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Sequel to Consequences of Stupid and Curious Harry

'Mr. Potter.' Sneered Snape.

" OMG, NOOO." Thought Harry.

He was immediately reminded of his last thought about the man

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' Snape..' He muttered darkly, staring at his shoes.

'Where are you going?'

Okay, this was getting too creepy for words.

He'd sounded gentle.

' Just…Upstairs.' He lied. He was doing that a lot lately.

'Really?' Oh GOOD GOD he was back to his normal despiteful self.

' Yeah.' Harry squeaked as Snape inched closer.

' I'm not buying it.' He said sharply.

'What? Who said anything about shopping?'

Really, Snape wasn't making Harry much more intelligent.

' You are going out, aren't you?' Said Snape with a smile.

' Meep.' And then… then..

Snape laughed.

He was laughing his ass off.

Seriously , I am NOT kidding.

' SOMEONE HELP MEEEEE!!!' He shrieked as Snape clung onto him , shaking with laughter so badly he could not stand on his own feet.

Remus, Ron, Sirius, Hermione and Fred quickly stood by his side.

' What's the matter , Harry?' Asked a dishevelled looking Remus.

'He's touching me.' Harry said helplessly , trying to shrug Snape off.

' I can see that.' Sirius said with badly masked disgust.

' Get him off me!' Harry was near to hysterics now.

'Oh , right!' Said Remus, and he and the others pulled Snape off Harry, the former still laughing madly.

' Well, we must be going then!' Said Hermione, looking all dressed up.

'Yes, we must.' Harry said, rapidly following her out of the kitchen.


As they ( The twins, Harry, Hermione, Ginny and Ron) arrived at the club called La Strada, they saw it was pretty crowded.

'We know the owner, I'm her cousin,' said Hermione.

Her aunt owned the club, and as she was married to a Wizard, the club was a Wizard one.

' Hermione Granger?' Asked the rough looking man that stood in front of the club, (How do you call those men??)

'Yes, that's me.' She shot him a charming smile and he stepped aside quickly.

'I've heard many promising things about you!' He called after her.


'What the hell is Ron doing?' Said Harry, staring at his best friend, who was currently holding a tongue-battle.

' It looks pretty..' started Fred

'Obvious to me.' Finished George, who held Fred in a hug from behind.

'Why aren't you dancing with a girl?' Hermione said, being a bit bored herself.

' Well,…there aren't any girls I like.' Harry said off handed.

' Cho's over there.' Pointed Ginny.

' So…?' They all sighed and let it go.

Harry was in denial, they were sure of that!

Harry was having the strong feeling he was being watched.

He just didn't know who was doing it.

He looked around the room for any familiar faces, but only found Malfoy who was looking at him with mild interest.

Wait a sec…

After a moment he looked again, Malfoy was still eying him.

'Herm…Tell me I am wrong, please, but is Malfoy checking me out?' He whispered.

'WHAT?!' She yelled over the loud music.

Harry repeated himself and Hermione saw Malfoy was indeed doing just that.

' Yes , he is. I must say , Harry, that maybe it wasn't so smart of you to wear that combination. It looks hot.'

'Why wouldn't I wear it , than?' He said , confused.

' Because you are like, screaming, CHECK ME OUT!! With those jeans, so low on your hips, your blouse half open, well excuse me if I say so, but you look positively eatable.' Ginny added to the conversation.

' Oh…Well…I can't do anything about that now, can I? He'll just have to stop staring. I mean, it's not like I'm liking it, or provoking it.'

'Right, Harry. Keep on dreaming.' The girls said in unison.


' Oh god…' Moaned Harry as he washed his face in the washing room

Malfoy seemed to follow him every where, and since he'd just puked, he wasn't in the mood for a stalker.

At all.

'What do you want, Malfoy.' He sneered.

'Wow, that was totally worth of a Slytherin.' Beamed Malfoy, his mouth slighty ajar.

' So what..' Harry replied coldly, drying himself with his blouse.

'I was just,…, coming to see how you were doing. You don't look too good.'

Did Malfoy sound worried?

"OMG!! ARE ALL SLYTHERINS TURNING INTO PUSSIES?!" thought Harry, shocking himself.

' Well I am not fine, and you stalking me is not working.'

' You should get outside for a while, okay?' Harry sighed. Maybe Malfoy was right.

He took a peppermint from his pocket, to let the horrible taste go away.

Unfortunately for Harry, Malfoy followed him outside.

' Are you so keen on following me?' Growled Harry.

' I'm just taking care of you. Don't be such an ass.' Said Malfoy, steadying a slightly stumbling Harry.

' Yeah, right.' Harry snorted, as if that was all Malfoy had in mind.

' Okay, and maybe I just want to bed you, but that has got nothing to do with this.'

Needless to say, Harry's mouth dropped to the ground

' Stop gawking at me, Potter.' Said Malfoy annoyed.

'As if that's not what you've been doing all evening!' Harry shot back smoothly.

'Shut up.'

' No.'

' Potter. I'm warning you.'

' For what, are you gonna- mmmhpff!!!.'

A mouth crushing onto his own had stopped him from talking.

It was an effective way to shut him up, Harry had to give Malfoy that.


Okay, what's next for our Harry in denial, now that he's been kissed by a boy, Malfoy of all people!

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