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Never before had Sara been in such a bright building.

Every table in the waiting room had a brilliantly colored lamp on it, shining with what seemed to be 75-watt bulbs.

If those weren't enough, the chandelier above her head glistened with faux crystals, sending small rainbows across the walls and reminding her of a pediatric doctor's office.

Her fingers drummed anxiously on the hardback book she had been reading for the past hour. She wondered if they were having to take special precautions before letting her see him.

Sadness suddenly overwhelmed her heart.

Could he really be considered dangerous now?

Even to her?

That couldn't be possible.

But then again…

So much had changed since that day seven months ago.

Her title restored, her new job secured, everything in HER life was finally coming back together. But before the evidence her father had given her was reviewed and used to end their turmoil, tragedy had struck the brothers.

It hit one person in particular the hardest.

The very person she was going to visit this day, for the first time since he was sent here to live out the remainder of his life.

Lincoln's murder was painful to all of them, even her. And Sara would admit, she hadn't really known him all too well.

But seeing the reaction on his brother's face, as the shot rang out and the blood dampened the ground, it gripped and tore at her heart.

She recalled how his eyes had grown wide, and his lips opened wide to scream in horror at the sight of his bother falling limp. It was a sound she never wanted to hear again. It was bloodcurdling and painful, both physically and emotionally.

He had then swayed as if about to faint, and his knees literally buckled beneath him, sending them to crash into the cement they stood on.

She had rushed down to grasp his shoulders, shaking him desperately to bring him back to reality.

And he had, for just a moment, just time enough to keep anyone else from dying.

His tearful eyes grew sharp and angry, and while one arm wrapped around her waist as she pulled him to his feet, the other whipped around to his back to grab the gun that rested in his jeans.

Another shot deafened Sara's ears, but she could still hear him screaming while pulling the trigger.

All was silent then, and she looked up from the shoulder her head was buried in to see the man fall not twenty feet behind Lincoln's body. L.J was sobbing into her back, and it was the only sound she heard until the sirens began wailing in the distance.

That scream was the last thing anyone had ever heard come from Michael Scofield's mouth.

After the evidence cleared, the courts granted leniency on them, but the judge still had no choice but to send Michael away.

Not to prison. Not to house-arrest.

Here. This place.

The bright, colorful building she sat in now.

She still couldn't believe it.

"Miss Tancredi? You can see him now."

Her head shot up from the blurred pages of the book as she snapped back to the present. A door to her left opened, and an older woman with a warm smile motioned her to follow.

More bright lights hung from the ceiling of the long hallway.

If she didn't know better, she would have felt like she was in heaven, walking to the gates of St. Peter himself.

But no, she was certainly not dead.

She was very much alive, and had a young man by the name of Lincoln Jr. to care for now.

He wanted to come on this first visit. But she didn't think it was a good idea.

Not until she saw for herself just how bad it was.

"Here we are. You're free to go inside and speak with him, he hasn't shown any violence to anyone in the time that he's been here. But…don't expect much, Miss Tancredi…he doesn't speak."

The woman, whose nametag read "Donna", pointed her toward the large window to her right.

Two more steps forward, and there he was.

Sitting behind the glass, dressed in white, no cuffs or chains.

Sitting quietly, calmly…blankly.

Michael Scofield barely raised his head when she opened the door to his psyche room.