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Epilogue: Poetry in Motion

The small fox awakes

in her bed — warm and green

She is mine forever

Kim sat in the doorway with her shamisen in her hands. She strummed the strings almost unconsciously and looked up on the dark, starlit sky. It was soothing and beautiful, the sky and the music. She had learned to appreciate the shamisen and its power.

She was dressed in a plain white yukata with her legs pressed together and bent at the knee, coming up to her side and leaving her comfortable curled up in the entryway. She felt at peace. Her fingers moved nimbly, commanding her instrument and making a melody that was soft and sweet, surprising for a woman who just got married a few months ago to a man that she thoroughly and utterly detested.

Kim had married Du Will. Neither of them really knew what they were going to do about the predicament they were in now, namely being married. It seemed like the logical thing to do since it was going to happen one day with the way their grandparents worked, but they really did not know what to make of it. After all, they still thoroughly despised each other. In fact, they seemed to resent each other more after the wedding, which they had consented to. Because they had agreed, it seemed weird to people that they would hate each other even more.

They now hardly even addressed each other when speaking. They would talk through someone else or just act like the other was not there. They now got into physical fights over space issues rather than from insults. They seemed to despise having the other within a certain amount of inches and if there was a chance that they might brush up against each other, then there was a chance for swords to clash. The new hostilities might have stemmed from them being at a loss as to what they should do in a marriage, even if they had no plans to do what was expected of them beyond getting married. They just did not like the concept, even if they were not going to be doing what married couples do.

The wedding did not make much sense to most of the people that knew them. Stoppable Ron's exact words were "this is the very definition of wrong-sick!" in his usual excitable fashion. His wife, Yori was only less candid by wondering whose funeral they would be attending in the upcoming weeks; she leaned toward Will's because she had seen enough fights between the pair to know Kim could take Will down with the proper motivation. Sharing a marital bed had to be proper motivation for Kim, Yori thought.

The pair's parents were more than a little baffled by their offspring suddenly agreeing with the marriage arrangement. They were also suspicious of it, each side making sure the other was not plotting a death. They were so suspicious that the Possibles objected with Kim going to live in the Du home and the Director/Du families objected to Will living with the Possibles. There was a simple solution worked out, which both Kim and Will liked, which was that they would live in Betty's home.

It was agreed that the newlyweds would stay at Betty's house, everyone agreeing Betty was sort of a neutral party. Well, she was the most neutral among them anyway. She also had plenty of room in her home since she had never had any children due to the fact that her husband had died early on in their marriage. Betty acted like she had never been married as soon as that happened, never having any love for the man she had been promised to anyway.

She opened her home to Will and Kim, though. She did not mind having them around because she liked both of them. There was also the fact she wanted both of them to live long lives and she could make sure that happened by keeping an eye on them and preventing them from slaughtering each other. Her other guest also helped in keeping the "couple" from destroying each other.

Kim was currently at her new home, sitting outside of her bedroom. The room opened up into a wonderful garden that was in the manor. There were other advantages to the room; the main one being that it was as far away from her husband's room as possible while still being on the property. Yes, she and Will had different quarters in the house on total opposite ends of the manor and they preferred it when they both stayed on their designated sides. It meant that they would not see each other, except for the few times the whole household took meals together. That was exceptionally rare because even then, Kim and Will managed to get into battles. So, really, everyone preferred it when they stayed on their proper sides of the house because it kept things peaceful and fewer things got broken.

"Hey, little kitsune. You're still playing for me?" Shego asked with a yawn as she crawled over to Kim. She embraced the redhead from behind, which allowed Kim to continue to play and the samurai played on.

Kim only smiled. of course, she was still playing the shamisen for Shego. She only played for her lover. It had a soothing effect on Shego and helped her relax, along with the occasional bottle of sake. Kim had been strumming the shamisen to help her lover unwind, which led to the pale woman taking a nap.

