1Demon of the Hyuugas

The prologue

This is a, "Naruto with any1 but yaoi", production.

Pairings are Tenten /Naruto /Hinata

Naruto is a year older, same age as Neji, Tenten, and Mr. I have lots of youth because im high!

My second fic, please check out first, "Desert love", which will be updated soon, (beta just got it and I got a broken hand err fingers.

Well here we go


The battle against the Kyuubi no Kitsune was finally over but the sacrifice for it's defeat was beyond what anyone could ever dream of. The loss of their Hokage, thousands of lives and a future life filled with nothing but everlasting pain and misery I speak of non other than Uzumaki Naruto his parents were currently unknown but at the cost of his future happiness he was sacrificed for existing ones, if it was not for this child noone would of survived the attacked but the Yodaime Hokage managed to seal the fox's spirit inside of the newborn Naruto at the cost of his own life. However many don't believe the hokage sealed the demon inside of him and instead believed he changed its appearance or reincarnated it into a child the theory varied on the villager but now the savior was being held in the Hokage tower where the third took over as the hokage once again in order to help decide the baby's fate.

So here they were, the village council and the old Hokage sitting in a circle around the screaming child on a pedestal obviously crying in pain from the demon's chakra counteracting with the body of its new host, "I say we just kill the kid and destroy the oni (demon) once and for all and get it over with", a Chunin on guard duty said moving from his post by the door and started to approach the baby boy while drawing out a fuma shurikun.

But luckily an elderly women who happened to be a seal user came to his rescue before the naive ninja could reach his target, "We cannot do that Mizuki, after all I am unfamiliar with this seal for the most part and killing the baby may release the oni in its original form", she said staring daggers at Mizuki for even considering such an action without approval.

Mizuki just returned the glare, "Then do you have any other idea! Look at the kid! There is no way he's gonna hold and you said it yourself you're unsure about the seal so who to say it won't break any minute and if it does we just wasted our best chance at finished it off! ow move aside woman!", Mizuki yelled with every intention to kill Naruto before taking off at full speed at the screaming child, "Repent for your sins now demon!"

However before Mizuki could reach his target a brown-haired chunin elbowed him in the stomach knocking him back a few feet causing him to drop the giant weapon, "Mizuki, don't you fucking dare touch this kid, if there is even a small chance of him surviving then it is our duty as human beings to help him through this torture", the chunin announced before picking up Mizuki's weapon and holding it up in a defensive stance, "Or I swear I will be forced to raise my hand upon you my friend"

The silvered haired man hunched over gripping his side had just snarled at the pineapple haired man, "Fine Iruka but I want you and all of you", he pointed at the council, "To remember I offered you people a way out and if the demon does get set free it will not be on my head", and with those words he left to return to his post except this time he guarded the door from the outside.

Iruka dropped the weapon to turn his attention to the current Hokage, "Hokage-sama I apologize for Mizuki's interruption please do not punish him to severely he only had the village's best intentions in mind", Iruka said while bowing to Sarutobi.

The elderly smiled at Iruka's obvious loyalty to the village, it was people like him that made him want to take the position as Hokage in te first Hokage, "Thank you Iruka, Mizuki will be dealt with as necessary, most likely a temporary suspension, however your display was not necessary the child was already well protected"

Iruka gave the kind man a confused look, "Forgive Hokage-sama but I do not see how that is possible, the only way you people could possibly protect Naruto from Mizuki are with shurikun and you are all unarmed for any jutsus used would have surly caused the death of someone besides Iruka or at least some major collateral damage"

The Hokage kept up his smile and simply tossed a pen over his shoulders at Naruto, but before it came within a foot its blew up into smoke, but the most shocking thing was the none of the elders seemed fazed by the small explosion.

Iruka was dumfounded by this information, I mean a barrier? That seemed a little extreme but before he could question the kage he was ushered put by the arrival of the head clan leaders, "Hokage-sama", Hiashi started, "What is the meaning of this? Our clan's ninja have reported rumors that the demon is still alive and you are actually considering letting it live", the last commit was a statement rather than a question.

