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Me: (laughs evilly) I don't own Digimon! Bet you didn't know I could work two stories at the same time, did you?

Davis: (sweat drops) Uh…actually, we didn't. And neither did your fellow authors.

Me: Well, now you know! (laughs evilly again)

Sora: Tai…I'm scared!

Tai: Don't worry, Sora. Hopefully, he's putting on an act.
Davis: Yeah…hopefully!


The Evil Clone

Chap. I-Tai gets kidnapped!

The DigiDestined were relaxing for a while after all the crazy things that had recently occurred-the Digimon suddenly reappearing in the Real World after four years all around the world, the appearance of Daemon and the return of BlackWarGreymon. They all figured they'd finally get to return to their normal lives-even the younger DigiDestined! Fate had intervened, and it wouldn't turn out that way…

"Sora! Hold on."

Taichi "Tai" Kamiya took a moment to catch his breath as he came to a stop next to Sora Takenouchi. He had everything all planned out-now all that was left was for the girl to say yes.

"Hi, Tai. What's up?" Sora was amazed that Tai's attention was focused on the ground and his cheeks were flushed crimson.

"Uh, I was kind of hoping you didn't have plans today, but you're probably looking for Matt, so-"

"No Tai, I'm not looking for Matt! Sorry, I was actually trying to find you."

"That's good. Sora, uh, I just wanted to ask


Sora started giggling. Tai could be funny without even trying! "Could you repeat that a little bit slower, Tai?"

Tai was about to repeat it slower, but guess who was only seconds away from them? Yep. Yamato "Matt" Ishida was only a few steps away from them. Tai knew that both he and Matt liked Sora, and it was up to her to make a decision between the two. He instantly lost his worried look and replaced it with his look of confidence.

"Go out with me this Saturday."

"What was that, Tai?" Sora asked with a confused look.

"Would you go out with me this Saturday?"

Sora beamed with happiness. Even though she had feelings for Matt, her heart would always belong to Tai. That and the fact remained that she'd waited for the day when he'd ask her out on a date.
"I'd love to go out with you, Tai."

Tai grimaced with sadness as he attempted to hold back his tears. He failed. Sora's face took on a worried look.
"Tai, why are you crying? I just said that I'd go out with you." Tai smiled as Sora's words reached his brain-both her earlier and her latter responses.

"I'm just…happy, Sora. I thought you didn't like me!" Sora smiled too.

"Of course I like you, Tai! So, what time are you picking me up?"

"Is seven a good time?" Sora nodded.
"I'll be ready! See you later, Tai!" Sora ran off before Tai could see her rapidly reddening face.

"He asked me out! He asked me out! He asked me out! HE ASKED ME OUT!" Sora's thoughts repeated over and over in her head as she made it home.
"Mama, I'm home!"

"Hi, sweetie! How was your day?"


As for Tai, he and Matt were in a heated argument over-who else?-Sora.

"Listen to me, Kamiya: Sora's my girl, so back off or there will be dire consequences! Got it?"

"Sora's not 'your girl!' She can make her own choices! I've got as much chance to be with her as you."

"Please! What can you offer her? I'm a big rock star! You're just a soccer player with no future. Besides, she gave me that box of cookies for Christmas. Where's your present? Oh, that's right: She didn't give you one! Why? 'Cause she loves me! She thought she was in love with you, but all that changed when I saved her from that Dark Cave in the Digital World. Face it-she and I are meant for each other, while you and her are but distant memories."

That did it. Tai was struggling to hold back his temper, but it wasn't working. He'd sent her to go find Matt and Joe in the first place. If he hadn't sent her, then she wouldn't have been trapped and Matt wouldn't have saved her. He lashed out and punched Matt in the stomach. Matt doubled back, but then nailed Tai with a roundhouse punch to his face. Tai landed on the ground, but then retaliated with a kick right where it hurts! Matt dropped to his knees in pain as Tai stood over him successfully. Tai suddenly noticed the blood on his lips and realized that Matt's punch did more damage than he'd thought!

"Try kissing Sora…with those lips, Lover Boy!" Matt gasped out.

Tai turned and hit Matt with an uppercut right on the mouth! Matt slumped over and lost consciousness. A look of anger and evil crossed Tai's eyes for a few seconds, then faded.

"Did you see that? Evil does reside in the DigiDestined of Courage! And all we need to do now is capture him and hand him over to Daemon to go on with the plan." Arukenimon declared calmly. Mummymon nodded in agreement.

"I know the perfect time to strike! It'll be when he's let his guard down on this 'Saturday.' That's when we can get him!"