Shego and Kim stayed in the same quarters in the house, even though there were threats coming from Betty that she might have to throw Shego out. Shego had the bad habit of teasing Betty a great deal of the time and the one-eyed woman did not appreciate it. They were both certain the threats were mostly idle, though.

Shego made herself comfortable against Kim, resting her head on Kim's shoulder. She sighed, a content sound as she listened to the music and eyed the sky. She had never felt so at peace in all of her life as she had the past few months living under the same roof as Kim, and sharing a bed with her too was a bonus. The best part of it was that she was not sharing Kim like she thought she might have to. Will never showed up to take Kim to share his bed so that they could consummate their marriage.

"Did you sleep well?" Kim asked.

"I would've slept better if you curled your little butt up against me," Shego replied.

"I wanted to look at the sky."

"It is lovely and I suppose you can curl up to me later tonight." Shego was the only person Kim would ever curl up to, they were both certain of that.

It was quite clear that Will and Kim were never going to consummate their marriage, even though both families were waiting for offspring from the union. Unfortunately, Kim and Will avoided each other as often as possible and if they came into contact in the house, they ignored each other or fought.

On the rare occasions they came into contact with each other in the outside world, they tried to ignore each other, unless they were on a mission. Being on a mission made things business as usual for Will and Kim with him trying to act superior to her and she would set out to prove that he was actually the inferior one. People were still waiting for one of them to kill the other when they were out on missions, but Betty tried to the best of her ability to not have Kim and Will on the same assignment when she commissioned Kim's assistance. Still, they sometimes accidentally met up due to Kim doing a mission for someone else and she would run into Will or he would run into her and a mess would ensue.

Depending on her mood and what was going on, Shego would help Betty out by going out on assignments, too. Without having that to do, Shego would undoubtedly drink her days away with money she collected from her few years in the underworld. Well, she would probably drink and read since Shego had quite the love for stories and poetry. She mostly read when she was left alone, which she liked every now and then like most people. Kim easily understood that since she sometimes needed time to herself, too.

When they were not on missions, Kim and Shego were often together, sparring, training, reading, or doing some other thing. Kim still went out with her friends and Shego was not very interested in going out with all of them. So, when Kim was gone that was when Shego took time to enjoy her time alone.

"Are you going to do another poem for me?" Kim asked. She had a collection of fans that Shego had written her love poems on. Things like that worked as incentive to get Kim to play the shamisen for Shego. Not that she minded playing anymore, but she would never tell Shego that.

"Not tonight."

Kim let a pout play on her lips. "But, you asked me to play and I've played all night."

Shego smiled and kissed Kim's cheek. "Because you're my amazing little kitsune."

Kim scoffed. "You're just saying that because you want to get out of writing me a poem."

"We should do something fun," Shego replied with a devilish smile on her face that Kim noticed out of the corner of her eye. This was just a blatant misdirect to get out of the conversation.

"You're not getting off that easy."

"Yes, I am. So, we should do something fun."

"Like what?" Kim asked, rolling her eyes. She could guess what her lover meant about since they were in the house by themselves. Will was out on a mission and Betty had "gone out" without explaining where she was going. Shego guessed Betty went to go see Vivian since she had not been by the blond's place in a few weeks.

"Let's go out on the town, Princess. This is Edo. There's a million things to do and you're trying to keep me sleeping by playing this soft song," Shego commented while putting her hands on Kim's hands to get her to stop playing the shamisen, which was different.

Usually, Shego was all for hearing her lover play all night. Olive eyes went wide and Kim's fell open mouth slightly. The pale woman chuckled just a bit from her beloved's expression and could not help placing a light kiss to Kim's partially opened mouth. The kiss seemed to snap the samurai out of her stupor.

"Is that all right?" the redhead inquired as if she expected something to go wrong if they went out together. The idea never would have popped into her head if only Shego had not proposed it before kissing her.

"What do you mean? You don't want to be seen with me, kitsune?" the pale woman teased, nipping her love's neck to add to her tone. She smiled against her mate's warm flesh, which was not helping Kim think straight at all.

