Chapter 1: A New Beginning

"THIS IS FOR GOHAN!!!" Trunks yelled as he killed Android 18….finally after almost 2 Decades, someone had the power to put this misery to an end.

Trunks warm golden Super Saiyan aura surrounded his body…..he suddenly felt completely at ease. Knowing that he had the power, to avenge all those killed, & most importantly, his best friend Gohan who had died 5 years prior. He turned around to face Android 17 who was staring in disbelief.

"Kid….that was one mistake you won't live to regret." the maniacal Android said

"You think this life is all about you, don't you….what about the others? The ones that you 2 killed" Trunks shot back & as sprinted off the ground & kicked Android 17. Trunks then jumped into the air & after a few flips…he fired his finishing blast…

"BE GONE!!!" He yelled as he killed Android 17.

Trunks slowly came to the ground & reverted from his Super Saiyan state and helped up an injured man. Trunks knew that in 3 years Cell would arrive & attempt to kill him, but with no Androids to absorb, killing Cell would be an easy task at Trunks current Power Level. A smile then came over Trunks face…at last, he, his mother, & his planet could finally live in peace.

Trunks returned to his house to give his mother the good news….

"Mother…it's finally over" Trunks said

Bulma dropped to her knees & began to cry in joy.

Trunks took Bulma in his arms & held her close to him.

"At last…Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, Yamcha, everyone has been avenged" Bulma said

"Gohan….." Trunks thought

"Mother, there is something I need to do, I'll be right back" said Trunks.

Trunks powered up his aura & flew off. He then landed in a grassy area….he walked over to a Grave…the grave of Gohan.

"Hi Gohan…." Trunks started

"It's finally over….I avenged you and all of our other fallen comrades. I went back in time….mothers Time Machine actually worked. I also met your father, he was an amazing man Gohan. Thank you for training me…..& having faith in me, remembering your confidence in me helped me through a lot of the tougher times. Goodbye."

A small tear rolled down Trunks cheek as he flew back home.

6 Months Pass

It is now December 2'nd…a little over 6 months after Trunks finished off the Androids….cities are now being re-built, peoples lives are getting back to normal. Some are even seeing peace for the first time in their short lives….Trunks being among them. Capsule Corp is a big part of the re-building process….with them fully back in business a lot of new technology is being introduced to the world, which is helping speed up the recovery process of the planet.

Trunks was enjoying some relaxation in his bedroom while drinking some Hot Chocolate, when Bulma entered his room.

"Trunks….I wanna make some Spare Ribs tonight for dinner….can you go pick some up at the Market." She said.

"OK, mother….I'll be back in a few." He replied.

Trunks threw on his Denim Jacket & headed out. It was a very cold evening….the Temperature was in the low teens. But Trunks didn't mind, he enjoyed the cold weather. The cold air blowing against his face & through his long Lavender hair felt good, it reminded him of the icy conditions he went through in the Hyper-Bolic Time Chamber the very first time he sparred with his father in there.

He arrived at the Market, walked in & headed to the Meats section to pick out some Ribs.

"Hmmm, they all look pretty good" he thought, when just then……

"OH MY GOD!!! IT'S YOU!!!" Shouted some girl as she ran up to Trunks

"I can't believe I actually found you." she said

"Um….I'm sorry, have we met before?" Said a confused Trunks

"Oh, excuse me….not exactly….I saw you that day 6 months ago, you were the one who killed the Androids….you're hair is longer than before, but I'd recognize your face anywhere." the girl said

Who is this girl? And what is in store for Trunks now that he has met her? Find out in Chapter 2.