Rating: PG (Probably be R before the story is over)

Summary: Luna walks in on Serena crying in her room one day only to find out that Darien broke up with her again and that Serena was going to refuse to take him back regardless of what happened. What can Luna do to solve the situation? Can she do it quickly enough to save the future or would she fail and give the future over to the unknown.

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I really don't know where I'm going with this story. I just sat down and started to write it. I'm only putting this much up because I don't want to write it for nothing. I want to make sure that people will enjoy it, so if you want more you will have to review. Which shouldn't be too hard if you liked It, I'll update often so be watching I guess.

Heartbreaking Realizations

Chapter One:

Serena Tsukino wasn't a normal girl. Her looks weren't even normal, right down to the weird hair style she carried her hair in. She was Sailor Moon the fighter of justice, love, and peace. She was the legendary Moon Princess and was 'destined' to retake her place as Queen in the future. She battled monster after monster and has seen all the evil the world has to offer, yet she keeps her innocence intact and safe, always the first one to laugh.

Why then was she sitting in her room crying silently and hugging a pillow to her face? Luna pondered this question for what seemed like hours but was only mere minutes before she jumped on the bed to confront and comfort the upset Princess. "Serena, what's wrong?"

Serena buried her head into the pillow, "go away Luna, I'm not in the mood to talk." As muffled as her voice was the misery was still painfully clear in Serena's voice and Luna grew even more worried.

"I don't understand what's wrong. You were fine earlier." Luna stated as she walked a little closer to her.

"It's nothing Luna, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I always am." Serena said trying to smile but failing.

"Is it Darien?" Luna watched as Serena scrunched her face up before she gave up and threw the pillow across the room letting the tears fall freely down her face. Luna was only surprised by the pure hatred she saw in Serena's face.

"Darien is no longer my concern. I'm tired of wasting my life waiting for him!"

"So it is Darien. What happened?" Luna tried to keep the worry and agitation out of her voice. Darien and Serena had, had their fair share of problems. Always being separated by one thing or another, but Serena had always seemed willing enough before. But Serena had been acting differently ever since her 17th birthday that she celebrated the other week, spending hours locked in her room studying or just thinking.

"He informed me today that he has been seeing another woman for the last two months." Serena stated simply before she completely broke down and buried her face in the sheets on the bed. Luna just sat there, her eyes wide and her mouth open. Darien, Prince Endymion, Serena's soul mate cheated on her? Was that even possible? What was he thinking!? He had responsibilities to the earth! Even though marrying someone might be a little steep for even the earth to ask of someone. Luna was unsure of what to say, she had always just assumed that no matter what Darien and Serena would want to be together because of what happened in the past…but Darien never went back to the being the same person after what happened in the Stars battle.

"How long ago did he tell you this?" Luna asked and was surprised when Serena stood up and went over to her mirror. She started to mess with her face, wiping the tears off and applying make up.

"It doesn't matter, he doesn't matter anymore. I don't love him anymore Luna. I'm too afraid to; a person can only go through so much grief before they just can't handle anymore." Serena said as she started to brush her hair, her hand was shaking slightly and Luna hoped that Serena was getting ready to go to Raye's. After observing herself in the mirror Serena grabbed her broach and smiled sadly at Luna.

"I'm going out; if you need me contact me on the wrist watch." She was gone before Luna could object or even ask her were she was going, even though Luna was certain it wasn't to any of the girls' house. If Serena wasn't going to inform the others of her situation Luna would. She jumped off the bed and ran over to the closet, she quickly pulled out the communicator and punched in Amy, Lita, Mina, and Raye's buttons and after a few seconds all of their faces appeared on the little screen.

"What's the problem Luna?" Lisa said as she practiced her boxing moves.

"Have any of you seen Serena or Darien today?" Luna whispered not 100 sure if Serena left the house yet or not.

"I saw Darien earlier, but he looked troubled so I didn't go over to him." Mina said her face showing a little concern. Luna felt a stab of irritation at Darien. He didn't have the right to look troubled!

"I am requesting an emergency Scout meeting. Meet at Raye's in 30 minutes." Luna said and hit the end call button. After stowing the communicator back in the closet she started to make her way to Raye's. She didn't know what to make of this situation! What about the future? Crystal Tokyo and Rini!? Were they doomed now because of Darien's raging libido? Luna remembered the haunted look in Serena's eyes and wondered just how long Serena had been in her room crying.

When Luna arrived at Raye's all of the girls were there with matching looks of concern.

"Darien and Serena aren't together anymore." She said simply and all of the girls' eyes widened. Serena and Darien had seemed so happy ever since the end of the Stars battle! What had changed?

"What happened?" Raye whispered.

"He's been cheating on me for the past two months." Anger radiated within the words, and Luna knew that not all of the anger was directed at Darien, there was a large amount directed at her now. She turned around to see Serena glaring at her. She looked so different and Luna was unsure of what could've changed.

The girls broke into motion and surrounded Serena, hugging her and telling her it was going to be ok, that they would get back together. Luna watched the scene with interest until Serena pushed all the girls away and laughed bitterly. "I don't want him back. If I'm not good enough for him then he isn't good enough for me." Hatred was pure and obvious on the words and Luna knew what had changed. Serena was no longer the innocent girl that Luna had thought she was. She wasn't sure when it had changed, perhaps just this morning when the man she was ready to give her soul to informed her that he had been unfaithful. But now she was bitter and angry and hate poured off her just like love use to and it didn't suit her as well.

"Serena…we aren't sure why Darien would do something like that. But we're going to talk to him; maybe this is all a misunderstanding." Mina laid an arm on Serena's shoulder and Serena shrugged it off.

"It's over Mina. I don't care if the future is going to change. I don't care if the entire planet goes into hell because of it. I'm not giving my heart to him again. He doesn't deserve it." With that Serena was gone and the girls gave troubled glances to each other.

"We should find Darien" Amy said softly before she got out her pocket computer and typed in a few things. She closed it and nodded, "He's in his apartment." She started to walk and the other's followed her. Trying to remember how peacefully their day had started and how badly it was going to end.