Kim giggled a bit before answering. "It's not that and you know it. What if someone sees us out together?"

"So? It's not like we're wearing signs that says 'I'm fucking her,'" Shego remarked with a slight laugh.

Kim did not seem to be expecting such hard language and went stiff from shock for a brief second. She turned to face her lover for Shego to see that she did not appreciate the line. Shego continued to look amused because she had given that response to show Kim how ridiculous her mind was working at the moment. They were just going out, like any friends would do when they were bored, as they had done on several occasions.

"I can see your point on that," Kim conceded. She realized just how silly she was being by assuming people would know that they were lovers. Her mind just was not working as properly as it should because Shego was kissing and caressing her, and such things made it very hard to remain rational.

No one knew what she and Shego were to each other. Well, no one except them, Betty, and Will. They were not going to risk telling anyone else, even Kim's closest friends or Kim's parents. It was not Kim did not trust those closest to her, but she did not want to burden them with such news and a secret was best kept between the fewest amount of people. Besides, everyone who knew, they had dirt on, too, so it was sort of just assurance all around.

Hego did not count because he did not acknowledge he had been present for the conversation where his sister told him what was going on. He did not even know Shego lived with Betty at this point. Shego had not told her other brothers, but she kept in touch with them.

Shego had told Kim about her relatives, going so far as to introduce Kim to her brothers. This was during a banquet Hego had been kind enough to invite his sister to. Ever since she came back to Edo, Hego had been trying to get Shego involved with some things at his court, but she was not interested in much. She knew he was only trying to keep tabs on her and the way he kept introducing her to bachelor nobles, she knew what he was really doing.

She took Hego up on the feast offers because she liked going out with Kim. It was just rare that they got to do it. She was also able to stay away from Hego in a banquet, but he tried to speak with her, which was a surefire way send her off earlier than she planned.

Kim was a bit surprised to find out that Shego was the sister of the Shogun, but she did not make a big deal out of it, which pleased Shego. Kim had also introduced Shego to her family. They came across as good friends to the Possibles, even though Shego seemed a little rough around the edges to the noble family. Shego liked Kim's family for the most part. She could tell that her mannerisms made them a little uncomfortable, but they were polite and friendly toward her for the most part. They made her feel very welcomed, which she could not say the same about her family when it came to Kim because Hego and Mego both had the habits of acting snobby.

The Wegos were quite friendly toward Kim, though since they could tell that she was someone important to their big sister, but they never did figure out how important. They probably would have dismissed the idea if they ever got the right one anyway. Shego was pleased they made an effort and expressed as much, which caused her little brothers to grin and inform her that they were just happy that she had a friend.

"So, we're going out?" Shego asked.

"Sure. Let's go out," Kim agreed with a smile.

The couple got up from and got ready to go out. There were a million things to do in Edo, at least a million in Shego's opinion. With the way she found different activities, Kim was inclined to believe her. They would find something to hold their attention.

They put on some hakama as usual; black for Shego and red for Kim. And then they donned their tops, a plain green kimono for Shego while Kim had a pink kimono with a flower design on. Shego shook her head when she saw Kim. The samurai was just about the only person she had ever seen mix plain hakama with elaborately designed kimonos.

Even though the fashion was odd, Shego thought it looked good on her little kitsune. It somehow fit Kim, in her lover's opinion anyway. Maybe there was something about seeing Kim in flowers that sparked such thoughts on how the outfit was right for the redhead. Flowers could be wild and when they were in bloom, they were always beautiful, just like her princess was to her.

"Ready?" Shego asked.

"For you, always," Kim replied with a smirk.

Shego's heart thumped heavy in her chest. "You little kitsune. Come on."

Kim chuckled as Shego put her arm around Kim's waist. The two then went out for a night on the town. There was theater, dinner, and even some drinking and gambling. Shego was determined to get her kitsune a vice and she was pushing for it to be dice because Kim was either very lucky or skilled at the came of chance. It was just that Kim would only play if prodded enough by Shego. Shego talked Kim into playing that night and they walked away several ryo (1) richer.