Tai wasn't too sure if he should go through with the date on Thursday because of his lip, but he knew that Sora would be heartbroken if he canceled on account of his lip. That was probably Matt's plan from the start.

"I'll show Matt! I'll give Sora the most fantastic date of the Millennium! I'll sweep her off her feet with such grace and poise that she'll forget about him!" Tai thought calmly and at the same time, angrily. What Tai didn't know was that his anger would be the cause of his downfall.

Unbeknownst to Tai, Matt was attempting to sabotage his date with Sora at that moment-or starting to.

"Hey, Sora! Is it true?"

"Oh, hi Matt. Is what true?"

"You and Tai going out this Saturday. Is it true?"

Sora blushed. "Yeah."

"That's great! I hope you two have a good time."

"Thanks, Matt."

"Although…no, I shouldn't say anything."

Sora's curiosity was piqued. "Say what? If it concerns me and Tai, then you can tell me."

Matt sighed. "Well, okay. You know how I got into that fight a few days ago?"

"Yeah…? What are you talking about?"

"Tai started it."

Sora gasped in shock. "No. Tai wouldn't start a fight with anybody!"

"He did with me. He suddenly came up to me and told me about it. Then he said that I'd never be with you like he was. Finally, he hit me right here in the stomach. So I had to retaliate."

Sora was getting angrier and angrier by the second. She made a fist with her hand and WHAM! She hit Matt right on the mouth.

"How can you say that about Tai?! The way I remember it, YOU started all of the fights that you and Tai were involved in! I don't believe a word of what you just said. I can't believe I gave you that box of cookies!" Sora turned and stormed off in a fury before Matt could see the tears coming down her face.

Tai was calm as ever as he headed over to Sora's house with a box of roses-a preview for Saturday's date. He whistled a tune to himself as he rang the doorbell to the Takenouchi residence. No one answered.

"Sora? Ms. Takenouchi? Anyone home?" Tai asked as he rang the doorbell again. He was about to leave the roses on the doorstep when he heard faint crying coming from behind him! Tai turned and saw what he considered the most saddening sight ever-Sora running toward him with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"OH, TAI!" Sora embraced him and continued crying while Tai found the keys in her pocket, opened the door and guided her to the couch.
"Sora, what happened?" he asked worriedly. Sora wanted to regain her composure first, so she calmed down a bit first.

"Matt…he said that you'd told him about our date. Then he said you'd told him he'd never be with me like you were. Finally, he said you'd punched him! Is it true?" Tai felt his anger growing inside him. How could Matt do this to him? Was he deliberately trying to ruin his life?

"No, I never told him! He must've overheard us when I asked you a few days ago. He came up to me and said that you were 'his girl,' and if I didn't back off there'd be dire consequences. I said that it was your choice about who you wanted to be with and that I had as much chance to be with you as he did. Then, he compared our careers and started bragging about those cookies you gave him on Christmas. That's when I snapped and hit him."

Sora smiled as she held Tai close to her body. "I told him it wasn't true!" A moment later, she noticed the box of roses and blushed slightly.

"Tai…are those for me?" Tai looked down and quickly picked up the box of roses.

"A little preview for our date on Saturday. I hope it isn't too much trouble."

"Tai…thank you!" Sora pulled Tai into a big hug. That's when they heard a voice they thought was gone for good.

"Too bad you won't get to enjoy the limelight." Tai jerked his head up and saw Daemon!

"You! What are you doing here? I thought we banished you to the Dark World!" Tai growled angrily.

"You did. But I found one of those loopholes and used it to get out. Now, it is time to enact my revenge. What's a team of DigiDestined without it's former leader? Easy pickings!" Daemon sent a red light of evil energy straight toward Sora, immediately knowing what Tai would do.

"SORA! LOOK OUT!" Tai pushed Sora out of the way and took the hit for himself, instantly knocking him out.

"TAI! Let him go right now! Biyomon!" Sora was on the brink of tears again as her Digimon came to her aid.

"Ready, Sora! Biyomon Digivolve to…BIRDRAMON!!!" The Champion Digimon took the battle to the skies and poised herself for attack.

"Meteor Wing!!" The attack had no effect on Daemon. He chuckled and sent that same red energy toward Birdramon. It had a different effect on Birdramon than on Tai. It drained her of her energy and forced her to deDigivolve to Biyomon!

"And now, DigiDestined of Love, I bid you adieu." Daemon laughed evilly as he disappeared with Tai in tow!


Sora dropped to her knees in despair and sadness and cried her eyes out.

"I failed him! He's supposed to be my best friend, and I failed him! I don't deserve his love!"

How will Tai escape Daemon's clutches? Find out in Chap. II-The clone is created!