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Chapter Seven: Shipwrecked Part Three

Ashley and Zhane woke up the next morning knowing that something in their relationship had changed last night for the better. Ashley smiled at Zhane's sleeping form and then pulled herself up out of the bed to find some clothes. She looked over at the nightstand and saw two piles of clothes and a note laying on top of them. She walked over to the pile and picked up the note and read it.

Ashley and Zhane,

I must say when I sent you two out here to bond I never expected it to work. Now I'm glad I did. You two where way to active last night for me not to have been involved though. We'll fix that later on though. I'm in the rec room whenever you wake up and who ever wakes up first let the other sleep and by the way I loved the show.



Ashley smiled at the thought of Andros being on board with them. She dressed quickly and practically skipped all the way to the rec room. She stepped into the rec room and looked around but didn't see Andros. She walked over to one of the side rooms the rec room had and just as she was about to open the door a pair of familiar arms wrapped around her waist. She leaned back into the warmth that she had missed.

"Hey Ash." He said his voice husky with desire.

"Mmmh why didn't you tell us you were here with us?" Ashley asked as she turned around in his arms to face him.

Andros laughed. "And miss the show I got last night? I don't think so. You two truly do care about each other. You just hid it very well!" he said nuzzling into her hair. He placed a kiss on her temple and then pulled her down onto a chair with him.

"You enjoy last night?" he asked with mirth in his voice.

"Yes. Although it would have been better if you where there." She pouted as she played with a piece of his dual toned hair.

"No but maybe later" he said shaking his head." I did this so the two of you could bond. It worked. So now I can stop playing peace maker in between you two and start loving you both."

Ashley smiled for the first time at the thought of the three of them actually dating as a true couple. It would be heaven.

Andros must have read her thoughts because he leaned down and captured her lips in a kiss that left her breathless. She pulled at his hair that was caught in between her fingers causing him to hiss and then moan as she changed tactics and began to massage his hair. He pulled her farther up onto his lap as he deepened the kiss allowing his tongue to run across her lips. A battle for domince began as their tongue's flicked around each others when someone coughed behind them. They broke apart guilty.

"Sorry. You sleep to late." Andros said as he pushed Ashley playfully off his lap and onto the floor in front of him so he could greet his other lover. Zhane allowed Andros to give him a sweet kiss and then he sat down on the floor beside Ashley taking her hand into his.

"No regrets?" he asked her, for once in his life serious.

"No regrets" was her reply as she pulled him in for a brief kiss.

Ashley closed her eyes and laid her head back on Zhane's leg while Andros ran his hands through her hair and placed her legs across his lap.

"Heaven" Zhane sighed summing up all of their feelings in one word.

Ashley and Andros agreed with him.

Ashley froze as both boys began to draw their tongues across either side of her neck causing her to shiver. It was an odd feeling but she loved it. To know that both of her boyfriends loved her as much as they loved each other although they had loved each other longer.

She gasped when Andros bite her neck.

"That had better not mark." She said in between gasps of pleasure. Andros just grunted that he heard her as he continued to bite and lick one side of her neck while Zhane did the same to the other.

Ashley smiled when Andros's hand found Zhane's and then both of their hands found the back zipper of the shirt she was wearing. They slowly shed her, and each other, of their clothing and proceeded, for the first time in their relationship to make love to one another.

The End

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