Chapter 6: 2 Wise Declamations

It's a rainy day at Capsule Corp. The sky is gloomy and Bulma is just coming to realization with what happened last night between her and Trunks. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Bulma makes her way over to the door and when she opens it, she is surprised to see Master Roshi at her door.

Bulma wiped the tears from her eyes and managed to get out a few words.

"Roshi, it's been years. What are you doing here?"

Master Roshi looked at her with a focused and calm look upon his face.

"It's alright my dear, I know everything. Trunks came to my place last night"

Bulma invited Roshi in and they sat down on the couch with some tea. Roshi's face and mannerisms did not change. He stayed very calm and serious.

"Bulma…why?" Roshi asked.

"She's not right for him, he doesn't need to be going out with her. He thinks tha-"

"That's not for you to decide." Roshi interrupted

Bulma flinched in anger but continued on with what she was saying.

"He thinks that they're in love. One date and he's in love? He doesn't know what love is"

Master Roshi took a sip of his tea and placed it down. He looked to Bulma and said

"Of course they're not in love. I know that. You know that. Like you said, the boy doesn't know what love is. He lived in a Nightmare'ish world since his birth. He's never felt love from anyone but you. Now suddenly, the world is at peace, and he can lead the life of a normal young man. He meets this girl and feels some affection from her and he assumes it's love. Trunks needs to learn the ways of life on his own without you interfering."


Roshi jumped up and with an angry persona yelled


Bulma almost began to laugh and she looked at a now fuming Roshi and said…

"Respect you say? This is coming from the perverted old man who practically sees all women as sex objects. Not to mention the same old man who asked a 16 year old me to show him her panties"

"Yes…and how much does it sting to know that even a man like me has more respect for the poor girl than you" Roshi responded

Roshi turned around and walked out the door. Leaving Bulma to ponder that.

Back at Kame House, Trunks is just waking up. Tired from the events of last night, he wakes up to find Master Roshi no where to be found. So he heads to Master Roshi's DVD collection to watch something. Much to his dismay…

"Girls Gone Wild: Miami, Girls Gone Wild Games, Barney The Horny Dinosaur…doesn't the Master have anything but porn?...Oh here we go…uh…Dr. Phil?...Oh well, better than nothing."

A few minutes later Master Roshi returned to his island…

"Ho…watchya watching lad?" Roshi asked

"Um…" Trunks began, but decided to let the TV speak for it's self.

"So when you call him a dirtbag, you're expecting a response. But it's not always going to be one that you want to here. He's likely going to retaliate. You can't just get more angry because he fights back. In a relationship, you both need to voice your opinions"

"Oh…um…uh…that belongs to…Baba…YEAH…that's right" Roshi said nervously

Trunks just smiled and asked where he'd been. Roshi told him expecting him to be upset, but surprisingly for Roshi, Trunks didn't care.

"I doubt talking to her will do any good Master Roshi…but what exactly did you say?" Trunks asked.

"I merely spoke from the heart lad. I told her she was wrong…trust me, I still know how to give a good speech." Roshi responded

Suddenly the phone rang, Roshi picked it up to hear Bulma on the other end. Roshi relayed what Bulma said to Trunks, telling him that Bulma said Katie was at their house and that she wanted to talk to them both. Trunks then jumped up and flew out the window in a burst of Aura and in a mere moment was at Capsule Corp.

Trunks took a deep breath and entered the large building. To be greeted by Katie and a disgusted Bulma.

"OK you 2 hear me out. You go on one date and Trunks says that he's in LOVE…how do you feel Katie?" Bulma said confidently.

Bulma was hoping Katie would think Trunks was crazy.

"I love him too. He's so amazing, sweet, and he's a hero. He's the perfect man."

"What? YOU LOVE HIM!?!? You're just adults who are acting foolish and childish." Bulma responded

"Mother, you're not going to stop me from going out into the dating world." Trunks said.

Katie looked at Trunks confused and asked what was going on. Trunks told her the events from the previous night.

"How horrible…Mrs. Briefs. Please stop this foolishness, Trunks is a grown man."

"He's my baby, he's not yours to take" Bulma shot back

"I've heard enough mother. Look, I love you, but you're acting like a real bitch. I won't stand for this."

"Now you listen to me-" Bulma began

But she was cut off by a sudden voice…

"SHUT UP WENCH!!! Goddamn, all you do is bitch and moan."

"V-Vegeta?" Bulma asked

Trunks and Katie looked confused at each other.

"Look, I've been watching over this stupidity here with Kakarot on the World of the Kai's. I have no clue what that half-breed did while in the past to gain my respect. But from what I've heard between you 2 talking, he somehow did gain it. So I'm going to help him out." Vegeta said

"Vegeta…you of all people…you don't want your own son with a girl like her?"

"Hpmh…I don't see anything wrong with her. She's hot, that's all that matters to me. It's the only reason I slept with you that night" Vegeta said with a chuckle.

"That's not true Vegeta…there was passion that night. You DO love me deep down."

"…Well…maybe, I do love you. And maybe I love that boy too. That's why I don't want to see you 2 torn apart…Bulma, I…….SHUT UP KAKAROT!!! I-I….I-I'm only saying this so she'll listen to me….I AM NOT LYING!!! SHUT UP!!!...I do not love her…do not… not….do not….do not….OH FINE, I guess I do…but don't tell the Namek."

Bulma stood there and just smiled

"Goku…heh, those 2 still don't get along." she thought

"Anyway…Bulma…do you remember when your parents disapproved of me impregnating you? They hated me, wanted me gone…but you won't let that happen. You fought them…and lucky for them…if they tried to kick me out, I woulda killed them had I not been to intent on my training…but anyway. You're doing the same thing to the half-breed…don't make the same mistake as your parents. Besides, this girl isn't even like I was, you have no reason to hate her…Goodbye" Vegeta said as his voice faded off

Bulma just stood there half-smiling with a tear in her eye.

Now that Vegeta has spoken to Bulma from Beyond the Grave, will Bulma come to her senses and will her feelings change? Find out in Chapter 7.