop to the bed. Why can't things just...be? He thought to himself.

There was a song he had heard on the radio not too long ago. Sharada, by Skye Sweetnam. The song wasn't his style, but he listened to it over and over because it reminded him so much of Lizzie.

Once upon a time there was a girl
You really wouldn't call her typical
Had her own definition of cool
She lived in her own world
She had her own style her own rules
She played along like it was usual
Nobody really even knew her name
Her life was one big game

She's got her head up in the clouds
Sharada, Sharada
Don't know when she'll come down
Sharada, Sharada
She can't get to bed
Sharada, Sharada
She's got this song stuck in her head
(her head, her head, song stuck in her head)

Dreaming all day
That's all she did
Ever since she was a little kid
All the teacher's thought that she was slow
She was just dreaming about her show
And when they told her she's delirious
She didn't care
She's just oblivious

She likes to make everyone curious
One day she's gonna be famous

She got her head up in the clouds
Sharada, Sharada
Don't know when she'll come down
Sharada, Sharada
She can't get to bed
Sharada, Sharada
She's got this song stuck in her head
(her head, her head, she's got this song stuck in her head)

Everything about it reminded him of her. Except she was the song he couldn't
get out of his head. She was tune he wanted to shake but couldn't. A tune that
won't go away until you sing it out loud. Except he couldn't sing it. He couldn't
get rid of it. He couldn't have her.

Edwin heard a knock on his door. He sat up and said, "Come in." He wasn't verysurprised to fin that it was Lizzie. She usually came in just to talk and hang out.

"Sorry." She said. "I know you wanted to lay down, but I was really bored."

"It's no problem." he said. Lizzie walked over an sat down on the bed next to him.

They had nothing to talk about, so they just relaxed and listened to music.

After a long time of just sitting together, Lizzie turned to him.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Of course. Why do you ask?"

"I don't know. You just seem...I'm just...I'm just kind of getting a weird vibe. It's probably nothing."

"Oh, well I'm fine."


Lizzie got up and headed for the door. When her hand was on the doorknob she turned back and looked at Edwin.

"You know that you can tell me anything, right? I'm here for you, and I care about you."

She was about to open the door, but suddenly Edwin got up.

"Lizzie, wait..."

She turned back around.

I was time for him to sing his song.

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