They did not go out as often as they should, in Shego's opinion anyway. They did have a good time staying in, being around each other and sparring, but they needed to go out every few days in Shego's opinion. She made a mental note to try talking her princess into going out to plays more often. It was a little difficult to get the redhead to go out because she mostly liked to practice her martial arts when she had spare time.

After a long night of hanging out with some questionable characters in a gambling den, the couple returned to a silent house. They were not surprised that Betty was not back. There was a heavy chance Betty would not be back until the sun rose. They doubted Will would be back anytime soon either since he often visited Josh when he got back from missions long before going home. The couple really did not care where Will spent his evenings or if he never came home. Life was generally quieter without the stubborn warrior.

Sometimes, when she was very bored and had nothing better to do with her time, Shego wondered what Kim and Will would do with themselves. They knew their clans were waiting for children to come from the marriage, but they had no plans on delivering. She knew better than to ask or even bring the topic up. Betty assumed Kim and Will were still actually waiting their grandparents out, hoping to get the heads of their clans to just give up on them. Betty would put money on Kim and Will if anyone brought up a bet. Shego would bet on Kim and Will, too, but mostly because it was in her own interest and also she knew Kim could be pretty stubborn if given the chance.

The couple staggered into their bedroom. Kim was trying to hold up the slightly intoxicated Shego. The redhead was only in somewhat better shape thanks to her beloved insistent on her taking a few sips of sake herself. Shego was such a bad influence, the samurai thought. Shego knew she was not the best example for Kim, but she felt like her kitsune needed to have some fun in life.

Kim released her lover gently onto the wooden deck of their room and turned to slide the door shut. As soon as Kim closed the shoji, Shego started trouble. She pulled Kim down to the floor with her and practically forced a kiss on the redhead, not that Kim was going to complain. The olive-eyed female returned the passionate display with just as much fire as her lover.

"You taste good mixed with sake," Shego remarked in a quiet tone. She was a bit mellowed out thanks to the drinking, which might have explained why she did not mind being underneath her lover.

"Well, you should get your fill because I'm not going to drink anymore," Kim replied with a teasing smile. She was not a drinker and had no plans to change, no matter how much Shego tried to goad her.

"You say that all the time and I get you to drink anyway. You've got to lighten up, Princess. Life is here to be enjoyed," the older warrior commented and she took a nip at her love's exposed neck.

"Trust me, I am so enjoying it," Kim replied, fighting back a moan.

Shego smiled against the peach-colored skin against her mouth. Kim seemed to be enjoying things and not thinking about the trouble that was ahead. She knew sooner or later, she would have to deal with her grandmother for the simple fact that she was not going to ever reproduce with Will. Usually, she folded to her grandmother's very powerful will, but she just could not and would not do that now. She was not sure what her punishment, if any, would be, but she would take it over what her grandmother wanted from her.

At the moment, Kim and Will fed their grandparents excuses as to why Kim was not with child yet. But, their grandparents were quite impatient. The "couple" talked about being away on missions often, which Betty backed since it was sort of the truth. Betty knew she was playing a very high-stacks game of chance by confirming such lies, but she could not help it. She understood where they were both coming from, even though she wished they would at least try to get along with each other. And maybe even try to produce an heir, just to cement the alliance between the clans.

Kim did not want to think about that and did not have much of a choice the matter since her mind just focused on Shego, who was kissing and biting Kim's neck and shoulders, which were on display. At some point, Shego had pushed Kim's kimono aside. Kim ended up hissing in pleasure and she writhed a bit against her lover, which made Shego chuckle. She knew later on when she brought up that the samurai actually writhed, Kim would deny the charges, as she always did.

"You taste so good, hime," Shego hissed, dragging her tongue across sweet flesh.

