This is my first fan fiction story ever. It is based on the NBC soap opera Passions and I do not own the soap or the characters. This story is already completed as I began writing it a few months ago, and has been previously posted on fan sites by myself under the username Avalonia.

In The Ex Factor, Gwen receives a mysterious phone call leading her to believe that Sarah may still be alive. Reluctantly, she and Theresa team up on a dangerous journey to find Sarah. Cat fights and back stabbing ensue, but in the end, if Theresa and Gwen can't work together they may both end up dead.
Ethan and Jared are hot on their heels, but help may come too late. Will Ethan spend the rest of his life in regrets?

Chapter One:

Gwen balanced Jane on her hips as she stacked jars of baby food in the cupboard. "Ba." Jane said as she reached for a jar. Gwen chuckled as she stroked Jane's cheek. "Are you getting hungry, sweetheart?" Turning, she put Jane in the highchair, snapping the tray firmly back into place. "Ok, one apple pear delight, coming up."

Gwen smiled at herself as she walked back to the cupboard. She loved days like this, lazy Saturdays where she didn't have any place to be, days where she could just relax and spend time with her beautiful daughter. It would have been perfect if Ethan could have been there too, but he was going over yet more documents on the Stuart Allen case. She knew she shouldn't feel so disappointed, considering how much she'd wanted him to take the case, but lately she'd been second guessing that impulse.

The sound of the phone ringing broke into her thoughts. "Hmm...I hope it's not Sheridan cancelling our lunch tomorrow. We haven't had a chance to catch up in so long." Gwen thought to herself as she picked up the phone.


There was only silence on the end for a moment.

"Hello?" Gwen felt irritation rise within her. A crank stupid. Just as she was about to hang up a crackling, inhuman voice suddenly had the hair on her arms standing straight up.
"Do you know where your daughter is?" The voice whispered.

"What?" Gwen nearly dropped the phone as a ridiculous wave of panic seized her. Of course she knew where Jane was-she was looking right at her.

"Listen, you creep, I know perfectly well where my daughter is so just-"

"Not Jane. Sarah. Do you know where Sarah is?"

Gwen gasped as pain and shock washed over her. Her knees suddenly gave way and she had to grab the counter to keep from falling.

"Who is this?" she demanded, her voice raspy and weak despite her best efforts.

"Come. Come find out. Come find Sarah." There was a mocking laugh and then a click.

Gwen held the receiver in her hand, staring blindly at the wall. She didn't know how long she stood there before a soft cry from Jane broke into her thoughts. She grabbed the first thing she saw, a small box of raisins, and handed it to the toddler to keep her busy. Then she collapsed into a dining table chair, heart pounding as she tried to collect her thoughts.

"Who would do this?" She thought to herself. "Who would play such a cruel mind game with me?" A bitter laugh broke from her lips as the answer jumped so quickly into her mind. Of course. Theresa. That b-

Standing up purposefully, Gwen grabbed Jane's diaper bag and her purse from the counter, then lifted the toddler out of the chair.

"I don't know what you're up to, Theresa, but I'm going to make dn sure it ends now. You are going to be sorry for even daring to say my daughter's name."