Author's note: They say inspiration comes in all forms. Well, the inspiration for this story is very true to life. Let's just say, some things are too good to be fiction.

Except this story. Enjoy!


This fuckin' sucks. I know I'm qualified.

Ayanna Martin was more than a little frustrated. She was damn near pissed-off. Fired from her unfulfilling job two weeks earlier, she has been looking for employment. At first, she was being picky and only wanted direct hire jobs. But being without a paycheck for two weeks was making her more than a little apprehensive. She immediately scored several interviews and many considered her a top candidate. Yet, her skills and qualifications simply were not enough and she always came in second.

Always the bridesmaid---never the bride.

Ayanna once again stared at the computer screen in front of her. Her resume was perfect; impeccable, even. She could type at 75 wpm; 80, if she was showing off. She knew Microsoft suite like the back of her hand. She found the best deals for coordinating both domestic and international travel. She was so organized, Ayanna was known to alphabetize her canned vegetables.

Yet, she was unemployed and she was starting to get desperate. She almost considered working at McDonald's to make ends meet. Yeah, because Mom and Dad would love how I spent my college tuition.

Ayanna decided to check her e-mail again to see if any more job interviews were sent. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw a potential opportunity from Parker-Williams Aerospace, Inc. She quickly clicked on the e-mail and read the message in its entirety.

I saw your resume online and I was wondering if I can schedule an interview with you. Please respond with a resume in Word format. Contact me if there are any questions.

David Bautista


Parker-Williams Aerospace, Inc.

Ayanna rolled her eyes. She wanted to get excited but she has been led on more times she could remember and doing a happy dance just wasn't in her. She replied to the e-mail letting David know she was interested and attached her resume. We'll just see what happens now, won't we?

However, when Ayanna re-read the e-mail, something jumped out at her. David Bautista. Where have I heard that name before?


His phone wouldn't stop ringing off the hook. Whenever he answered one e-mail, at least ten more popped into his inbox. He was calmly going out of his mind and the stress wasn't easing up, either. His desk was a scattered mess. Files were stacked on the floor in piles so high, he often had to step over the crates to get to his desk. David Bautista often wondered what he was thinking by not getting an assistant sooner.

He searched high and low all over the internet job websites for the perfect assistant. Several interviews later, he still haven't found his perfect match. Some had no experience, some had no education. But they all had the same dimwitted vibe that he wasn't a fan of.

First candidate:

"Do you have any experience in Excel?" He asked.

"Yes! I excel at everything I do!"

Second candidate:

"Have you coordinated travel arrangements?" Dave asked.

"Oh yeah, I planned Spring Break for me and 8 girlfriends!"

Third candidate:

"What are your best character traits?"

"Well, I love my smile and I have strong legs."

Dave shook his head. "No, I meant your character traits."

"Oh, isn't that what I was talking about?"

Dave just about given up looking for anyone until he saw Ayanna's resume. Her background and education was quite impressive. As he read more of her e-mail, he was anxious to get her in for an interview and didn't hesitate to click the send button. After he sent the e-mail, he noticed Ayanna worked at a place he was familiar. Niguel Pacific University. I know that place. He then looked at Ayanna's name. She sounds familiar. I wonder if she worked with Kristal…..


The following morning, Ayanna arrived at Parker-Williams. She had no trouble finding the building and parked in the structure. As she waited for her appointment, Ayanna found herself fidgeting a little. She was never nervous about an interview before and Lord knew she had been on more than enough to calm any fears. She was nervous about the no-so coincidence about Dave. Sure, there were many David Bautistas in the world but they did all work in the same aerospace company? Did they all work in a nearby city?

Above all, did they all used to date her former boss?

"Ayanna Martin? Mr. Bautista is ready to see you." The receptionist led her to his office.

Upon entering Dave's office, Ayanna was greeted by a gentleman being on the phone with his chair facing the window. He motioned for her to sit at his desk. First impression? You're an asshole, Ayanna thought.

"Alright, I'll give you a call tomorrow. See ya'." Dave then hung up the phone and turned around to face Ayanna. "Thank you for meeting me on such short notice."

The soft-spoken demeanor and deep voice solidified any doubt Ayanna had. The striking features and soul patch were an exact match to what she had seen in pictures. The only difference was he shaved his head again but there was not a single doubt in Ayanna's mind who Dave was.

He was Kristal's ex-boyfriend. The one that called every day. The one that swept her off her feet. The one that broke her heart. "You're welcome." She smiled.

Ayanna and Kristal had a close bond. Ayanna and Kristal shared everything from beauty treatments to nightclub recommendations to the latest celebrity gossip. It was only natural that duo shared the most intimidate details of their romantic relationships.

Kristal was heavily involved with Dave during the time she worked for the university, and he often called. Ayanna was too shy to meet him but she caught him on the phone a few times. His smooth voice was heaven to her ears and she swore she melted whenever he called. Moreover, with Kristal sharing everything about Dave except his blood type, Ayanna was intrigued.

Dave looked over Ayanna's resume and nodded. "Very impressive work you have here."

"Thank you." She replied.

Dave took off his reading glasses. "So why should I hire you?"

"Because I'm detail-oriented and organized. I'm a hard-worker and I have a lot of experience."

"Tell me something that's not a canned answer." Dave replied.

Ayanna smiled. Kristal told her Dave always challenged everyone around him. "Because I am the best at what I do. And I won't stop until I'm satisfied with my results."

"That's what I like to hear." Dave grinned. "So you're comfortable answering my e-mails and transcribing my phone messages?" He asked.

Ayanna reminisced to another memory that Kristal shared about Dave. "Girl, he fucked me so hard last night. He twisted my body in so many positions, I can't describe a lot of the shit." "Not a problem." She smiled.

"And coordinating my travel? I travel about two to three times a month." He stated.

Ayanna smiled as she thought about when Kristal came to work and was surprised by a dozen roses and three balloons. "To the most beautiful girlfriend in the world." Kristal said as she read the card. "Damn, I'm a lucky bitch." "Yes, I can do that." She smiled.

"Well, you definitely met all of the qualifications and I think you'll make a great addition to the team here." Dave nodded. "When can you start?"

Ayanna would never forget the one fateful day Kristal came in to work. It was obvious she had spent most of the night crying due to her puffy and red eyes. "It was a mutual decision." Kristal sniffled. "We needed to go our separate ways." Ayanna shook her head. She knew the real reason was Dave didn't want to commit to Kristal, despite the fact they had been together for four years.

Although she never met Dave, Ayanna had a secret hatred for him. Now she had enough dirt on him to write three novellas. "Tomorrow." She smiled.