Buffy/Angel Crossover. What happens when the well-known slayer comes together with a man with a whole secret identity? The choice she made will effect the rest of her life.

"Hey Angel! How was work?" said Buffy anxiously.

"It was pretty good, the usual." said Angel.

Buffy opened her laptop and signed on to A&CO'S website to do the usual work she did. But she felt that undesirable feeling again. Something wasn't right.

"Hey Angel, are you sure nothing important happened A&CO today? Because something just doesn't feel right. Like something is out of place." anticipated Buffy.

"Um, well oh wait! Yeah something different did happen today. I was signing the usual documents when I noticed something that said I was being watched. It was really odd. I didn't really think of it much after that." explained Angel.

"Oh ok that could be it." said Buffy in a irrelevant tone.

"So what did you do today?" said Angel.

"Just the usual stuff, ya know, kicking ass and such." Buffy said laughing.

"haha yeah, the usual." said Angel.

"Have you talked to Spike lately? Said Buffy.

"Nah, not lately, Why?" Said Angel curiously.

"Oh just wondering. He usually comes around about this time but I Haven't heard from him either. Said Buffy.

"Why so fascinated with talking to Spike lately?" Angel said raising his tone.

"What's that supposed to mean? Your not accusing me of liking Spike, are you?" Said Buffy also raising her voice.

"Well, should I have to worry about these things? Because given your history with Spike, I'm not so sure I trust him, or better yet, you around him." said Angel.

"Well what the hell do you expect? You know how Spike is, and you expect me to just fight him off? You know I do have the right to try things. And I was just in a phase. Okay?" Said Buffy.

"Yeah, whatever." said Angel.

For it wasn't Spike that sparked her love interest, it was the new guy, Jensen.

"I've got to go. I'm late." said Buffy.

"Late for what?" said Angel

"Listen, what I do is my own business. I do not have to tell you everything. Don't make me lie to you." said Buffy.
Angel froze.

"What the hell do you mean. 'don't make me lie to you' that makes me think even more that your lying anyways. Your hiding something, and I will find what it is. Said Angel boldly.

"Like I said, it's none of your business." snapped Buffy.

30 minutes later.

"Hey, what took so long." said Jensen.

"It's Angel. Seriously Jensen he could easily find out about us. We can't hide this forever." sighed Buffy.

"Yeah, I know, but until then…" smirked Jensen.

"Hmm you didn't even have to say anything." Smiled Buffy, Giving in to his charm like the many times before.
Jensen and Buffy broke out into a series of passionate kisses.

"Jensen, we can't do this in such an open place. Anyone can see."

"Yeah your right, we should find some other place. Somewhere more secretive." said Jensen.

"I love you Jensen." smiled Buffy.

"I love you too." gleamed Jensen.