Shego kept her mouth on Kim while reaching down to untie Kim's obi. Kim seemed to be lost in the feel of her lover and was not thinking of doing anything on her own aside from feel good. Shego did not mind that at the moment since all she wanted was more flesh to taste and touch.

The super-powered woman quickly yanked Kim's obi away and pulled open her kimono completely. Tender, but eager hands wandered Kim's soft, but muscular body while Kim started kicking off her hakama. The samurai could not get the bottoms off quick enough in both of their opinions. It was not long before Kim was nude, not to mention a moaning pile of flesh on top of Shego.

Shego smiled to herself while making sure to keep her mouth on some part of Kim's body, any part would do. Her hands continued to fondly caress her lover. She was using a very low plasma charge while doing that and the heat made Kim quiver and quake above her.

"Shego," Kim groaned low in her throat. She was now unable to keep herself up and just collapsed on top of her beloved, which the older warrior did not mind.

"Yes, my little princess?" Shego inquired before going in for a bite at Kim's shoulder, causing Kim to hiss in pleasure.

"Please…" Kim begged through clenched teeth.

"Please what?" Shego asked, even though she knew. She just liked to tease her little kitsune, especially if it might lead to Kim saying something dirty.


"You have to tell me, kitsune," Shego said in a whisper of a voice before moving on to kiss her way down Kim's throat.

"Touch me," Kim pled, speaking in a desperate whisper.

"Touch you? I am touching you," Shego pointed out. She was kneading every bit of flesh she could get her hands on, as usual. She also tasted every piece of skin that her mouth could reach, whether she was kissing, biting, or licking. So, she was definitely touching her little troublesome fox.

"Touch me," Kim repeated, her voice more forceful than before, coming out as a growled command rather than a whined plea.

The sound of Kim's voice sent a ripple of pleasure through Shego. "How would like me to touch you, kistune?"

"In the way that only you can," Kim answered in a breath.

Shego smiled, happy to oblige and happy to hear such words. She was the only one who had ever or would ever touch Kim in such ways. She was the only one who had ever or would ever know the joy of being intimate with her adorable princess. Just the thought of it was utterly pleasing, but the reality of it was fantastic.

"You know I will," Shego replied before kissing Kim on the lips and giving her lover just what she wanted.

Kim arched into Shego's touch and let out a long cry of bliss as her love finally gave into her desires. The sound broke their kiss and Shego pulled back a little, wanting to take in Kim's expression. She looked wonderful, caught in ecstasy, enjoying Shego.

Shego got caught up in watching as Kim moved against her as if it was the most fascinating sight a person could experience. Shego delighted in seeing Kim move over her, which was one reason why it never really bothered her to be below Kim. It was a good thing Kim did move over her or nothing much would be going on at the moment since she was stuck practically gawking.

"Oh, Shego," Kim moaned. The sound made Shego throb and took her out of her mesmerized state.

"You feel so good," Shego mumbled, free hand wondering to Kim's breast.

Kim moaned again as Shego flicked her nipple with her thumb. Shego groaned and Kim moved with more purpose. Her body hugged Shego, who adjusted her fingers a little, so that her palm also pressed against Kim. The added pleasure caused Kim to cry out even more.

The olive-eyed samurai leaned down and kissed Shego sweetly. Shego returned the kiss with white-hot passion, causing Kim to have to do the same. The intense embrace silently screamed both sentiment and possession, stating as facts "I love you" and "you're mine." They both accepted that; it was what they wanted.

The kiss was broken as Kim shuddered above Shego before collapsing unceremoniously onto her beloved. Kim panted hard and rested on Shego as if she was a futon. She placed a long, wet kiss to Shego's throat since she was close to that tempting area. After a few seconds of panting, Kim began caressing her lover and realized something.

"You're very overdressed, tenshi," the younger warrior whispered.

"Are you going to do something about that?" Shego inquired with a half-smirk on her face.

