Return to Me

By Lywinis

He doesn't know why he keeps coming back. Time after time, he stumbles to whatever room they're staying in at the moment, bourbon on his breath after drinking himself into oblivion. His eyes are bloodshot under his hat, but he passes the samurai in a quiet sort of dignity, for all that he is falling-down drunk. Goemon understands him. He understands the hypocrisy.

"Lupin is with her again." It's a cold fact. A slap in the face. His tongue gets thick as the samurai nods a quiet affirmative, and he shambles onto the balcony for a smoke. His fingers itch, slip off the lighter. He curses, halfheartedly. A bluish butane flame strikes near his eyes, and he nearly flinches back, his hand going to his back holster.

The wiry man chuckles. Lights his own cigarette, and offers over the lighter. The gunman takes it with a grunt. His fingers linger over the polished metal tube, caressing it like he never could its owner. A hand clasps over his own, and he looks into the intelligent black eyes, stares at the man he would die to protect. The thief and his vassal.

The lover and the loved.

"Return to me," his eyes say. What else can the gunman do but obey?

His hat is removed, and lips brush against his forehead. A promise.

And so, he will return. He always does.

Author's Note: Short, sweet drabble. I don't write Lupin pairings, often, can you tell?