Disclaimer: If I owned BSG then Starbuck and Apollo sure as hell wouldn't be married...to other people.

Author's note: I've only just started watching the show so expect mistakes to be seen. Also this is kind of a trial run, I've got a much bigger story in the works, but I'm trying to get a feel for everyone. And if anyone who's reading this has any interest in my other stories, updates are coming. Promise.

The Beauty Of A Dream

When she sleeps she dreams and in her dreams they're young again and their world is different. There is color and light, and life is less a burden and more a gift. There is laughter as there was before and death is something that happens to other people.

Not to them.

Not to those they love.

Zak is alive, his light a beacon even in so vibrant a world, and he smiles on them and what lies between them, effervescent in his shared joy.

When he slips his arm around her waist she leans into him, unabashed and unafraid as his lips descend to meet her own.

There are catcalls and laughter as the kiss deepens, lead, of course, by Zak and Helo, and in response to it she wraps her leg around his waist, curls her fingers into the fringe of hair at the base of his neck.

When they part there are shared smiles, full of promise and longing.

There is joy.

He rests his forehead against hers, head butting her playfully, never taking his eyes from her own and declares," I love Kara Thrace."

There are no obstacles here to surmount, no walls to climb, no lies to shield what had never been a secret.

There is only the two of them and what should be.," I love Lee Adama."

But it's only a dream.