Finding A Way

Sequel to Do You Love Me?

Season; PRIS

Created by: AshleyAndrosForever A.k.A. Andros/Ashley/ZhaneForever (look at my profile)

Dedicated to: AshleyHammondAstroYellow & Arwennicole –If it weren't for you two I wouldn't have anyone to bounce ideas off of. Thanks guys!

Will This Work?

Dear Diary.

Hey sorry it's been so long. Well do I have news for you. You remember when I wrote telling you about Zhane? Well HE'S ALIVE! We where fighting outside the Mega Ship today and the ship took a few hits causing it to lose power, which caused Zhane to thaw out. He's now the silver power ranger. Andros was real glad he was back. Then again he should be as it is his fiancée. Andros never took his engagement ring off the chain around his neck. I wonder if he put it back on. Guess I'll find out later. OH someone's at my door. I'll write more later.

Ashley Hammond

Astro Yellow Ranger

"Come in" Ashley said as she put her diary back in it's hiding spot just as Andros and Zhane walked into the room.

Andros reached down and gave Ashley a small kiss on the check as did Zhane and then they sat down on the chair and bed.

"Do you have some time Ashley? The three of us need to talk." Andros said seriously.

Ashley nodded her head yes and Andros took a deep breath and the began to speak.

"Ashley, you know Zhane and I where engaged before he was frozen to save his life. Zhane, you know Ashley and I dated after she became the Astro Yellow Ranger and that she helped me take care of you for the past two months. You both are very special to me which is why I want you to consider what I am about to say instead of brush it off immediately. I love you both dearly and I don't want to lose either of you. Could we try a relationship. All three of us?" he asked uncertain that they would agree. Ashley was the first to speak.

"I made a promise to myself back when I first started helping you take care of Zhane. That if the two of you wanted to start your relationship again that I would back off." Andros and Zhane both opened their mouths to disagree with her but she silenced them with a look. "But I would be willing ot give this a try if it is what both of you want." She said finishing in a strong voice.

Andros and Zhane started at her for a moment shocked at her exclamation.

Zhane spoke first.

"Well that went better than expected." He said effectively breaking the tense mood causing all three of them to laugh.

Andros slowly pulled Ashley onto his lap and leaned back against Zhane closing his eyes.

Ashley and Zhane smiled at each other because of Andros's show of trust in both of them by closing his eyes.

Ashley raised herself to her knees and began to slowly kiss Andros's neck while Zhane began to kiss the nape of his neck as well causing him to moan.

Andros surrendered himself to their ministrations.

An hour later they we content with just laying in each others arms.

"Do you think this will really work?" Andros asked softly. Scared that his dream would stay just that. A dream.

"We'll find a way" Ashley said resting her head back on Zhane's chest.

"Yes, we'll find a way." Zhane echoed as they all drifted off to sleep.