Lament of the Angels:
James Potter

You were the epitome of goodness to me.

The power of the universe, the strength and glory of a million blazing suns, were in your eyes. The future of our world was in your hands.

And it still is.

You will win, Harry, because you are what you're fighting for; innocence, friendship, compassion, love... the future. You are these things, and for that reason, you will triumph.

You are the reason I had strength in me to fight on that final day.

You are the reason I had the strength to willingly turn my family's safety over to someone I knew I couldn't trust.

You are the reason I wept tears of sadness for ten years, looking down on you.

You are the reason I smiled through the tears.

And you are the reason that this cause, this battle against evil, can never fail.

Your mother and I, Sirius, Dumbledore and even Cedric... We live on in you. We are here for you, and we will stand beside you as you fight your way through the darkness.

And we will be your Light, for you are ours.

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