Title: My Brother's Life
Rating: G
Author: MacGateFan
Spoilers: McKay and Mrs. Miller
Disclaimer: All characters of Stargate Atlantis belong to Gekko Productions, MGM Studios, and the Sci-Fi Channel.

"Here are your quarters, Ma'am."

"Thank you," I replied, entering the room.

I inwardly sighed as I sat on the bed in my quarters on the Daedalus. I could hardly believe where I was. I was traveling through hyperspace from the Pegasus Galaxy to the Milky Way and there's an alien on board.

How Meredith did things like this everyday was beyond me!


God, I still can't believe he's living in another galaxy and saving the universe. He's changed so much. "I'm sorry, Mere," I whispered, lying on the bed.

I don't know why I was apologizing to him. It's not like I purposely removed him from my life, he did that on his own. Oh, I don't know! I guess I could have tried harder...

But how do you convince your brother that even though you went in the total opposite direction with your life, you were still family? You still ache for what was left of your childhood?

After Mere and I had that huge fight, I remained in the small town we grew up. I found Caleb, I had Madison, and although I love them both so very much, I missed my big brother.

It seems like a lifetime ago that he appeared on my doorstep, smiling that goofy grin with a bouquet of flowers in his hands. He was shameless at that moment. He's always been, but I never knew he was so adventureous too.

Mere's friends are wonderful. I am so happy that he's found a surrogate family through all of this. I'm glad to know that he is well protected, well loved and that if, God forbid, those Wraith were to attack again, Mere wouldn't be alone.

Dr. Weir is definitely a woman to look up to. It's kind of amusing to see all those men wrapped around her little finger. And the fact that he seems to listen to her leads me to believe that Mere might feel something more than just friendship.

Sometimes I wonder about poor Dr. Zelenka, though. Mere does a wonderful job of tearing him down even when the scientist knows just about, if not more than my dear brother.

For aliens, Ronon and Teyla seemed quite versed in Earth customs and slang. I was able to watch them stick fight and I was half tempted to ask them to teach me how. It was like a beautiful dance.

And John Sheppard. The man is drop dead gorgeous! That is something I will definitely NOT share with my husband. From what I've seen, he's also Mere's best friend.

Mere and 'best friend' never used to go in the same sentence. I remember when he was 12, he kept saying he didn't need a best friend, but I could tell deep down inside he wanted one so badly.

I feel so much safer knowing my big brother is out there protecting us (besides the destruction of three quarters of a solar system). I always knew he'd be someone and I always knew I'd be proud of him.

I love him. He's my brother, intergalactic space hero!