"Blender, check. Coffee pot, check. Door…" Lois noted the wobbly hinge. "A little rickety."

"Hey, Lo, you mind if I check my email?" Chloe asked, brushing past her cousin and heading over to the kitchen table where Lois's laptop was still set up.

"No, go ahead," Lois replied, continuing her mental tally of possible things 'amiss'. "Ladle…majigger, check."

Chloe lowered herself into a chair and pressed the power button on the laptop.

"Has this wall always been here?"

Chloe looked up to see Lois running a hand down the far wall. "What?"

"This wall. It looks funny."

Chloe's eyes widened in amusement. "Lo, I think that wall actually holds up the roof. How long have you lived here again?"

"I'm just taking inventory. Someone has to account for what we did on those missing days, and if you kill someone, the first thing you do is erect a wall to stash the body."

"Erect a wall...?"

"Didn't you ever read The Cask of Amontillado?"

"Murder and mayhem. Must have been one crazy weekend if the result is none of us remembering anything," Chloe commented, waiting for the computer to power up.

"If you think that's bad, I should tell you about the first time I was introduced to Jose Cuervo."

Chloe laughed. "Actually, I have heard that story already."

"Suit yourself. I would almost rather tell the Kents that story then try to explain how four hours ago we all ended up in a shrapnel filled room at Summerholt."

Clark's parents were on their way back to Smallville and they were certainly going to want to know the details behind their weekend adventure… which unfortunately were the exact things none of them could remember.

"What is Clark doing anyway?" Chloe asked.

"He's patching the hole in the wall of the barn. How it got there is beyond me." A dangerous glint sparkled in Lois's eye. "I should check on him."

Chloe peered at her warily. That glint didn't bode well for Clark. When Lois pulled a glass from the cabinet and began filling it with Lemonade from the pitcher in the refrigerator, Chloe's eyebrows rose.

Is she taking that out to Clark?

She knew that the animosity between her cousin and her best friend was largely an act, but Lois voluntarily doing something nice for Clark, like bringing him a cool drink while he was doing manual labor, would be out of character.

When Lois lifted the glass to her mouth and took a long draw, Chloe's heckles settled. Lois enjoying a cool drink while Clark was doing manual labor was more like it. She shook her head and chuckled softly as Lois, drink in hand, made her way to the door.

Lois paused right before she exited and rapped her knuckles against random spots on the wall. "Sounds hollow..."

Chloe shot her cousin an exasperated look. "It's load-bearing. I promise."

Lois gave one last unconvinced shrug before disappearing outside.

Chloe turned her attention back to Lois' computer and called up her gmail account. She scowled when all her efforts got her was a pesky white window. After a few attempts at her trusty keystroke magic, the result was still the same.

Sever down.

Chloe regarded the blank screen with sympathy. "I know how you feel, Amigo." She grabbed her bag off the counter and slung it over her shoulders. "Mi casa it is."

"You missed a spot."

Clark turned to see Lois making her way toward the couch. She arched an eyebrow and pointed to the opening in the wall that he was still working on filling. "Thank God for quality control," he replied sarcastically.

"How do you think that got there anyway?"

"Maybe I accidentally pushed you through the wall."

"We'll never know will we?" Lois made a mocked amused face and lowered to sit on the couch. "There should be a warning on that Smallville welcome sign out on the highway. Smallville: The home of meteor showers and memory loss."

She drained her glass and set it on the floor next to the couch. "First that whole witches brew thing at Chloe's birthday and now this. I just hope I didn't do anything embarrassing like buy hooker clothes like last time."

"I didn't think they were that bad," Clark offered.

"You wouldn't," Lois said with a smirk.

He frowned and turned back to face the wall. He tried to remember where he had put the hammer. He would need it if Lois was planning to stay around. "Did you come up here to help, or just provide a running commentary?"

"Hmmm. I'll take Running Commentary for $500, Alex." Lois made herself comfortable and reclined on the couch, crossing her arms behind head as she lay back.

"What the…?"

Clark turned around at her exclamation. "What?"

Lois sat up and squinted as she peered at the ceiling. "Is that burned on?"

Clark looked up and swallowed. Branded on the ceiling was an elaborately drawn – or singed – inscription. CK and LL forever.

For its generic meaning, the design was actually quite artistic and very… precise.

Lois burst into laughter. "Well, I guess we know what you spent the past few days thinking about. Or should I say whom you spent the past few days thinking about." She patted him on the cheek as if he were the poor village idiot. "You are so predictable, Kent."

Clark released a breath and rubbed a hand over his eyes. Now it was his turn to hope he hadn't done anything embarrassing.

I'd better call Lana.