Kim only grinned; the expression seemed slightly inappropriate for the moment they were in. The redhead picked herself up and quickly relieved her lover of her obi. Shego's clothing rapidly followed, joining Kim's attire in a pile by the door. The energized samurai then enthusiastically attacked the almost ethereal flesh underneath her. Shego expected the vigor that Kim hit her with, but she still ended up gasping because of the sheer delight that shot through her because of Kim's wonderful hands and mouth.

"You're so amazing," Shego muttered as Kim's mouth descended down her torso.

"Just trying to keep up with you," Kim replied before slipping her fingers between Shego's legs.

Shego ended up mumbling to the ceiling as Kim worked on her. Kim knew exactly what spots she needed to pay attention to for Shego to end up just a green mess of goo underneath her, but she actually danced around those areas. It was pay back for her lover teasing her a few minutes ago.

"Princess… don't be this way," Shego pled, knowing why Kim was only coming close to her sensitive spots and not touching them completely. It was so evil of her kitsune to be spiteful at such a time, she thought.

"Be patient, tenshi," Kim replied with a smile.

Shego snorted. She was not the patient one in the relationship and she did not want to be either. She started pulling at her mate and pushing her to where she wanted the redhead to be. Kim resisted, but she gave in after a little while because she was not as amused with tormenting her lover as Shego was when it came to her.

The pale woman moaned and groaned, moving into Kim's deep, darling caresses as those slender fingers did everything she liked right where she liked them. Kim's lips and tongue played with both of her breasts for a while, but she needed more. She bit into her lip once Kim kissed her way down her body. She inhaled deeply as her legs were suddenly on Kim's shoulders. The redhead certainly was not shy about anything anymore.

"Princess," Shego whimpered, hips moving with Kim's hands and tongue. She was so talented and Shego felt like she did not know what to do with herself.

Tears actually gathered in Shego's eyes from the heavenly feeling flooding through her system. Her hand fell to Kim's hair and she ran her fingers through the orange mane as delight consumed her. Her body moved with Kim until she felt like a great wave of pleasure hit her.

"Oh!" Shego groaned as her body was lost in everything that was Kim.

Shego shuddered and fell against the floor, breathing as if she had just come ashore from nearly drowning. She would have taken her time recovering if Kim did not do something she just could not resist; Kim licked her lips. Shego doubted there was anything sexier than that action, so she shot up and placed a zealous kiss to Kim's mouth.

Shego practically crawled over Kim to end up on top of the petite redhead, slipping her thigh in between Kim's legs. The kiss continued on with just as much energy as it had been started with. They both moaned as they felt delicious skin contact. They trembled together before they started grinding against each other at the same time.


Shego and Kim were hugged up on their futon. The shoji that opened out to the garden was slightly ajar to let some air in, mostly for Shego, who was on the side facing the door for that purpose. The couple was covered with a thin blanket, which was how they typically slept. They were still awake at the moment, even though they were both rather exhausted.

They enjoyed the silence and closeness they experienced, as if they were the only two people on the planet. The feeling allowed them to not have to worry about the future. They still took everything day by day, as they had when they were first traveling back to Edo. They did that because there were still challenges ahead of them and even though they believed strongly they could and would overcome anything put in their path, they still preferred not to think about those things. They would worry about the future when it was the present.

Besides, nothing could touch them in their opinions as long as they were together. They really doubted they had to worry about the future because they were such a force. They would rather think about how good the other felt when they were pressed together. They were so content that they never would have believed that it was possible if they were not able to experience. It had to be heaven, which would explain the angel next to her, Kim thought.

"Tenshi," Kim whispered.

"Hmm?" Shego replied.

"I love you."

"I know you do," Shego remarked, earning a laugh from her beloved. She had to smile some herself. "I feel the same way, kitsune. I love you and I always will."

Kim smiled and cuddled closer to Shego, not that it was really possible considering how close they were already. Shego leaned down and delivered one more kiss to her love's mouth. It was soft and sweet and returned as such. And, the lovers continued to lie there, to be together forever and always.


1: ryo: I'm pretty sure it's what the gold coins of the day were called.

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