An elderly woman by the name of Koharu came to the Hokage's defense immediately at hearing the Hyuuga's leader's accusations, "Well perhaps if you relied on more facts rather rumors you would know that the information you gathered is only partially true, for one the demon is not alive merely sealed into a kid and we hav-", A large chakra spiked throughout the room and all bloodlines reacted to the familiar chakra, animals came to their owners defenses, doujutsus activated, shadows swirled and the rest went into their own clan's fighting stances all having their attention focused on the now hysterically crying baby.

Another elder by the name of Homura started to place extra seals around the baby, "Quick we must act now! Koharu help me the seal isn't holding!", the man yelled frantically drawing a numbers of seals around the baby's pedestal in order to add more strength to the dead kage's seal.

Koharu quickly ran to assist the man in his work, while Hiashi, now curious about this demon vessel used his byakugan to find the source of the chakra, "Dear kami", he gasped for once Hiashi was actually scared, not nervous, not uneasy, but scared at the sight of the one of the demon's mere eyes appearing and slowly moving towards the head of child as if there was an open passage, "The demon's chakra is escaping through the baby's head", Hiashi said in a blanked out voice still memorized by the child.

The two seal experts just nodded while still drawing up seals and creating a couple from nowhere before Homura gasped catching his breath, "Ok we have only been able to reinforce the seal for an hour or so and now I'm sure that the demon will be freed whether or not we kill the baby, also I hate to say it but there is only one seal that I can think of that will defiantly stop the kid from releasing the demon", the man said sadly know the child's life will be ruined from this day forward.

Shikaku Nara decided to speak up, "Maybe I'm missing something here but as long as it saves the child's and our lives along with the village what the big deal? I mean it can't be that troublesome? Can it?", he said lazily before yawning and mumbling something about a troublesome baby keeping him up all night. (Guess who that baby is)

"Well you see", the man started, "He actually needs the caged bird seal and GAH!", he yelled covering his ears and moving towards Naruto and placed a sound barrier around the crying child to block out the crying then clearing his throat resumed talking, "Now as I was saying he needs a cage bird seal, I have a theory if stimulated enough by pain we can bring the boy's mind to become more aware of his own existence allowing him to fight off the fox's chakra, but I will also need to change the seal to absorb chakra as well as filter it out, so", he turned his attention to Hiashi, "The only one here that knows how to place a caged bird seal here without fail is you Hiashi so it is your decision"

Hiashi looked at the Hokage who returned the look but with worried one, then he looked to the rest of the elders, "I will do it on one condition and this condition is unnegotiable", he said with a smile one his face at what was to come next.

"What!", third elder known as Danzo who has kept quiet finally decided to speak out, "You are a fucking lunatic your options are either die or preform the seal so make your damn choice! And another thing, what use for the demon spawn could you possibly have?", he questioned angrily in his normal brash behavior.

The hokage offended that the boy who saved their lives was being prosecuted already scolded the bandaged man, "You will not speak of Naruto that way and Hiashi", redirecting his attention to

the Hyuuga elder, "However I too am curious as to why you want Naruto in your clan, without the byakugan he would be completely useless to your fighting methods", the queried Hiashi carefully not wanting harm to come upon the tiny hero.

The white eyed man held up a noble posture and told his reasoning, "Well as for the byakugan I can take care of that problem and for my reasons I have many some are good some are bad, however the I will give you some, remember how the child is being called the reborn Kyuubi no Kitsune?", all nodded and ushered him to continue, "Well it's obvious they will attempt to kill him and at the Hyuuga compound I think he has a much higher chance of survival than in a public orphanage with the people who want to kill him for no Hyuuga in the compound will attempt to harm the boy and to make sure of it I will make it a clan law with the penalty of death and place him in the care of Hizashi my brother", he finished.

However some were not buying Hiashi's reasoning, all he did was say it was safe for Naruto not why he wanted Naruto, "Hiashi you are avoiding the question, now I will ask again. Why do you want Naruto Uzumaki?", the Hokage asked annoyed.

