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"Edwin, what do you think you're doing?" Lizzie whispered fiercely.

Edwin reached up and pulled the light bulb string to bring light into the closet. Edwin looked at Lizzie who looked as if she was going to strangle him, or tie him up and feed him game pieces until he died.

"What?" Lizzie asked.

"Stop being angry with me, Lizzie." Edwin said, calmly.

Lizzie laughed in a way that told Edwin she hadn't found anything humorous, whatsoever.

"Oh, of course Edwin." Lizzie snapped her fingers. "Poof, I'm not angry with you anymore."

"Liz," Edwin said, looking at her with concentration. "It took Casey and Derek five years. Five years."

Lizzie crossed her arms. "You tell me that like I didn't live here to see that the whole time."

Edwin chose to ignore her sarcasm. "Do you know how much time wasted that is?"

"Five years, I'm guessing." Lizzie sneered.

Edwin continued. "It ate away at Derek. Casey. She ate away at Derek. I'm sure Derek ate away at her too."

Lizzie glared at Edwin.

"It eats away at me the same way, Lizzie. You do." Edwin whispered.

Lizzie's expression softened.

"You told me I was like Derek, Liz. But I don't want to be like Derek. I don't want to be a player, and go with a bunch of girls because I don't have the guts to go for the one I really want. I don't want to be a jerk. I don't want to lose time with you, the way Derek did with Casey."

Lizzie looked as if she might begin to cry.

"Edwin, are you saying-"

But Lizzie didn't get to finish, because Edwin had reached out and cupped Lizzie's chin softly, before lifting her face up to his until their mouths met.

Everything Edwin had ever feared, everything that had ever scared, or intimidated, or worried him vanished like a sugar cube thrown into water. It vanished and dissolved all around him, sweeping everything away with it, until it was only him and Lizzie.

Slowly, Edwin lifted his head from Lizzie's, keeping her chin gently in his hand. Lizzie opened her eyes and looked up at Edwin, and slowly, a smile crept across her delicate features.

"Well, Edwin." Lizzie smiled. "It's about damn time."

Edwin laughed, moving his arms so that they were wrapped around Lizzie's waist, while Lizzie lifted her arms and placed them around his neck. A perfect fit.

"You know, now I owe Marti twenty bucks." Lizzie said.

"And why is that?" Edwin asked, looking down at Lizzie.

"Because we bet on when you would tell me. She swore that it was going to be soon after Casey and Derek cam home." Lizzie nodded.

"Oh, and what did you bet?" Edwin smiled curiously.

"Ah, I said you'd never do it." Lizzie smiled.

"Hey, I wasn't scared enough to think I'd never tell you." Edwin defended himself.

"Haha, I thought you were to scared of me." Lizzie laughed. "I'm sure you noticed that I was-"

"Acting like you needed Midol?" Edwin suggested.

Lizzie gave him a playful swat.

They stood there, chuckling for a moment.

"Ed?" Lizzie asked.

"Yeah." Edwin said.

"Do you have twenty dollars you can give me?" She laughed.

"Liz?" Edwin asked.

"Yup." Lizzie answered.

"Shut up." Edwin said.

And once Edwin leaned down and kissed her again, she most graciously obliged.


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