"Well like I said it would be safe for him and I refuse to let a commoner walk around with a symbol of the mighty and noble Hyuuga clan even if it is from the branch family, but most importantly for protection of the byakugan", Hiashi announced to them, "But I doubt you will disagree to my proposal after all like Danzo said, either I do the seal or we all die"

The village guardian sighed as his put his hands up to massage his temples, "Fine Hiashi but know this", the Hokage glared daggers at the young man, "If any harm does come to this child you will regret it", he said in a dangerous tone.

Hiashi chucked, "Is that a threat Hokage-sama? If so I believe it was uncalled for, now if you don't mind I think we should start with the seal ritual", and with that they all gathered around Naruto to preform thee ritual that some belivied to be the ending of one's freedom.


A half an hour later

Hiashi was currently walking down the street with his wife who was cradling the new born baby who was giggling which was actually a rare sight for one who just got a Hyuuga seal on them, and three branch members. It turns out that the ritual was a huge success almost as soon as the enhanced symbol was place upon him the baby's eyes shot open revealing a sapphire blue and all the demon's chakra was filtered throughout the seal, "He sure is a cuttie, don't you think Hiashi-sama?", females in the Hyuuga clan were not allowed to address their life partners with any formality other than -sama in public.

Hiashi slightly blushed knowing where she was going with this, "Yes he is indeed very ahem cute however this will be Hizashi's child to raise he thinks Neji may have some hidden potential he wants to awaken so he and his wife want a second child the same age as Neji as a sparring partner so I think this would be a good gift after the transfer ritual", Hiashi looked over to his wife to see her stop walking with hand covering her mouth.

"Hi-Hiashi-sama that ritual is outlawed inside the village after Orochimaru's experiments, remember?", she whispered quietly into his ear after catching back up to him.

The white eyed man stared into his beautiful wife's eyes, "I know my sweet Koishi, but noone will know besides me, you, and a few clan members", he softly told her before kissing her on the lips and taking Naruto from her arms and entering the compound.

"Gaki, Bonomaru, Genji!", he yelled upon entering the clan house, "Bring me Shisou's and Sakuhime's newborn and meet me in the basement!"

Three ninjas with pearly white eyes came from nowhere and appeared in the room, "Yes my lord", the three said at once before taking off to get the baby.

Hiashi followed the main hallway before coming to an dead end which automatically opened up a door upon activation of his byakugan, the man swiftly entered the doors and went down the path underground until stopping at an old alter and waited a good five minutes before the three ninjas returned back with a crying infant which caused Naruto to start crying as well, "Dammit put them on the table so we may begin this thing!"

"Yes sir!", the three said as each baby was carefully restrained by a man and the third one began the transfer by first activating a chakra scalpel and remove the Hyuuga's eyes, then held the eyes to Naruto and did same, but this time upon removal of the eyes he inserted the now dead Hyuuga's.

Now it was done the ritual that made Naruto and official Hyuuga, Hiashi held the baby into the air and smiled staring into the once white eyes that now had a blueish hue in it, "So it has begun the life of the Hyuuga demon, Naruto Uzumaki Hyuuga!"


well there you have it and what I think is cool I was inspired to write this fic by the song, "Guarded", by disturbed if you read it below you may get an idea of what this Fic is going to be about.

Guarding yourself from the love of another
Left you with nothing tonight!
Why does it sound like the devil is laughingLeaving me haunted tonight!
You did decide...

Now I want you, when you're gone, and now it's like
You're holding something just in front of me
Well then, I can't allow this to become another
One of those times that I'm left in the cold, dead
There's no compromise!Just another time
I know I need to sever

Guarding yourself from the love of another
Left you with nothing tonight!
Why does it sound like the devil is laughing
Leaving me haunted tonight!
You did decide...

Ever haunted, by the trappings of this life
Sweet redemption, just in front of me
Well now, it seems once again that I've lost another
One of the one's that have broke through the wall
Fate won't compromise!
I have sold my soul,
And now the devil's laughing
You did decide...

You were bold and strong, and ready to begin your life
All for nothing, you were sacrificed
You began alone, and so it will be when you die
All for nothing, will you be remembered?
You did decide...

Guarding yourself from the love of another
Left you with nothing tonight!
So now you know why the devil is laughing
He left you with nothing tonight!You did decide...

Also I may possibly need a beta for this story in case my others doesn't like the idea.